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weyray gf 1

Present day….

It is a beautiful day. I sit up as I take in my surroundings. The sun is shining bright in the sky emitting little or no heat rays. A few clouds dancing around and sometimes covering it as the earth revolves on its axis. The sky is blue with bursting radiance. I smile as I can make out the skyline far off at worlds end. The wind blowing ever so lightly and freely as the trees dance to its tune and the birds flying about, chirping continuously. It is an awesome day for an outing like this, I say in my mind. The grass is evergreen, full in colour. A few young boys running around in the distance and throwing a freesbie. I can’t stop smiling as I take in the happiness around me. Adeniran insisted on us having picnic in the park today and I don’t regret it one bit.

A little girl of about five or six years walks up to me. She is dressed in a gorgeous flowery gown with roses in different colours on it. She stands for a few seconds smiling at me and I couldn’t help but wonder what is going on. She has the cutest little nose I’ve ever seen and her eyes were sparkling like diamonds. I smile back at her, maybe she is lost or maybe I look like someone she knows. Then suddenly, she hugs me, with her arms around my neck she holds me tight. I feel warmth and pure love coming from deep within her. Without letting go, she whispers in my ear, “Will you be my mommy please”? I am overwhelmed with different unearthing emotions at the same time as I let tears flow freely from my eyes. I hug her back, wanting never to let go.

1 year ago…

I opened my eyes, trying to adjust them to the light, everything was a blur. My body felt heavy as I tried to move. I looked around wondering where I was. I could see the drip hanging and IV line running straight down to my right hand as my vision got clearer. I tried to sit up but I felt a hand hold me down carefully.

“Baby relax, you need to rest. I called the doctor as soon as I saw you move. ”

That is my Adeniran’s voice I thought to myself. I turned and saw him sitting beside the bed I was lying on. He looked so angelic. I was happy to see him. Just then the doctor walked in.

“Miss you are finally awake. We thank God. You’ve been out for two days straight, after we had to flush out the pills from your system.” She said as she checked my vital signs. “I told Adeniran if he had brought you in a minute later, that I wasn’t sure if you were going to survive but who are we to question God.” She continued

“How is she doing?” Adeniran asked the doctor.

“She is going to be fine. I assured earlier on and I am still assuring you now. Let’s just observe her for a few more hours and she’ll be discharged.”

My Adeniran nodded to what the doctor just told him and thanked her. They move further away from me so couldn’t hear what they were talking about. I didn’t like the way she kept on smiling at him as they talked and the way she called him by his first name too. She’s too comfortable with him and even though I wasn’t cool with it, I was too weak to get angry. He was done talking to her, walked back to my bedside and took his seat.

“The doctor said you’ll be discharged in the evening, today.” He said

“Who is she?” I asked him. “I didn’t like the way she was too informal with you. She is not being professional.” I added without letting him answer my question.

“She’s a friend and that should be the least of your worries, unless you are forgetting that you just tried to kill yourself two days ago.”

I rolled my eyes and said nothing.

“We all wondered why you would want to take your own life. Even if you had a reason, I know it’s not enough for you to kill yourself. You are lucky I had a key to your apartment and was there just in the nick of time to bring you here, as you heard the doctor say.” He continued.

“I’m sorry. I don’t know what came over me. (Pause story) hey peeps, I was tempted to put ‘it was the devil’ here but I sure say devil go dey sleep jejely on hin own, so make I no disturb am. (Story continues) I guess I over did it this time around” I said remorsefully. Tears started forming in my eyes.

“Babes don’t cry please, you don’t need to stress yourself. I know you are sorry but we have to take precautions that this never happens again, so I’ve decided that you start seeing a psychiatrist soon.” Before I could reply he continued. “Unless you want us to break up and you lose me forever.”

I shook my head. “No I wouldn’t want that”

“Good! Your reply determined if I was going to walk out on you right now or not. So since you’ve decided to help yourself, I’ve decided we should get some help for our relationship too. I wasn’t totally honest with you and you had your issues too, so we going to start couples counseling to help us grow together. I love you so much, that why I am going to try to make this work between us.” Adeniran said.

I couldn’t help but cry as My Adeniran consoled me. I got a second chance to live that life I’ve always wanted and to make it work no matter what.

6 months ago…

It has been six months since the incident and I haven’t been as happy as I was in a very long time. Things have been going great for Adeniran and I. Our couples counseling has been really helpfully more than I imagined it would be and my psychiatrist helped me over come my innermost fears. I took things easy now and lived a day at a time. Adeniran and I have moved in together and I was enjoying every moment of it. Life wasn’t any better than what it was.

I had learnt to relax more, not to be over protective and possessive, be less demanding and to control my feelings. Just because he’s mine doesn’t mean I should refer to him as a property I own. I was willing to make things work with him and take his feelings and opinions into consideration in everything we did together.

I was at work like any normal weekday when I got a bunch of red roses. My assistant carried them into my office smiling like a child who just got her favorite toy. She placed them on my desk and said they were for me. I couldn’t help but blush uncontrollably as I knew who they were from. I picked up the card and it read

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Without you, who would I be?
Will you….

I flipped the card over but there was nothing at the back of it, it just stopped there. I looked up to ask my assistant if there was a message with the flowers but instead I saw Adeniran on one knee before me, holding a ring forward.

“Will you marry me?” He asked. I gasped and jumped on him.

We got married two months later and the wedding was the most beautiful experience I’ve had up to that point in my life.

Present day…

Now I sit here staring at this little girl, I’m short of words. This is the best surprise I’ve had from Adeniran so far. I could literally burst because of the happiness flowing through me. We’ve talked about adopting, since we can’t have any children but we hadn’t finalized on it yet. All we did was just talk. Adeniran always knew I wanted children but I was willing to live with him without any. This is only going to make me love him more.

“So, what do you say mommy?” He asked staring at me as I stared at the little girl with teary eyes.

“Yes, yes, yes.” I hugged her again. “What’s your name love?” I asked her.

“My name is Tammy.” She replied.

Adeniran hugged both of us.

2 months later…

It’s been four months since we got married and two months since we adopted Tammy, our six year old little girl. She has been nothing but a blessing to us and I love her wholeheartedly as any mother would love their child.

I’ve been feeling ill for over two weeks now. I wake up feeling weak in the morning, I get tired easily, have frequent headaches, get irritated by food and nauseated and I vomit frequently too especially in the mornings. I went to see the doctor and they did a couple of tests. It turned out that I was a few weeks pregnant. At first I was shocked then in doubt, so I did another test just to make sure and it also turned out to be positive. The doctor said that it was possible for Adeniran to get me pregnant but the chances were very slim. I saw this as a miracle from God. Adeniran is going to be the happiest man alive when I tell him.

I was getting my happily-ever-after story afterall…

*The End.



radio assistant

“What is wrong with this girl? Like do you enjoy being bored at home?” Ejiro asked.

“Don’t mind her oh, I said we should go out and have some fun tonight. Maybe, catch the bobo of your dreams and you are here forming goody two shoes” Ify added.

Sharon rolled her eyes at the two girls “It’s a work night, I don’t want to be up late.”

“Oh please, tell that to someone who cares, you are going out with us tonight and that’s final. Be there acting like you are already a mother of three” Ify said.

Ejiro laughed hard “Madam-I-have-work-to-go-to-in-the-morning” she mimicked Sharon. “So, we don’t have work too right?” She asked as she eyed her.

Sharon sighed and her shoulders fell. She pouted as she accepted defeat. Her two housemates could be very annoying and troublesome most times but it didn’t make her love them any less like sisters.


Dele rolled over as his phone on the bedside nightstand rang into the quiet room. He slowly opened his eyes and as they adjusted to his dark bedroom as he felt the soft skin of female companions on both sides. He was sandwiched between two sexy girls and it felt really good as he gathered his thoughts.  He smiled when he remembered what just went down a few hours ago.  It was needed he thought but the sleep was far more needed after being drained like that. He sat up and the duvet fell off his upper body, he couldn’t get down from either side of the bed so he pulled out his legs from under the duvet and got down from the bottom edge. His phone stopped ringing as he made sure Tess and Tracy were covered up well from the cold in the room carefully, trying not to wake them up as they both tossed and turned in their sleep. He stood up straight and stretched his body in his nakedness. His phone started ringing again, he walked over to it and answered.


“Mr. Roberts, the young billionaire. The most sought after bachelor in Africa. How you doing?” The voice on the other end teased. Dele laughed. “Where you at bro? It’s an awesome night to hang” Stan asked

“I’m good bro and I’m at home. I just wake from sleep sef.”

Guy forget that thing, the night is too early to sleep. Oya, come meet me for Liquid in twenty minutes, cool?”

“Alright bro, cool” Dele replied and hung up.

He checked the time on his phone and was almost quarter past eleven. He dropped it back on the night stand and walked to the bathroom. He flipped the light switch on and had a quick shower. After the shower, he dried himself up and brushed his teeth. He felt his tummy rumble and remembered he hadn’t had anything since early in the afternoon that day. As he got out of the bathroom, he put on his robe and slippers, and then went down to the kitchen to grab a quick bite to eat. He would have rung the cook on the intercom to heat up something for him but he didn’t want to disturb her, she should be asleep by now and it would take too much time considering he had to go out soon. He opened the fridge and found some seafood rice and chicken wrapped up separately. This is my dinner I guess he thought to himself. He heated it up quickly in the microwave and sat down at the kitchen table to eat as quickly as possible. About fifteen minutes later when he was done, he cleaned up after himself and headed up to change.

It was over twenty minutes before he was all set and ready to go meet up with Stan. His female companions were still sleeping peacefully as he stared at them. He knew he had to wake them up because they also would have one place or the other to go to but they looked so peaceful sleeping and he didn’t have the heart to interrupt that. He dropped a few hundred dollar bills and a note on the nightstand thanking them for a wonderful time and assuring them he would call them soon. He picked up his car keys and phones, looked at himself in the mirror one more time, satisfied with what he saw, he walked over to the bedroom door, turned around to make sure Tess and Tracy were still asleep, switched off the room light and closed the door quietly behind him.

Dele was outside now and he slowly walked to his car, enjoying the fresh air of the night. The moonlight was shining bright, with a few little stars scattered across the sky. The breeze blew around lightly leaving the weather cool enough for an outing. For the fact Stan hadn’t called him yet, he knew that he was either still on his way too or he’s distracted by one of his numerous females he usually hangs out with.

Stan had been his friend right from the very first day of high school. Being in a school abroad and considering that there were from the same country and almost the same kind of family background, Stan and Dele didn’t find it had to relate to one another and became best buds in no time. Stan is also from a very wealthy and powerful family too. His father controls majority of the real estate market in Nigeria and also has a few major businesses in different parts of the world. The two families became very good friends due to their sons and have had a few business transactions benefiting both families. Dele and Stan were very much alike in thoughts and how they handled situations but Stan was more spontaneous, direct and quick in making decisions while Dele was more laid back, observant and took his time in weighing his options in decision making. The two together were unstoppable and often people mistook them to be brothers because of their similarities and the way they related.

Dele pulled up in a slot just in front of the club, directed to him by the security guy between a black Range Rover Sport and a Honda Accord popularly known as ‘evil spirit’.

The security guy had already started raining praises on him as he got down from his benz. “Oga, no forget your boy for here oh. Oga, this your ride bad oh” the security said as he admired Dele’s Mercedes Benz.

No worry, I go sort you as soon as I dey comot.” Dele assured him smiling. “Just look after my baby well.” He added as he walked away.

Yes boss, I dey your back, I full ground scatter, no wahala.” the security guy shouted after him.


Sharon was seated watching Ify dance with one of the guys they met that night who was a friend to the guy that invited them out for the night and they met him up with two of his other friends. Sharing her attention with her phone in her right hand, her drink in her left and Ify who was grinding effortlessly on her dance companion, she was trying to relax and get into the mood around her.

They were seated at one corner of the room, Ejiro was at the end of the couch which they were all seated on, with their friend they all knew and her at the other end with the third guy who she also just got to meet minutes ago. The guy was trying to chat her up but she cared less in having a conversation with the loud music and focused more on her phone which she was doing nothing in particular with, just a defensive mechanism to let the guy know she wasn’t interested in talking.

What really intrigued her was the guy with the five ladies surrounding him at the other end of the room. Why he would want to be with five women at a time was a mystery to her. The guy was quiet handsome she observed and looked like he could handle the bill for the drinks. Was he trying to send himself to an early grave or unless he was expecting a few of his guy friends, she thought. And she was ready to see how it would play out.

What caught Sharon’s attention next was the stranger that just walked into the room. He’s tall frame and how his fitted tee shirt didn’t do a good job in hiding his built body and he stood just by the door observing the whole room as if searching for something or someone and trying to adjust to the loud music coming from the speakers and the almost lowly lighted room except for a few colourful lightings that danced around in the huge room. He stood there for a few more seconds before he walked over to the guy at the other end of the room with the five ladies and joined them.

“…so what I’ve been trying to say is, it be easier if I just get off work instead. What do you think?” the guy beside Sharon asked her, bringing her out of her thoughts.

“Sorry…errr….what did you say?” she asked the guy. The guy looked confused and she quickly added “I have to use the ladies, excuse me.” she added, avoiding his eyes as she stood up and walked away before he could say anything else.

Five minutes later she came out from the ladies and was headed towards the corner where her friends were when she noticed Ify by the bar with the guy she was dancing with. Before she could say anything, Ify had pulled her and was attempting to dance with her. Sharon being reluctant and in trying to pull away from Ify missed her step and fell to the floor. She was caught suddenly by the person behind her before she hit the floor and the arm held her firmly around her back.

He pulled her up regain her balance on her two feet. “You know you have to be more careful in those beautiful shoes of yours.” He said. She could hear him clearly surprising, and then she realized that the music had stopped.

“Thank you” Sharon replied as she straightened herself up without looking at who she was thanking. “I wonder what I would have done if you weren’t there to catch me” She added as she looked up.

It was the guy in the fitted tee that came in a few minutes ago. He was staring at her and his eyes felt like they could see right through her and deep into her soul. What she had imagined he would look like didn’t do justice to how he actually looked like. This was a hunk of a man standing before her. How she wished she could feel those strong arms of his around her again. Her tummy felt like it had been tied into a knot. She felt flustered but she tried to keep her composure.

“Are you okay? You seem to be lost” He asked

“I’m fine, thanks. If I had fell to the floor it would have being so embarrassing” Sharon replied shyly, trying to avoid eye contact with him.

“Glad I was there to help. By the way, I’m Dele.” the stranger replied, smiled as her stretched a hand forward to shake her and the music came back on.



weyray gf 1

They say I’m crazy but I am not. I know I’m not. I’m just very passionate about everything I like and I like my boyfriend…errr….no scratch that. I love him, so imagine how passionate I am about him. He is my world, so everything I do revolves around him.

My name is Feyisola but everyone calls me Feyi, I’m twenty six years old, I work with an insurance firm and I live a pretty good life thanks to my boyfriend. His name is Adeniran but I call him my olowo ori mi (my love, my sweetheart, the one that paid my dowry) because he is my everything, my world, my ray of sunlight, my stars, my source of light in dark times. You know how they say living things can’t live without air? Yes, that is how my Niran is to me.

We’ve been dating for two years four months, sixteen days and counting. Niran has been a source of Joy since the very first time I met him. Though as a lady I had to do a little bit of shakara and play the hard to get card but it all worked out just fine in the end. I’m not getting any younger and I can’t seem to wait for the day Niran is going to propose marriage to me his love. That would be the happiest day of my life, well….until the wedding day itself that is. Then we can build a family together, have kids and live the happily-ever-after fairy tale. Yaaay! If you ask me, contrary to what any other woman believes or says, I think that the ultimate dream of every woman. I mean, what is more satisfying than using your body as a vessel to give life to a cute little person created by God. My Niran is going to grant me that wish, whether he likes it or not, if it has to come to that, then yes.

I make sure I keep tabs on my boyfriend round the clock. I need to know what he is doing, where he is and who he’s with. I make sure I call him every hour and I’ve told him to call me on the hour if I don’t remember or lose track of time but he doesn’t and this makes me mad. I even call him at random times in the middle of the night to make sure he is asleep if he is not with me. We’ve fought about this a lot of times and he complains about the constant checking up on him, he says I’m choking him and at least I should let him breath. What does he know? Men need guidance unless they’ll go astray. I know I am right because he is my man and it’s in my place to know all these things. He’ll get used to it, I know he will, it’s just a matter of time.

My friends, Tola and Yemi think I’m either crazy or obsessed. They say every little thing I do or say is always about my Ade and it is a little too much, that I seem to be over doing things. What do they know, they’ve never had love like this before. Deep down inside I know they are just jealous. My mummy thinks my Niran has giving me something to take or has cast a spell over me. Aaarrggghhh! Mothers will always think its spiritual, can’t a girl just be hopelessly in love? She keeps telling me we should go and see one baba and if I’m not interested in that then I should seek professional help. I should see a shrink (psychiatrist). They all think I’m crazy but I’m not. I’ll prove all of them wrong by the time my Ade and I get married. They’ll only see what I normally do is right and it is worth it.

Talking about marriages, I’ve been leaving hints of late for my Niran, I make sure we attend one wedding or the other every weekend and I bring up conversations about anything relating to weddings, marriages and children more often. Only one thing is wrong, he seems to change the topic as soon as I bring it up. This makes me very angry and sad at the same time but because I want to please him I just act the fool. I’m slowly losing my patience with him and I’m going to take things into my own hands and make something happen. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not about to propose to him, a lady has to have class so I’m not going to do that. I’m just going to speed things up in my own little way, after all, there’s nothing wrong in playing dirty sometimes.

“Ma? Is anything wrong? You look disturbed.” My assistant said interrupting my thoughts.

“I’m fine, you can go back to your desk and please hold all my calls for the rest of the day, just take messages.” I replied her

“Okay ma” she said and left my office.

I looked at the time on my desktop pc and it was five minutes to three pm. I picked up my phone and dialed my boyfriend, it was almost time for me to check up on him again but more importantly I had something to tell him. I have to put my plan to work, the earlier the better, for both of us.

“Hello, babes I’m really busy now and so let’s make this quick, I’m fine, still breathing well and full of life since the last time you checked which is not up to an hour ago. So, if that would be all, then, I would talk to you later, alright?” Adeniran said as soon as he answered my call, he didn’t even let me reply to his hello. I rolled my eyes.

“My love wait, I actually have something to tell you”

“Okay, please make it quick, what is it?”

“Can we have dinner tonight, I need to tell you something very important that just came up”

“What is it that you want to tell me?” He asked

“No boo, I can’t tell you over the phone, that’s why I want us to see tonight dearie.”

“Ok, fine. I’ll come pick you up by eight, is that ok?”

“It’s perfect my love, I’ll be ready and waiting for you, please be on time and don’t take….” My words trailed off as I heard the tone of the call ending. He hung up on me. I hate it when he does that and I’m going to have a lengthy conversation about this with him but first let’s focus on my plan.

I was all dressed and looking gorgeous for my Niran by five minutes to eight. Ten minutes past eight the door bell rang. At the door was my Ade who was looking as handsome as ever.

“You are late” I said as I opened the door, rolling my eyes.

“Hello to you too my dear and how was your day? Oh, I’m very fine, thank you” Ade replied sarcastically with a smile.

“It’s not funny, I’ve always told you to be on time, it’s better to be early than late and you know….”

“Babes relax, it’s just ten minutes, a few red light stops and little traffic and by the way, you looking gorgeous yourself too.” He said cutting me off.

I eyed him and hissed “Niran, I don’t like it when you do that, don’t cut me off between my sentences please, anyways let’s go, we would fight about this later” I said, picked up my purse and we left.

We got to the restaurant, settled in at our table and ordered what we wanted to have for dinner and the waiter left.

“So what is it that was so important that you couldn’t tell me over the phone?” He asked with a smile.

Time to act the part I thought to myself. I lowered my head, facing down, did the best sad face I could come up with and said “I missed my period and I did a PT test and it came out positive, I’m pregnant.”

My Niran didn’t say anything, he just had a blank stare and I couldn’t read how he felt through his facial expression. He didn’t say anything so I felt it was my cue to go on and seal the deal.

“Niran dear, I think we should just get married before I have the baby and definitely before its obvious I am pregnant, I wouldn’t want to have a child out-of-wedlock, that won’t be possible” I said disrupting my face in an awkward manner to show sign of refusal.

“Okay” He replied.

That was all he said, okay?! He didn’t utter any other thing throughout dinner and I felt he was giving it some thought, but I couldn’t shake off this cold feeling I was getting from him.


2 weeks later…

I could I have been so stupid, I shouldn’t have done this. If only I knew, why didn’t he tell me sooner, now I went and made a fool out of myself. All these thoughts going through my head as I pop open the cap of container for the sleeping pills and empty everything on my palm.

Two weeks ago, after dinner, my Ade and I were in the car on our way home and I kept on bugging him to tell me what he thinks about what I just said because he was about to drive me nuts with the silence. That was when he told my about the accident he had when he was little that left him impotent. That was the reason he was stalling on our marriage apart from the fact that I was too needy and troublesome. So he got mad that I had gotten myself pregnant by another man and I cheated on him. He dropped me off and told me it was over between us. I couldn’t face him to tell him the truth that it was a lie, frankly it would just make me seem desperate and I didn’t want him to know I felt that way. Though he was calm throughout, I could see the anger in his eyes, I had never seen my Niran that way before and it really scared so I just let him leave.

For two weeks now, he didn’t pick my calls or reply my messages. I miss him so much, my world is dark without him. So today, I summoned up courage and sent him a text telling him the truth and explaining the whole situation. He called me back and said he would come after work but he also said he wasn’t assuring me that we would get back together.

He just called that he’s almost at my place that was when I opened the bottle of my sleeping pills, if I take over the required dosage for this maybe he would see how much I love him and don’t want to lose him, I just want my Adeniran back. It would make him come back to his senses and take me back. Yes, this would definitely work. I empty everything on my palm, picked up the glass of water on the table and swallowed them. I felt as my head got lighter, felt drowsy, couldn’t keep my eyes open any more, my legs felt weak and I slumped. My Ade is going to be here any minute now, I thought to myself as I closed my eyes and waited.

Unknown to me, My Niran stopped at the supermarket just before my street to get my favourite chocolates and the white roses that I love so much. He got held up at the cashiers counter… for a little bit too long.

This is another series I’m working which would be coming up on Mondays [sorry i couldn’t post this yesterday, it was due to circumstances beyond my control(usual excuse)], hope you enjoyed the read.



race thing

As a child, I watched as my mother get beat up on a daily basis by my father, even though she did everything in her power to please him. On some days he would come home drunk and beat her up for no good reason, not that he needed a reason to beat her, he shouldn’t even be laying a finger on her. He called my mother a witch and that she was the reason he was not progressing. He was too blind to see she was nothing but a saint and a blessing to him. On other days he would come home with another woman and act like it was his God given right. And when we the children protested, my four sisters, one brother and I, he would beat us too. Thinking about it now, if we were a little older we would have ganged up against and possibly beaten the living daylight out of the man. Being the first child, though still very little, I tried to be the source of joy for my mother. Whenever she cried and I couldn’t do anything about it, I just cried with her.

I remember when I was ten years, one day my father got tired of beating my mother and us up so he threw us out on the streets and said he wasn’t interested in the marriage and us anymore. No relation of my mom or close family friend was ready to take us in, a woman with five children, who would want to bear that responsibility? It’s funny how people have no compassion for anyone, even for blood.

My mom’s closet friend at that time took us and we stayed in their BQ while my mom tried to figure things out and put everything together. She said she was going to talk to her husband to assist mom to start something so she can afford to take care of us. While waiting for her to talk to her husband, mom started doing menial jobs, going to houses to clean, frying akara (bean cake), yam, potatoes and bread at the junction in the evenings. She did anything just to make ends meet, put food in our mouths and send us to school, but it never seemed to be enough. I started hawking sachet water in traffic after school because she never wanted me to stop schooling even though I was willing to just to assist her in taking care of my siblings. She always said I was the first and if I finish schooling and have a degree I would be able to assist her better then with taking care of my brother and sisters. This only gave me the encouragement to struggle and keep up good grades, I was quick in understanding things so it wasn’t hard for me to excel in school. On weekends and holidays that I didn’t go to school, I did other things like wash the neighbors’ cars and run errands and assist mom in cleaning the houses she cleaned.

We went on for a few years living like this, from hand to mouth, but we were always contented with what we had. My mom’s friend was so helpful, if only with the accommodation, we were really grateful, that why my mom never asked her if she had spoken to her husband and if there was anything he could help with. When she finally did, her husband said he would see what he can do. A few days later, while my mom was home alone, the man can back from work and his wife wasn’t around too. He had a conversation with my mom and said he was ready to help her start something she can use to take care of us but at a price. My mom was ready to do anything and thought he would ask for a percentage of the business earnings that he would set up but instead he said he wanted to have sex with her in return for his assistance. When my mom refused bluntly, he tried forcing himself on her and while they were struggling she hit him with her knee on his penis. That day, we came back from school and met our mom outside with our things, she had been thrown out by her friend’s husband. No matter how much my siblings and I asked what happened, my mom just kept reassuring us that it would be fine. It wasn’t until I was older, I got to know what really happened.

This was when all hell broke loose. We didn’t have any where else to go. So we found an uncompleted building and stayed there. After months of sleeping on a mat on the hard cold floor, it seemed like things were only getting worse. We were on our mid-term break and I went out to hawk with two of my sisters, my little brother, as we have been doing after school and on weekends, but this day my little brother got hit by a car and died on the spot. The car didn’t stop and I watched it speed off as I held my brother’s body trying to shake life back into him, crying and screaming his name. People just stood and watched us crying, until someone picked up my brother and rushed him to a nearby hospital, I knew it was too late, I can’t really explain it but I felt the life leave his body that day. This was a really down time for my mother and it seemed like her cry was never going to stop.

 On one fateful day while my mom was selling her fried akara, yam and potatoes, she ran into her childhood friend, who was one of the nicest persons I’ve met, this I got to know later. We moved in with her and she was really helpful. She was soft spoken, cherished us like her own kids and she never stopped encouraging my mother. I can honestly tell you that she was God sent. She kept on assisting mom in taking care of us, she set up a business for my mom where she sold clothing wears and things finally started looking up for us. It wasn’t the dream life but we got by, day in day out with what we had.

I had just finished high school and my results were outstanding. My mom’s friend told mom that it would be better if I go abroad to attend college and completely my education, that there’s a higher chance of getting a job afterwards and start assisting her with training my siblings, that she would assist in my school fees and whatever I would need. At first, mom was reluctant but she later got on board with the idea and that was how I left for the United States of America to further, not before the ‘don’t forget the family you are from’ talk mothers usually give. That day I swore I was going to make my mom proud and get her and my siblings the very best life could possibly offer.

I kept on communicating with mom and my siblings, she never lost a chance to remind me of where am from and who was paying my tuition fees, how I got there and I shouldn’t disappoint her. After four years of hard work and a lot of sleepless nights, I graduated with a first class and got five job offers. I did the interviews and got three out of them. I settled for best out of them and they gave me some time off to come to travel to Nigeria. That night I called mom and told her, I could have sworn she was the happiest person on earth at that very moment.

My graduation party went well and I was going to leave for Nigeria in two days time to see my family after which I would return after a month to start my new job. I was all set and ready to go. That night, I was cross checking my list and gifts I got for them and found out I had missed a few gifts I wanted to get for my sisters, so I strolled out to the nearby store to get them. I got what I wanted and as I was leaving the store, I bumped into a white dude. I apologized but he didn’t seem to take it lightly, I tried walking away but he kept on screaming all sorts of names at me, blocking my way. He called me a monkey and told me to go back to the zoo. I didn’t utter a word, tried to remain calm and turned to walk away, he pulled me back, pulled out a gun from under his shirt and I heard a loud sound. I felt myself falling to the floor with so much pain passing through my body. He came over to my body on the floor and shot me two more times before running off.


My whole life flashed across my face when the first bullet made impact and all through the images I saw, my struggling mother trying to make ends meet was the most constant one.  

As I stand here, looking at my lifeless body on the floor, blood gushing out from the three bullet wounds, I can’t help but wonder how my mother would take it when she finds out.  Lord, give my mother and siblings the strength to bear this loss…


*I am not a racist and I am against every form of racism and discrimination. I believe all human beings should be respected and treated equally regardless of their skin color and hope that someday we would have racial equality all over the world.

This goes out to the family of Trayvon Martin and every other family or persons that have lost a relation or friend or have been abused due to racial discrimination and segregation. My heart goes out to you and may our God strengthen you to bear your loss.




radio assistant

“So the point I’m trying to pass across is that people have to relax and take life as it comes. A day at a time. Nowadays most of our youths just want to become successful overnight forgetting there’s a process. My advice to young ones out there is taking your time and building something for yourselves and don’t forget to live while you are young. You have a great show Mike and thanks for making my evenings daily while I’m in traffic driving home from work, bye Mike.”

“There you have it folks, you’ve heard it from Cynthia, our last caller for the day giving her view on our topic and with that I’m going to leave you guys with this very beautiful song that popped into my head when she was talking, mainly due to what she said. It’s Live While we’re Young by One Direction. Thanks to all my callers and listeners who tuned in and made today’s show a great one, this is the drive through evening show on your most listened to station diamond FM 105.5, I’m mike saying take life easy and have a goodnight everyone, bless!” Mike said as he put the microphone off, signalled to the deejay to play the song and letting out a heavy sigh.

“Great show sir, our numbers are moving up. We keep having more people tune in daily. That’s just awesome.” Sharon said as she walked into the broadcasting booth.

“Sharon, how many times have I told you, please call me mike” mike replied her as he stood up to leave for his office.

She smiled. “I’m sorry sir…I mean mike, I haven’t really gotten the hang of it”. She replied while packing his stuff from the booth and following him.

“Wait, you’ve been working here 2, 3 weeks”? Mike asked.

“Today will make it the fourth week” she replied.

“That’s a month, congrats and you are telling me that you haven’t gotten the hang of what exactly? You should be settled by now and be in line with how things operate around here” Mike said opening the door to his office.

“OK, I will” Sharon replied dropping what she carried on his desk.

“Good. I have a few things to take care of so I’m going to be leaving early today. I take it that you can handle things around here”? Mike asked as he stood up to leave

“Yes I can mike, no problem” She replied smiling making sure she didn’t say sir this time.

He picked up a few papers, his phone and keys and left Sharon in the office while she got down to sorting and arranging the files on his desk.

Sharon was happy. One month into her intern-ship and things have been go good so far. She likes the work environment and her colleagues, even though she’s not a permanent staff they’ve been so helpful in helping her blend in, especially Mike her boss who she is an assistant to, he had always put her through from day one and explained in detail anything she didn’t understand well. She has always dreamed of being an OAP (on air personality) and it’s just a matter, she knows she will get her opportunity.


Dele Roberts sighs as he changes the station on his car radio to a more appealing tune with a kick in it. This traffic na die and that Mike of a person wan kill person with that slow song wey e dey play this evening. E wan make we sleep inside car ni. He said out loud to himself as he slowly moves his 2012 Mercedes E350 forward following the car in front of him, bumper to fender. The traffic that evening on Ozumba Mbadiwe road was too much, even getting to every traffic light stop, there was a jam. Lagosians are always in such a hurry, everyone wants to move at the same time, he thought. He slowly made a right turned off ozumba and the rest of the drive home was smooth. He drove into his mansion on the island and pulled up in front of the building while two of the servants rushes out, one of them to park his car properly and the other to take his briefcase and files in the car into the house.

Dele is a guy that can be described as an island big boy, according to the popular magazines, the press and almost everybody that knows about him. He is the only son and the last child of the powerful and influential business mogul billionaire, Kola Roberts, the owner of Dextol oil and gas company and a few other prominent businesses and professor Mrs. Kemi Roberts. He’s a six ft tall, well-built, charming, handsome, very cocky and intelligent young man in his middle twenties, a ladies’ man, well-known playboy and one of Lagos famous eligible bachelors.

He walks into the house and is greeted with a kiss by Tess. She notices he is looking as sharp as he was when left for work this morning dressed in his five thousand dollars Hugo Boss three-piece black suit, licking her lips while admiring this hunk so a god. The thought alone turns her on and she can’t wait to feel him inside her. Only if she can have him for keeps but she knows she’s way out of her league and should erase that thought.

“Welcome home handsome” she says smiling seductively.

“Thank you sexy” Dele replies her while wondering what she was still doing around and she was putting on nothing but his shirt. Not that he was complaining because she looked so hot in it and that was a sight for his sore eyes but he had paid her off before leaving for work this morning and didn’t expect to see her again, not until he wanted to. “What are you still doing around sweetness?” he asked.

“Well, I left almost after you this morning, had a few stuffs to handle and I came back with a surprise for you” she replied, grinning from cheek to cheek when she mentioned she had a surprise.

“I actually thought you didn’t get enough of what I had to offer last night” he said to her, giggling a little. “And what might that be my dear”? He added.

This man knew just what to say to a lady and how to say it, making her feel so special and is so confident of himself. She thought to her herself, “it’s waiting for you in the bedroom, let’s go” she said pulling him towards the bedroom.

As they got into the room Dele saw a very sexy naked girl lying on the bed with nothing on and was staring at him seductively, like she was already using her eyes to undress him. She stood up and walked over to him slowly. He stared at her from head to toe, observing every little detail about her. She’s about five ft four inches tall, light-skinned, slender body and straight sexy legs. She had a nose and upper lip piercing on d right side and a few tattoos, on her left breast, right side of her neck, her right wrist trailing down to her index finger and on the upper side of her left arm. She had that kind of ass that is not big but shoots out and her boobs were well-rounded and stood erect. Apart from the body piercings and tattoos, what more can a guy want in a woman he hardly knows right now, he thought to himself. She got to him and held his tie while pressing her breasts against him and then licking from his neck to his jaw line. He felt the firmness of her nipples and wished he didn’t have a shirt on at that moment.

God, how one man can feel, taste, smell and look so good at the same time is just unbelievable, she thought as she felt herself getting wet in her lower region.

“Dele, meet Tracy, your surprise” Tess said.

Dele could barely focus on what Tess was saying due to this sexy being all over him right now. He knew the names they gave him weren’t their real names but he didn’t mind because he knew it was just business to both parties.

“You must be exhausted handsome. First, let’s get you out of those clothes and into the shower” Tracy said.

“Sure but one condition… only if both of you get in the shower with me and wash me clean” Dele replied.

“Of course” they both said in unison.

They took his clothes off while feeling every part of his body. This got them really turned on and even Dele wasn’t left out. With her last piece of clothing gone they took Dele to the shower, taking the soap and sponge, Tess washed from the back of his head to the sole of his feet and passing it to Tracy who did the same thing but the front part of his body, leaving only his face. Dele took care of his face himself. Before he could rinse the soap off his face they had both got on their knees washing his dick and balls but this time with their mouth. All he could do was lean back against the tiles and groan. His dick was growing harder by the second and when they felt it was hard enough, they stood up. Dele grabbed Tracy, sliding his fingers up and down her labia as he moved them apart and slipped a finger inside. She was incredibly wet, that the running water had nothing to do with the slipperiness of his movements. She let out a soft moan. Tracy draped her arms loosely around Dele’s neck and he slid his hands under her butt cheeks, picking her up as though she weighed nothing at all, while Tess was busy kissing and sucking his earlobes, neck and shoulders. Tracy wrapped her legs around his waist in a scissor grip. One of her hands tightened its grip around his neck and the other went down in search of his dick. He felt her fingers wrap around his shaft, used it to rub her clit a few time while moaning in pleasure, before she aimed towards the place they both wanted it to be.

He lowered her down an inch and felt her slide on the head of his dick and down her slippery clit. He held her still and lowered her a little more. The head slid inside easily, meeting no resistance at all.

Her other hand rejoined the first around his neck. “Fuck me hard, big boy.” she whispered into his ear. “I wanna feel you deep inside me.”

Dele slid easily up and down, feeling Tracy’s grip on his neck tighten as he lifted her and went in and out, going deeper with every stroke. It didn’t take up to ten strokes before it took to have his full length sliding deep in her pussy, he felt her juices flowing down his balls as the water poured over them. Tess kept to feeling and caressing his body from behind.

Tracy squealed deeper in his ear with every thrust and moaned loudly as her first cum rippled through her body, her juices bathing his cock as he slowly picked up speed. Dele moved so that she could rest her back against the wet tiles and started thrusting harder.

“Oh God, yes!” she moaned “I feel you so deep inside me, please go deeper!”

“As you wish” Dele replied. He was thrusting hard now, feeling no resistance as he slid deep into her moist pussy. “Is that what you want baby?”

“Oh yes! YES!” she groaned. She came again, harder this time, tremors racking her whole body as her flow increased.

Dele was getting closer to climax. “Look at me baby” he said to her as his balls tightened in readiness. Just a few more thrust was all he needed.

She felt his eyes penetrate her deep into her soul as she felt his dick penetrate deep into her and this only heightened the pleasure she felt. God, what was this man doing to her, she had never felt pleasures of this height before. She wasn’t sure if she could handle any more of it but she didn’t want it to stop either.

Her eyes widened as she felt his first spray fire up his shaft and erupt deep inside her. She felt his cum pumping and mixing with her own and moaned loudly as she joined him, her body shaking again as tremors of pleasure radiated from the point of their climax.

Dele held her still for a few more seconds, feeling her tremors and their breathing gradually subside, as she clung to his neck and her slender legs still wrapped around his waist.

He lifted her slightly allowing his softening dick slide free, before gently lowering her down, maintaining his hold until he was sure she could stand. She rested her head against his chest, breathing slowly and deeply.

With some reluctance, Tracy washed herself while Tess washed Dele again and turned off the shower. They both used the towel hanging at the back of the door to dry him up and then dried each other.

“We are not done yet mister” Tess said to Dele. “Now it’s my turn.” As she pulled me out of the bathroom into the bedroom. Dele felt his dick twitch and thought to himself, this is going to be a long evening. He smiled.

Hi guys, this is going to be a short series that would be posted every Friday, haven’t disclosed much except for my erotic content 😀 … #FreakyFriday things. Thank God its Friday, you know the drill, don’t drink and drive but get your freak on and have crazy fun tonight. 😀

Shoutout to Sarah @oseyrah for the idea. Awesome shawty!