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*Clears throat* Welcome. This is my very first post of many many to come, hopefully.

I hope you like it though, took me a while before I selected this as my first post, hopefully it’ll have the desired effect on you. 



Black Stilettos

Sade was very unhappy but she was going to do something about it.

As she stared at herself in the mirror trying to hold back her tears while applying her eye pencil to the base of her eyes, she can’t help but wonder if anyone they come across tonight at the party would see beyond the make-up and fake smile and notice them for what they truly are, just the usual cover up. The cover up for the black swollen eyes, the cover up for brutality, the cover up for the lies, the pains, the anguish and the freaking torment.

“Sade” she heard Dayo call her name bringing her out of her reverie, “are you ready yet? We running late and you know we have to consider the traffic”.

“Almost done” Sade replied as she applied her blood red Mary Kay lipstick to match her dashing fair skin colour.

She stood up while spraying some perfume, straightened out her short red gown with the frolics in front from the neck region down to her belly button region, adjusting the cut to show a little bit of cleavage and glanced at herself in her dressing mirror one last time, just before she slipped on her 6” black Stilettos shoes, the pair Dayo got for her for their last anniversary. Oh! How he loved them so much, loved seeing them on her. When he asked her to wear them tonight her heart skipped a beat imagining what was going to happen when they got back for their occasion. The very thought of it made her frightened. Wondering who had a fetish like that anyways. It’s one thing to make your wife put on her heels during sex but it’s another thing entirely to do what Dayo did to her and made her do but she’s had enough and was about to do something about it. The shoes complimented her purse, and looking in the mirror yet again she hoped she wasn’t over dressed for the cocktail party. Well, you know what they say, it’s always better to be over dressed than under dressed for an occasion she thought to herself.

The cocktail party was organized by the law firm Dayo works for, to celebrate a multimillion dollar case that has been in the court for about a year plus, that they just won. The time spent at the party went by so quickly, Sade thought to herself, because no sooner they got there that they were already saying their goodbyes to Dayo’s colleagues and friends. How she wished they could stay a bit longer to spare her from the horror she was about to face.

He grabbed her by her waist as the door closed behind them, turned her around and kissed her full on the lips, how she loved the feel of his lips. She raised her hand to the back of his neck to urge him to kiss her deeper and have her tongue go in more into his mouth but he suddenly pushed her back and then everything went white as she realized that he just slapped her and as she was recovering from daze she felt him pounding non-stop on her and as she tried to go numb on his blows she thought back to when all this started…

She met him in her third year in the university, while he was in his final year, he chased her for close to a year before she agreed to date him and two years later they were married, it seemed like a dream come true, until that fateful night. It was the second week into their honeymoon and for reason he wasn’t as happy as he usually was. She tried to make him talk but to no avail. She let him be until late in the night when he was horny and was making advances towards her.

“Do you want to make me happy” He asked Sade.

“That’s what I live for Dayo” she replied innocently and lovingly.

He beat her up badly while having sex with her, was remorseful afterwards, apologized and explained he can’t really enjoy sex without doing it, it was his fetish. But the same thing happened the following night. It has been three years now since then and she has endured it all, day in day out, sometimes, several times a day, depending on how horny he was.

…She snapped out of her thoughts as she realized that he was now carrying her up to their bedroom, she was a little dazed, was bleeding from her lower lip and her body hurt like hell. She didn’t mind at all because she was going to end it all tonight, she thought to herself. He put her down on the floor in a kneeling position facing his crotch area and started to undo his belt buckle, he took a step back then with once strong full swing of his hand upwards he pulled his belt out of the trouser’s belt holes and it went flying up in the air, hitting her in between her breasts and right across the face. Fuck! It hurt like hell, Sade thought to herself. His trousers came falling down to the ground along with his boxers revealing his already erect 8 inches dick pointing straight at her face. He pulled her by her hair and with one swift move forced his whole dick into her mouth and down her throat. She gagged and tears started rolling down her face, not because of the pain she felt but because she couldn’t breathe well with the whole of him deep down in her throat. He held the back of her head and started to move in and out of her mouth slowly at first but picked up the pace. It felt like hours and Sade couldn’t take it anymore, she was suffocating, it was too deep down in her throat. He was about to cum when he pulled out of her mouth, raised her head up to his by pulling her by her hair and her gag reflex kicked in. Sade was gasping for air, taking as much oxygen in as she could. He kissed her for a few seconds, ripped her gown off her to reveal her bra cladded boobs. He started massaging her boobs through her bra so roughly that she felt more pain than pleasure. He unclasped her bra and removed it. Her breasts were free, his hands covered them he squeezed them and pulled on her nipples causing her more pain before he took her left breast into his mouth and bit down hard on her nipples, making her scream and grind her teeth in anguish. She felt her panties get a little wet to her surprise, was she really enjoying this, she wondered.  He pushed her on the bed and jumped on her. Straddling her, he slapped her across her right cheek with the back of his right hand and again on the left cheek with the front of his hand. He grabbed her nipples with both hands, pulling, pinching, twisting them and making her cry out in pain. He smiled, enjoying the torment he was making her go through.

“Dayo please, take it easy” Sade begged.

“Sweetheart you know I can’t get off without beating you up first, I’m so sorry” Dayo said with so much remorse that she almost believed him but she remembered that was what he always said every time they made love.

She realized she can’t get turned on by this, even if she tried, the pain was more than the pleasure she felt. He pulled her panties off, grabbed her hips and lifted her waist so he could penetrate her. She screamed as she felt his full cock penetrate her with one thrust, she wasn’t wet enough and it felt like branch of a tree with spikes was going into her pussy. She tried to fight him off but he held her down and ground into her more fiercely every time he pulled out. He picked up the pace at which he fucked her and Sade felt herself go weaker as she closed her eyes and waited for it to end.

He rammed into her with so much force and speed that he was about to cum within seconds. With one last full thrust, Dayo grunted out as he came deep in her and gave a heavy sigh of relief filled with ecstasy. He pulled out of her and as his cock went limp still dripping the little cum left, out of its one eye, he raised her right leg up and started to kiss her from her inner thigh downwards to her foot slowly. Sade was feeling it, she was slowly getting turned on but she still felt the pain all over her body and her throbbing pussy. She knew this was her only chance to end it all and wasn’t about to make any mistakes. Dayo was still kissing her leg as he got to her foot, she still had her 6” stilettos shoes on just as he wanted. He kissed the tip of the shoe, working his way down to the heel as he licked the side down to d base with his tongue and took in the heel into his mouth, sucking and licking on it. He felt his now limp cock get a little hard, oh! How it turned him on, he thought. Sade was in pains and was weak but this was her chance. With one full swing of left leg upward she hit Dayo right in his nuts, making him open his eyes and mouth wider to scream out in pain and then she pulled her right leg backwards out of his mouth and with all the strength left in her she drove her leg into his wide open mouth, allowing the heel enter the top of his mouth, into his gum and into his head, the whole six inches went in. Almost immediately Dayo went still from the shock his brain was receiving. She pushed him off her and unto the floor, removed the left shoe and threw it on the floor as she lay back on the bed. She sighed with relief as she closed her eyes to relax.

She woke up after a few hours of sleep, stood up and crossed Dayo’s still body on the floor. She went into the bathroom, cleaned up, covered her bruised face with make-up, got dressed and packed a few things into the smallest size of her Louis Vuitton travel bag. She went over to Dayo’s body, looking at his eyes, still wide open in the sudden shock and pain he felt just before he died, she pulled out the heel from the top of his mouth and let the blood gush out like a broken tap. She cleaned the blood off the heel, picked up the left pair and held them in her left hand, it’s too expensive to leave behind she thought to herself while she carried her bag in the right. She smiled in accomplishment as she walked out of the room and out of the house to new beginnings.

The writer doesn’t support domestic violence or any form of violence , please if you’ve ever been a victim of of domestic violence or suffered any form of trauma due to it then I suggest you report this to the appropriate authority and get help today.

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  1. lizzybetsy says:

    Wow!!!!nice piece jay
    U got ♍ƺ aving some tots doh*badmind*

    GGMUB dear


  2. Esther says:

    I didn’t know you are a writer too,this is a lovely piece but it sure has a lot of adult language in there,You know what I mean *Winks* More power to your elbow and I hope we get to see and read more beautiful and powerful write ups that would keep us glued to our Screens!GGMUB!


    • Jay says:

      Yes, i do write. 😀 LOL! its rated erotic! You definitely gonna get more, this is just the first of many to come. thank you dear and a big amen to that.


  3. 3ple D® says:

    confirm…this kind sex, na d type rhiana dey like o…well done jay


  4. Maryjane says:

    Wooh,nice1 jay and I would like to thank you for the efforts you have made in writing this post.I’m hoping the same best work from you in the future as fact your creative writing abilities has inspired me to start my own blog now..


    • Jay says:

      yaaaay! thank you too for coming to read it, you see more works for sure. wow! really? you got my head swelling now oh, when you start just make sure you let me know, would love to read something from you soon. Thank you 🙂


  5. edia hannah says:

    Really nice for a first short story. I hope to see more of this coming especially more short stories on child abuse, relationship, drama, fiction. GO JAY!!!


  6. PrinceEhis says:

    From the stables abi Table, whatever! Of the one and only “Olsh Magnetara” Nice job!
    Now, how can we make this a reality? We’ve read,thought,imagined and now we need to feel! You need a House where these stories will be told and afterwards**** you know. ((ADULT CONTENT))
    God bless!!


  7. Akintayo says:

    Rated! Very good.


  8. Missy says:

    Lovely write-up there


  9. dunnee says:

    Coughs* nice! Very nice


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