The Radio Assistant… Episode One

Posted: August 2, 2013 in Series
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radio assistant

“So the point I’m trying to pass across is that people have to relax and take life as it comes. A day at a time. Nowadays most of our youths just want to become successful overnight forgetting there’s a process. My advice to young ones out there is taking your time and building something for yourselves and don’t forget to live while you are young. You have a great show Mike and thanks for making my evenings daily while I’m in traffic driving home from work, bye Mike.”

“There you have it folks, you’ve heard it from Cynthia, our last caller for the day giving her view on our topic and with that I’m going to leave you guys with this very beautiful song that popped into my head when she was talking, mainly due to what she said. It’s Live While we’re Young by One Direction. Thanks to all my callers and listeners who tuned in and made today’s show a great one, this is the drive through evening show on your most listened to station diamond FM 105.5, I’m mike saying take life easy and have a goodnight everyone, bless!” Mike said as he put the microphone off, signalled to the deejay to play the song and letting out a heavy sigh.

“Great show sir, our numbers are moving up. We keep having more people tune in daily. That’s just awesome.” Sharon said as she walked into the broadcasting booth.

“Sharon, how many times have I told you, please call me mike” mike replied her as he stood up to leave for his office.

She smiled. “I’m sorry sir…I mean mike, I haven’t really gotten the hang of it”. She replied while packing his stuff from the booth and following him.

“Wait, you’ve been working here 2, 3 weeks”? Mike asked.

“Today will make it the fourth week” she replied.

“That’s a month, congrats and you are telling me that you haven’t gotten the hang of what exactly? You should be settled by now and be in line with how things operate around here” Mike said opening the door to his office.

“OK, I will” Sharon replied dropping what she carried on his desk.

“Good. I have a few things to take care of so I’m going to be leaving early today. I take it that you can handle things around here”? Mike asked as he stood up to leave

“Yes I can mike, no problem” She replied smiling making sure she didn’t say sir this time.

He picked up a few papers, his phone and keys and left Sharon in the office while she got down to sorting and arranging the files on his desk.

Sharon was happy. One month into her intern-ship and things have been go good so far. She likes the work environment and her colleagues, even though she’s not a permanent staff they’ve been so helpful in helping her blend in, especially Mike her boss who she is an assistant to, he had always put her through from day one and explained in detail anything she didn’t understand well. She has always dreamed of being an OAP (on air personality) and it’s just a matter, she knows she will get her opportunity.


Dele Roberts sighs as he changes the station on his car radio to a more appealing tune with a kick in it. This traffic na die and that Mike of a person wan kill person with that slow song wey e dey play this evening. E wan make we sleep inside car ni. He said out loud to himself as he slowly moves his 2012 Mercedes E350 forward following the car in front of him, bumper to fender. The traffic that evening on Ozumba Mbadiwe road was too much, even getting to every traffic light stop, there was a jam. Lagosians are always in such a hurry, everyone wants to move at the same time, he thought. He slowly made a right turned off ozumba and the rest of the drive home was smooth. He drove into his mansion on the island and pulled up in front of the building while two of the servants rushes out, one of them to park his car properly and the other to take his briefcase and files in the car into the house.

Dele is a guy that can be described as an island big boy, according to the popular magazines, the press and almost everybody that knows about him. He is the only son and the last child of the powerful and influential business mogul billionaire, Kola Roberts, the owner of Dextol oil and gas company and a few other prominent businesses and professor Mrs. Kemi Roberts. He’s a six ft tall, well-built, charming, handsome, very cocky and intelligent young man in his middle twenties, a ladies’ man, well-known playboy and one of Lagos famous eligible bachelors.

He walks into the house and is greeted with a kiss by Tess. She notices he is looking as sharp as he was when left for work this morning dressed in his five thousand dollars Hugo Boss three-piece black suit, licking her lips while admiring this hunk so a god. The thought alone turns her on and she can’t wait to feel him inside her. Only if she can have him for keeps but she knows she’s way out of her league and should erase that thought.

“Welcome home handsome” she says smiling seductively.

“Thank you sexy” Dele replies her while wondering what she was still doing around and she was putting on nothing but his shirt. Not that he was complaining because she looked so hot in it and that was a sight for his sore eyes but he had paid her off before leaving for work this morning and didn’t expect to see her again, not until he wanted to. “What are you still doing around sweetness?” he asked.

“Well, I left almost after you this morning, had a few stuffs to handle and I came back with a surprise for you” she replied, grinning from cheek to cheek when she mentioned she had a surprise.

“I actually thought you didn’t get enough of what I had to offer last night” he said to her, giggling a little. “And what might that be my dear”? He added.

This man knew just what to say to a lady and how to say it, making her feel so special and is so confident of himself. She thought to her herself, “it’s waiting for you in the bedroom, let’s go” she said pulling him towards the bedroom.

As they got into the room Dele saw a very sexy naked girl lying on the bed with nothing on and was staring at him seductively, like she was already using her eyes to undress him. She stood up and walked over to him slowly. He stared at her from head to toe, observing every little detail about her. She’s about five ft four inches tall, light-skinned, slender body and straight sexy legs. She had a nose and upper lip piercing on d right side and a few tattoos, on her left breast, right side of her neck, her right wrist trailing down to her index finger and on the upper side of her left arm. She had that kind of ass that is not big but shoots out and her boobs were well-rounded and stood erect. Apart from the body piercings and tattoos, what more can a guy want in a woman he hardly knows right now, he thought to himself. She got to him and held his tie while pressing her breasts against him and then licking from his neck to his jaw line. He felt the firmness of her nipples and wished he didn’t have a shirt on at that moment.

God, how one man can feel, taste, smell and look so good at the same time is just unbelievable, she thought as she felt herself getting wet in her lower region.

“Dele, meet Tracy, your surprise” Tess said.

Dele could barely focus on what Tess was saying due to this sexy being all over him right now. He knew the names they gave him weren’t their real names but he didn’t mind because he knew it was just business to both parties.

“You must be exhausted handsome. First, let’s get you out of those clothes and into the shower” Tracy said.

“Sure but one condition… only if both of you get in the shower with me and wash me clean” Dele replied.

“Of course” they both said in unison.

They took his clothes off while feeling every part of his body. This got them really turned on and even Dele wasn’t left out. With her last piece of clothing gone they took Dele to the shower, taking the soap and sponge, Tess washed from the back of his head to the sole of his feet and passing it to Tracy who did the same thing but the front part of his body, leaving only his face. Dele took care of his face himself. Before he could rinse the soap off his face they had both got on their knees washing his dick and balls but this time with their mouth. All he could do was lean back against the tiles and groan. His dick was growing harder by the second and when they felt it was hard enough, they stood up. Dele grabbed Tracy, sliding his fingers up and down her labia as he moved them apart and slipped a finger inside. She was incredibly wet, that the running water had nothing to do with the slipperiness of his movements. She let out a soft moan. Tracy draped her arms loosely around Dele’s neck and he slid his hands under her butt cheeks, picking her up as though she weighed nothing at all, while Tess was busy kissing and sucking his earlobes, neck and shoulders. Tracy wrapped her legs around his waist in a scissor grip. One of her hands tightened its grip around his neck and the other went down in search of his dick. He felt her fingers wrap around his shaft, used it to rub her clit a few time while moaning in pleasure, before she aimed towards the place they both wanted it to be.

He lowered her down an inch and felt her slide on the head of his dick and down her slippery clit. He held her still and lowered her a little more. The head slid inside easily, meeting no resistance at all.

Her other hand rejoined the first around his neck. “Fuck me hard, big boy.” she whispered into his ear. “I wanna feel you deep inside me.”

Dele slid easily up and down, feeling Tracy’s grip on his neck tighten as he lifted her and went in and out, going deeper with every stroke. It didn’t take up to ten strokes before it took to have his full length sliding deep in her pussy, he felt her juices flowing down his balls as the water poured over them. Tess kept to feeling and caressing his body from behind.

Tracy squealed deeper in his ear with every thrust and moaned loudly as her first cum rippled through her body, her juices bathing his cock as he slowly picked up speed. Dele moved so that she could rest her back against the wet tiles and started thrusting harder.

“Oh God, yes!” she moaned “I feel you so deep inside me, please go deeper!”

“As you wish” Dele replied. He was thrusting hard now, feeling no resistance as he slid deep into her moist pussy. “Is that what you want baby?”

“Oh yes! YES!” she groaned. She came again, harder this time, tremors racking her whole body as her flow increased.

Dele was getting closer to climax. “Look at me baby” he said to her as his balls tightened in readiness. Just a few more thrust was all he needed.

She felt his eyes penetrate her deep into her soul as she felt his dick penetrate deep into her and this only heightened the pleasure she felt. God, what was this man doing to her, she had never felt pleasures of this height before. She wasn’t sure if she could handle any more of it but she didn’t want it to stop either.

Her eyes widened as she felt his first spray fire up his shaft and erupt deep inside her. She felt his cum pumping and mixing with her own and moaned loudly as she joined him, her body shaking again as tremors of pleasure radiated from the point of their climax.

Dele held her still for a few more seconds, feeling her tremors and their breathing gradually subside, as she clung to his neck and her slender legs still wrapped around his waist.

He lifted her slightly allowing his softening dick slide free, before gently lowering her down, maintaining his hold until he was sure she could stand. She rested her head against his chest, breathing slowly and deeply.

With some reluctance, Tracy washed herself while Tess washed Dele again and turned off the shower. They both used the towel hanging at the back of the door to dry him up and then dried each other.

“We are not done yet mister” Tess said to Dele. “Now it’s my turn.” As she pulled me out of the bathroom into the bedroom. Dele felt his dick twitch and thought to himself, this is going to be a long evening. He smiled.

Hi guys, this is going to be a short series that would be posted every Friday, haven’t disclosed much except for my erotic content 😀 … #FreakyFriday things. Thank God its Friday, you know the drill, don’t drink and drive but get your freak on and have crazy fun tonight. 😀

Shoutout to Sarah @oseyrah for the idea. Awesome shawty!


  1. Jay's Crusher says:

    OMG!!! I can just picture Dele in my head n oh my…is he sexy! I love d way u write Jay :* u leave a girl all wet n wanting more…


  2. 3ple D® says:

    Oga shebi u knw say I be born again, u wan turn me to sinner abi…shooo oghene. Jay, I take God beg u o.


  3. […] I want to clear something up, those of you wondering why I haven’t completed “The Radio Assistant” series, I lost the files, so I’m rewriting it just for you guys and want to complete it first […]


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