Weyrey Girlfriend (Feyisola)… Episode One

Posted: August 6, 2013 in Series, Short Stories
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weyray gf 1

They say I’m crazy but I am not. I know I’m not. I’m just very passionate about everything I like and I like my boyfriend…errr….no scratch that. I love him, so imagine how passionate I am about him. He is my world, so everything I do revolves around him.

My name is Feyisola but everyone calls me Feyi, I’m twenty six years old, I work with an insurance firm and I live a pretty good life thanks to my boyfriend. His name is Adeniran but I call him my olowo ori mi (my love, my sweetheart, the one that paid my dowry) because he is my everything, my world, my ray of sunlight, my stars, my source of light in dark times. You know how they say living things can’t live without air? Yes, that is how my Niran is to me.

We’ve been dating for two years four months, sixteen days and counting. Niran has been a source of Joy since the very first time I met him. Though as a lady I had to do a little bit of shakara and play the hard to get card but it all worked out just fine in the end. I’m not getting any younger and I can’t seem to wait for the day Niran is going to propose marriage to me his love. That would be the happiest day of my life, well….until the wedding day itself that is. Then we can build a family together, have kids and live the happily-ever-after fairy tale. Yaaay! If you ask me, contrary to what any other woman believes or says, I think that the ultimate dream of every woman. I mean, what is more satisfying than using your body as a vessel to give life to a cute little person created by God. My Niran is going to grant me that wish, whether he likes it or not, if it has to come to that, then yes.

I make sure I keep tabs on my boyfriend round the clock. I need to know what he is doing, where he is and who he’s with. I make sure I call him every hour and I’ve told him to call me on the hour if I don’t remember or lose track of time but he doesn’t and this makes me mad. I even call him at random times in the middle of the night to make sure he is asleep if he is not with me. We’ve fought about this a lot of times and he complains about the constant checking up on him, he says I’m choking him and at least I should let him breath. What does he know? Men need guidance unless they’ll go astray. I know I am right because he is my man and it’s in my place to know all these things. He’ll get used to it, I know he will, it’s just a matter of time.

My friends, Tola and Yemi think I’m either crazy or obsessed. They say every little thing I do or say is always about my Ade and it is a little too much, that I seem to be over doing things. What do they know, they’ve never had love like this before. Deep down inside I know they are just jealous. My mummy thinks my Niran has giving me something to take or has cast a spell over me. Aaarrggghhh! Mothers will always think its spiritual, can’t a girl just be hopelessly in love? She keeps telling me we should go and see one baba and if I’m not interested in that then I should seek professional help. I should see a shrink (psychiatrist). They all think I’m crazy but I’m not. I’ll prove all of them wrong by the time my Ade and I get married. They’ll only see what I normally do is right and it is worth it.

Talking about marriages, I’ve been leaving hints of late for my Niran, I make sure we attend one wedding or the other every weekend and I bring up conversations about anything relating to weddings, marriages and children more often. Only one thing is wrong, he seems to change the topic as soon as I bring it up. This makes me very angry and sad at the same time but because I want to please him I just act the fool. I’m slowly losing my patience with him and I’m going to take things into my own hands and make something happen. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not about to propose to him, a lady has to have class so I’m not going to do that. I’m just going to speed things up in my own little way, after all, there’s nothing wrong in playing dirty sometimes.

“Ma? Is anything wrong? You look disturbed.” My assistant said interrupting my thoughts.

“I’m fine, you can go back to your desk and please hold all my calls for the rest of the day, just take messages.” I replied her

“Okay ma” she said and left my office.

I looked at the time on my desktop pc and it was five minutes to three pm. I picked up my phone and dialed my boyfriend, it was almost time for me to check up on him again but more importantly I had something to tell him. I have to put my plan to work, the earlier the better, for both of us.

“Hello, babes I’m really busy now and so let’s make this quick, I’m fine, still breathing well and full of life since the last time you checked which is not up to an hour ago. So, if that would be all, then, I would talk to you later, alright?” Adeniran said as soon as he answered my call, he didn’t even let me reply to his hello. I rolled my eyes.

“My love wait, I actually have something to tell you”

“Okay, please make it quick, what is it?”

“Can we have dinner tonight, I need to tell you something very important that just came up”

“What is it that you want to tell me?” He asked

“No boo, I can’t tell you over the phone, that’s why I want us to see tonight dearie.”

“Ok, fine. I’ll come pick you up by eight, is that ok?”

“It’s perfect my love, I’ll be ready and waiting for you, please be on time and don’t take….” My words trailed off as I heard the tone of the call ending. He hung up on me. I hate it when he does that and I’m going to have a lengthy conversation about this with him but first let’s focus on my plan.

I was all dressed and looking gorgeous for my Niran by five minutes to eight. Ten minutes past eight the door bell rang. At the door was my Ade who was looking as handsome as ever.

“You are late” I said as I opened the door, rolling my eyes.

“Hello to you too my dear and how was your day? Oh, I’m very fine, thank you” Ade replied sarcastically with a smile.

“It’s not funny, I’ve always told you to be on time, it’s better to be early than late and you know….”

“Babes relax, it’s just ten minutes, a few red light stops and little traffic and by the way, you looking gorgeous yourself too.” He said cutting me off.

I eyed him and hissed “Niran, I don’t like it when you do that, don’t cut me off between my sentences please, anyways let’s go, we would fight about this later” I said, picked up my purse and we left.

We got to the restaurant, settled in at our table and ordered what we wanted to have for dinner and the waiter left.

“So what is it that was so important that you couldn’t tell me over the phone?” He asked with a smile.

Time to act the part I thought to myself. I lowered my head, facing down, did the best sad face I could come up with and said “I missed my period and I did a PT test and it came out positive, I’m pregnant.”

My Niran didn’t say anything, he just had a blank stare and I couldn’t read how he felt through his facial expression. He didn’t say anything so I felt it was my cue to go on and seal the deal.

“Niran dear, I think we should just get married before I have the baby and definitely before its obvious I am pregnant, I wouldn’t want to have a child out-of-wedlock, that won’t be possible” I said disrupting my face in an awkward manner to show sign of refusal.

“Okay” He replied.

That was all he said, okay?! He didn’t utter any other thing throughout dinner and I felt he was giving it some thought, but I couldn’t shake off this cold feeling I was getting from him.


2 weeks later…

I could I have been so stupid, I shouldn’t have done this. If only I knew, why didn’t he tell me sooner, now I went and made a fool out of myself. All these thoughts going through my head as I pop open the cap of container for the sleeping pills and empty everything on my palm.

Two weeks ago, after dinner, my Ade and I were in the car on our way home and I kept on bugging him to tell me what he thinks about what I just said because he was about to drive me nuts with the silence. That was when he told my about the accident he had when he was little that left him impotent. That was the reason he was stalling on our marriage apart from the fact that I was too needy and troublesome. So he got mad that I had gotten myself pregnant by another man and I cheated on him. He dropped me off and told me it was over between us. I couldn’t face him to tell him the truth that it was a lie, frankly it would just make me seem desperate and I didn’t want him to know I felt that way. Though he was calm throughout, I could see the anger in his eyes, I had never seen my Niran that way before and it really scared so I just let him leave.

For two weeks now, he didn’t pick my calls or reply my messages. I miss him so much, my world is dark without him. So today, I summoned up courage and sent him a text telling him the truth and explaining the whole situation. He called me back and said he would come after work but he also said he wasn’t assuring me that we would get back together.

He just called that he’s almost at my place that was when I opened the bottle of my sleeping pills, if I take over the required dosage for this maybe he would see how much I love him and don’t want to lose him, I just want my Adeniran back. It would make him come back to his senses and take me back. Yes, this would definitely work. I empty everything on my palm, picked up the glass of water on the table and swallowed them. I felt as my head got lighter, felt drowsy, couldn’t keep my eyes open any more, my legs felt weak and I slumped. My Ade is going to be here any minute now, I thought to myself as I closed my eyes and waited.

Unknown to me, My Niran stopped at the supermarket just before my street to get my favourite chocolates and the white roses that I love so much. He got held up at the cashiers counter… for a little bit too long.

This is another series I’m working which would be coming up on Mondays [sorry i couldn’t post this yesterday, it was due to circumstances beyond my control(usual excuse)], hope you enjoyed the read.


  1. sarah says:

    Rotflmao!!!! Weyray girlfrnd oh! Le struggle! Chai! Can’t wait for d nxt episode… (Still laffing)


  2. lizzybetsy says:

    Tel us d remainin jur.. 😦
    She b real weyrey sha
    She go kill herself lyk fowl


  3. 3ple D® says:

    Nice piece jay, u get better by the day. I hope say no b another ghost to tell us her story sha….lol


  4. axeurdaddy says:

    nice write up.


  5. moskeda says:

    This is a nice story, Jay. Please do keep it up. And try to stick to one name. Either Ade or Niran. I got confused each time you switched.


    • Jay says:

      Yaaay! U dropped a comment! Okay ma’am, will do, noted! U r awesome n I love ur writing, d truth is u inspire me(sshhh, don’t tell no one 😉 ) tnx a bunch!


  6. chichi says:

    From one writer to another: Kudos! Very intriguing. Got me hooked to the end. Keep this up!


  7. abikoye says:

    Now I just read this after the latter. Cool

    Really good


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