The Radio Assistant… Episode Two

Posted: August 9, 2013 in Series
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radio assistant

“What is wrong with this girl? Like do you enjoy being bored at home?” Ejiro asked.

“Don’t mind her oh, I said we should go out and have some fun tonight. Maybe, catch the bobo of your dreams and you are here forming goody two shoes” Ify added.

Sharon rolled her eyes at the two girls “It’s a work night, I don’t want to be up late.”

“Oh please, tell that to someone who cares, you are going out with us tonight and that’s final. Be there acting like you are already a mother of three” Ify said.

Ejiro laughed hard “Madam-I-have-work-to-go-to-in-the-morning” she mimicked Sharon. “So, we don’t have work too right?” She asked as she eyed her.

Sharon sighed and her shoulders fell. She pouted as she accepted defeat. Her two housemates could be very annoying and troublesome most times but it didn’t make her love them any less like sisters.


Dele rolled over as his phone on the bedside nightstand rang into the quiet room. He slowly opened his eyes and as they adjusted to his dark bedroom as he felt the soft skin of female companions on both sides. He was sandwiched between two sexy girls and it felt really good as he gathered his thoughts.  He smiled when he remembered what just went down a few hours ago.  It was needed he thought but the sleep was far more needed after being drained like that. He sat up and the duvet fell off his upper body, he couldn’t get down from either side of the bed so he pulled out his legs from under the duvet and got down from the bottom edge. His phone stopped ringing as he made sure Tess and Tracy were covered up well from the cold in the room carefully, trying not to wake them up as they both tossed and turned in their sleep. He stood up straight and stretched his body in his nakedness. His phone started ringing again, he walked over to it and answered.


“Mr. Roberts, the young billionaire. The most sought after bachelor in Africa. How you doing?” The voice on the other end teased. Dele laughed. “Where you at bro? It’s an awesome night to hang” Stan asked

“I’m good bro and I’m at home. I just wake from sleep sef.”

Guy forget that thing, the night is too early to sleep. Oya, come meet me for Liquid in twenty minutes, cool?”

“Alright bro, cool” Dele replied and hung up.

He checked the time on his phone and was almost quarter past eleven. He dropped it back on the night stand and walked to the bathroom. He flipped the light switch on and had a quick shower. After the shower, he dried himself up and brushed his teeth. He felt his tummy rumble and remembered he hadn’t had anything since early in the afternoon that day. As he got out of the bathroom, he put on his robe and slippers, and then went down to the kitchen to grab a quick bite to eat. He would have rung the cook on the intercom to heat up something for him but he didn’t want to disturb her, she should be asleep by now and it would take too much time considering he had to go out soon. He opened the fridge and found some seafood rice and chicken wrapped up separately. This is my dinner I guess he thought to himself. He heated it up quickly in the microwave and sat down at the kitchen table to eat as quickly as possible. About fifteen minutes later when he was done, he cleaned up after himself and headed up to change.

It was over twenty minutes before he was all set and ready to go meet up with Stan. His female companions were still sleeping peacefully as he stared at them. He knew he had to wake them up because they also would have one place or the other to go to but they looked so peaceful sleeping and he didn’t have the heart to interrupt that. He dropped a few hundred dollar bills and a note on the nightstand thanking them for a wonderful time and assuring them he would call them soon. He picked up his car keys and phones, looked at himself in the mirror one more time, satisfied with what he saw, he walked over to the bedroom door, turned around to make sure Tess and Tracy were still asleep, switched off the room light and closed the door quietly behind him.

Dele was outside now and he slowly walked to his car, enjoying the fresh air of the night. The moonlight was shining bright, with a few little stars scattered across the sky. The breeze blew around lightly leaving the weather cool enough for an outing. For the fact Stan hadn’t called him yet, he knew that he was either still on his way too or he’s distracted by one of his numerous females he usually hangs out with.

Stan had been his friend right from the very first day of high school. Being in a school abroad and considering that there were from the same country and almost the same kind of family background, Stan and Dele didn’t find it had to relate to one another and became best buds in no time. Stan is also from a very wealthy and powerful family too. His father controls majority of the real estate market in Nigeria and also has a few major businesses in different parts of the world. The two families became very good friends due to their sons and have had a few business transactions benefiting both families. Dele and Stan were very much alike in thoughts and how they handled situations but Stan was more spontaneous, direct and quick in making decisions while Dele was more laid back, observant and took his time in weighing his options in decision making. The two together were unstoppable and often people mistook them to be brothers because of their similarities and the way they related.

Dele pulled up in a slot just in front of the club, directed to him by the security guy between a black Range Rover Sport and a Honda Accord popularly known as ‘evil spirit’.

The security guy had already started raining praises on him as he got down from his benz. “Oga, no forget your boy for here oh. Oga, this your ride bad oh” the security said as he admired Dele’s Mercedes Benz.

No worry, I go sort you as soon as I dey comot.” Dele assured him smiling. “Just look after my baby well.” He added as he walked away.

Yes boss, I dey your back, I full ground scatter, no wahala.” the security guy shouted after him.


Sharon was seated watching Ify dance with one of the guys they met that night who was a friend to the guy that invited them out for the night and they met him up with two of his other friends. Sharing her attention with her phone in her right hand, her drink in her left and Ify who was grinding effortlessly on her dance companion, she was trying to relax and get into the mood around her.

They were seated at one corner of the room, Ejiro was at the end of the couch which they were all seated on, with their friend they all knew and her at the other end with the third guy who she also just got to meet minutes ago. The guy was trying to chat her up but she cared less in having a conversation with the loud music and focused more on her phone which she was doing nothing in particular with, just a defensive mechanism to let the guy know she wasn’t interested in talking.

What really intrigued her was the guy with the five ladies surrounding him at the other end of the room. Why he would want to be with five women at a time was a mystery to her. The guy was quiet handsome she observed and looked like he could handle the bill for the drinks. Was he trying to send himself to an early grave or unless he was expecting a few of his guy friends, she thought. And she was ready to see how it would play out.

What caught Sharon’s attention next was the stranger that just walked into the room. He’s tall frame and how his fitted tee shirt didn’t do a good job in hiding his built body and he stood just by the door observing the whole room as if searching for something or someone and trying to adjust to the loud music coming from the speakers and the almost lowly lighted room except for a few colourful lightings that danced around in the huge room. He stood there for a few more seconds before he walked over to the guy at the other end of the room with the five ladies and joined them.

“…so what I’ve been trying to say is, it be easier if I just get off work instead. What do you think?” the guy beside Sharon asked her, bringing her out of her thoughts.

“Sorry…errr….what did you say?” she asked the guy. The guy looked confused and she quickly added “I have to use the ladies, excuse me.” she added, avoiding his eyes as she stood up and walked away before he could say anything else.

Five minutes later she came out from the ladies and was headed towards the corner where her friends were when she noticed Ify by the bar with the guy she was dancing with. Before she could say anything, Ify had pulled her and was attempting to dance with her. Sharon being reluctant and in trying to pull away from Ify missed her step and fell to the floor. She was caught suddenly by the person behind her before she hit the floor and the arm held her firmly around her back.

He pulled her up regain her balance on her two feet. “You know you have to be more careful in those beautiful shoes of yours.” He said. She could hear him clearly surprising, and then she realized that the music had stopped.

“Thank you” Sharon replied as she straightened herself up without looking at who she was thanking. “I wonder what I would have done if you weren’t there to catch me” She added as she looked up.

It was the guy in the fitted tee that came in a few minutes ago. He was staring at her and his eyes felt like they could see right through her and deep into her soul. What she had imagined he would look like didn’t do justice to how he actually looked like. This was a hunk of a man standing before her. How she wished she could feel those strong arms of his around her again. Her tummy felt like it had been tied into a knot. She felt flustered but she tried to keep her composure.

“Are you okay? You seem to be lost” He asked

“I’m fine, thanks. If I had fell to the floor it would have being so embarrassing” Sharon replied shyly, trying to avoid eye contact with him.

“Glad I was there to help. By the way, I’m Dele.” the stranger replied, smiled as her stretched a hand forward to shake her and the music came back on.


  1. lizzybetsy says:

    u always do dis sha… 😦
    I l go n imagn d remainin by mysef …
    9ce story dear


  2. Esther says:

    Jaaaaayyyy!why now*sad*,dint tink it wud finish so soon,cnt wait for d rest!


  3. MsShaby says:

    Arrrrrrgh! Why is there no continuation of radio assistant ?*sad face* Jes wen the story was becoming intresting then u stopped. I can’t even begin to imagine dele and sharon’s love affair *whoosh*


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