Weyrey Girlfriend (Feyisola)… Episode Two

Posted: August 12, 2013 in Series, Short Stories
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weyray gf 1

Present day….

It is a beautiful day. I sit up as I take in my surroundings. The sun is shining bright in the sky emitting little or no heat rays. A few clouds dancing around and sometimes covering it as the earth revolves on its axis. The sky is blue with bursting radiance. I smile as I can make out the skyline far off at worlds end. The wind blowing ever so lightly and freely as the trees dance to its tune and the birds flying about, chirping continuously. It is an awesome day for an outing like this, I say in my mind. The grass is evergreen, full in colour. A few young boys running around in the distance and throwing a freesbie. I can’t stop smiling as I take in the happiness around me. Adeniran insisted on us having picnic in the park today and I don’t regret it one bit.

A little girl of about five or six years walks up to me. She is dressed in a gorgeous flowery gown with roses in different colours on it. She stands for a few seconds smiling at me and I couldn’t help but wonder what is going on. She has the cutest little nose I’ve ever seen and her eyes were sparkling like diamonds. I smile back at her, maybe she is lost or maybe I look like someone she knows. Then suddenly, she hugs me, with her arms around my neck she holds me tight. I feel warmth and pure love coming from deep within her. Without letting go, she whispers in my ear, “Will you be my mommy please”? I am overwhelmed with different unearthing emotions at the same time as I let tears flow freely from my eyes. I hug her back, wanting never to let go.

1 year ago…

I opened my eyes, trying to adjust them to the light, everything was a blur. My body felt heavy as I tried to move. I looked around wondering where I was. I could see the drip hanging and IV line running straight down to my right hand as my vision got clearer. I tried to sit up but I felt a hand hold me down carefully.

“Baby relax, you need to rest. I called the doctor as soon as I saw you move. ”

That is my Adeniran’s voice I thought to myself. I turned and saw him sitting beside the bed I was lying on. He looked so angelic. I was happy to see him. Just then the doctor walked in.

“Miss you are finally awake. We thank God. You’ve been out for two days straight, after we had to flush out the pills from your system.” She said as she checked my vital signs. “I told Adeniran if he had brought you in a minute later, that I wasn’t sure if you were going to survive but who are we to question God.” She continued

“How is she doing?” Adeniran asked the doctor.

“She is going to be fine. I assured earlier on and I am still assuring you now. Let’s just observe her for a few more hours and she’ll be discharged.”

My Adeniran nodded to what the doctor just told him and thanked her. They move further away from me so couldn’t hear what they were talking about. I didn’t like the way she kept on smiling at him as they talked and the way she called him by his first name too. She’s too comfortable with him and even though I wasn’t cool with it, I was too weak to get angry. He was done talking to her, walked back to my bedside and took his seat.

“The doctor said you’ll be discharged in the evening, today.” He said

“Who is she?” I asked him. “I didn’t like the way she was too informal with you. She is not being professional.” I added without letting him answer my question.

“She’s a friend and that should be the least of your worries, unless you are forgetting that you just tried to kill yourself two days ago.”

I rolled my eyes and said nothing.

“We all wondered why you would want to take your own life. Even if you had a reason, I know it’s not enough for you to kill yourself. You are lucky I had a key to your apartment and was there just in the nick of time to bring you here, as you heard the doctor say.” He continued.

“I’m sorry. I don’t know what came over me. (Pause story) hey peeps, I was tempted to put ‘it was the devil’ here but I sure say devil go dey sleep jejely on hin own, so make I no disturb am. (Story continues) I guess I over did it this time around” I said remorsefully. Tears started forming in my eyes.

“Babes don’t cry please, you don’t need to stress yourself. I know you are sorry but we have to take precautions that this never happens again, so I’ve decided that you start seeing a psychiatrist soon.” Before I could reply he continued. “Unless you want us to break up and you lose me forever.”

I shook my head. “No I wouldn’t want that”

“Good! Your reply determined if I was going to walk out on you right now or not. So since you’ve decided to help yourself, I’ve decided we should get some help for our relationship too. I wasn’t totally honest with you and you had your issues too, so we going to start couples counseling to help us grow together. I love you so much, that why I am going to try to make this work between us.” Adeniran said.

I couldn’t help but cry as My Adeniran consoled me. I got a second chance to live that life I’ve always wanted and to make it work no matter what.

6 months ago…

It has been six months since the incident and I haven’t been as happy as I was in a very long time. Things have been going great for Adeniran and I. Our couples counseling has been really helpfully more than I imagined it would be and my psychiatrist helped me over come my innermost fears. I took things easy now and lived a day at a time. Adeniran and I have moved in together and I was enjoying every moment of it. Life wasn’t any better than what it was.

I had learnt to relax more, not to be over protective and possessive, be less demanding and to control my feelings. Just because he’s mine doesn’t mean I should refer to him as a property I own. I was willing to make things work with him and take his feelings and opinions into consideration in everything we did together.

I was at work like any normal weekday when I got a bunch of red roses. My assistant carried them into my office smiling like a child who just got her favorite toy. She placed them on my desk and said they were for me. I couldn’t help but blush uncontrollably as I knew who they were from. I picked up the card and it read

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Without you, who would I be?
Will you….

I flipped the card over but there was nothing at the back of it, it just stopped there. I looked up to ask my assistant if there was a message with the flowers but instead I saw Adeniran on one knee before me, holding a ring forward.

“Will you marry me?” He asked. I gasped and jumped on him.

We got married two months later and the wedding was the most beautiful experience I’ve had up to that point in my life.

Present day…

Now I sit here staring at this little girl, I’m short of words. This is the best surprise I’ve had from Adeniran so far. I could literally burst because of the happiness flowing through me. We’ve talked about adopting, since we can’t have any children but we hadn’t finalized on it yet. All we did was just talk. Adeniran always knew I wanted children but I was willing to live with him without any. This is only going to make me love him more.

“So, what do you say mommy?” He asked staring at me as I stared at the little girl with teary eyes.

“Yes, yes, yes.” I hugged her again. “What’s your name love?” I asked her.

“My name is Tammy.” She replied.

Adeniran hugged both of us.

2 months later…

It’s been four months since we got married and two months since we adopted Tammy, our six year old little girl. She has been nothing but a blessing to us and I love her wholeheartedly as any mother would love their child.

I’ve been feeling ill for over two weeks now. I wake up feeling weak in the morning, I get tired easily, have frequent headaches, get irritated by food and nauseated and I vomit frequently too especially in the mornings. I went to see the doctor and they did a couple of tests. It turned out that I was a few weeks pregnant. At first I was shocked then in doubt, so I did another test just to make sure and it also turned out to be positive. The doctor said that it was possible for Adeniran to get me pregnant but the chances were very slim. I saw this as a miracle from God. Adeniran is going to be the happiest man alive when I tell him.

I was getting my happily-ever-after story afterall…

*The End.


  1. lizzybetsy says:

    i tink am d 1st 2 read it
    Good tinz happen
    Weldone jay :*)


  2. Your descriptions are so vivid. Wonderful story you have created.


  3. Busolami says:

    This is so nice


  4. Gloria A says:

    This so nice…. I’m new here, and I’m so loving your series…you are an amazing writer Jay… Well done!!


  5. ozzy says:

    What an amazing write-up…. i’m so gonna learn from this 🙂 thanks Jay


  6. Oluchi says:

    Awwww….my guy is doing wonders….WOW


  7. Bev says:

    That’s all.!!!!! Like seriously anyways its a lovely piece


  8. miss lious says:

    I love your stories! You ‘ re amazing.


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