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log of wood

“Mama Chima, Mama Chima. Hmmm, shey you don hear the tori were I hia so?” Mama Chibuzor asked as she walked to the door of Mama Chima’s kitchen. Mama Chima was busy in the kitchen so her door was open leaving only the net door closed.

“Hian! Mama Chibuzor you don com again wit this your amebo ways, wetin you hia again?” Mama Chibuzor replied leaving what she was doing and walking towards the door.

“Okay oh, I dey go, no vex say I come sef” she replied, raising her head in a ‘not interested’ manner.

“Ahan ahan, persin no fit follow you play again. Oya, sorri, com tell me, wetin you hia?” Mama Chima apologized as she came out of her kitchen and both women stood outside, at the entrance.

“I hia say…” She said reducing her voice and going closer to mama Chima as if there was another person standing two feet away who she didn’t want to hear what she was about to say. “…say that yahoo boy wey dey stay for flat fifteen, EFCC don come catch am.”

“Ah!” She exclaimed “Tell me something”.

“Them say efcc com weyle am for night, that is the night before yestaday own, them scatta hin house con find two human head for nylon bag”

“ewele oohh! Chimo! Talk true!”

“I tire for you oh, you dey this our street so? Nne if you see the beat wey dem give this boy ehn, if not for God so, the boy for don die.” Mama Chibuzor said with funny hand gestures.

“Chineke!” Mama Chima exclaimed putting her hand on her head.

Them beat am ehnn, e dey cough blood comot, them con scatta hin house carry six computa, ten blakberri handset, plus the two human head wey dem find join”  She saw the way mama Chima was looking at her and felt the gist wasn’t sweet enough so she added her own. Lowering her voice, she said “I even hia say them find three live tortois (turtles) join”. Mama Chima’s eyes widened with disbelief.

“And that other one wey dey under am for flat eleven sef, them go hin house but dat one no dey, na only God save am, dem for kill am. Dem don lock hin house, dia two house sef, come carry the three big motor wey dem park for dia.” She continued pointing towards the car park.

“Hian! All dis young boys sef. Thank God say my Chima na good boy, e no go do anytin to put hin papa and mama for wahala”. Mama Chima said as clapped her palms three times before holding her arms across her chest.

You wey I hia say your Chima don go give dat police officer dauta belle, wey dey for block b flat two, you dey hia dey thank God. I surprise say you neva even hia dat one. By the time you hia, u go hia weehhnnn. Na die your son dey b dat. Mama Chibuzor thought to herself as she eyed mama Chima.

“I thank God too oh for my chibuzor, since when hin don travel go Malaysia na so so blessing God dey use am dey bless me, hin dey school dey work for dia” She said.

Taah, no be hin kidney hin go sell for Malaysia, dey dia dey deceive yourself, dey do as if say all of us no sabi. Everybody don know since naw. E go soon come back now dey form big boy like the rest of them. Mama Chima hissed as she thought to herself.

”Bet wait oh, bia, how you take sabi dis tori sotey, shey you dey for dia wen e happen?” Mama Chima asked her wondering how she knew every detail.

“No oh! I no dey oh” She replied raising her hands “Na hia I hia am” she added. Mama Chima shook her head. “Another one wey I hear again sef, na say Papa Segun for flat 2 dey sleep with that girl…ehhnnn, wetin be dat her name again sef, dat ashawo wey dey stay for flat 8…eeehhhh.” She continued, scratching her head while trying to remember the name.

“Wait oh, shey nah Mirabel you dey talk so?” Mama Chima asked.

“Ehen! Yes na Mirabel. Dis one no be only say dem talk, after I hia am, I con see dem with this my two korokoro eye.” She replied pointing to her eyes. “Dat day na for night, I comot go buy recharge card put for phone, nah hin I see Papa Segun dey comot small small from Mirabel flat, e con dey look round to make sure say nobody see am but e no see me sha cos wia I dey dark sef.” She added.

“Bet wait oh, Mirabel na student naw for univasity, which one you con dey call am ashawo?”

“Taah! Comot dia! Which student? Dat girl just dey use dat one take lie so that nobody go sabi. Abi you no dey see the men wey dey come that her flat? Shey dem resemble student for ya eye? Dat girl dey hussle.” Mama Chibuzor said eyeing her.

“Chelu (wait), Na true oh.” Mama Chima said as she thought about it. “Na wa oh, with all dis yamayama sickness wey full ground, I sorry for that girl oh. I don notice the men wey dey drop am and the girls wey she dey follow waka.” She shook her head.

Mama Chiuzor nodded her head in agreement. “Thank God say my dauta dey Germany dey school for dia, God help am make she finish and find work, she go start to dey send me big big money.”

Nne, no be asewo sef dat your dauta dey do for dia, if she no dey kiaful she sef go carry one yamayama sickness come back or them go deport am. Mama Chima thought to herself as she eyed Mama Chibuzor.

“Nne, I dey smell something wey dey burn” Mama Chibuzor said as she sniffed in the air around.

“Eeewwoooo!” Mama Chima exclaimed as she realized that what she was cooking had started burning. She ran into the kitchen immediately. “Na papa Chima food be dis oh, you wan put me for wahala dis night, you dis woman with all dis your stori u carry come so. Thank God say e neva burn much.”

Mama Chibuzor just kept on laughing ouside.

Papa Chima walked in just then, quietly walked behind Mama Chibuzor and smacked her bum. It made her to jump suddenly and let out a little scream. Thank God Mama Chima didn’t seem to notice as she was busy in the kitchen, she thought to herself as she looked in the direction of Mama Chima. She then turned back to Papa Chima, frowning at him while he gave her a knowing smile and signaled her to come closer, away from the view of Mama Chima.

“We dey see later tonite?” He asked her whispering and grinning from molar to molar.

She first eyed him and then smiled as she nodded her head to signify a yes. “Our usual meeting place go do, I go flash you wen Papa Chibuzor don comot,  hia?” Mama Chibuzor said.

“Korrect!” Papa Chima exclaimed sliently. He then cleared his throat and added loudly “Ehn, Mama Chima wetin dey burn for dia, no go burn my house down oh” talking to Mama Chima with a slight irritation in his voice.

“Papa Chima welkom, how your waka go?” Mama Chima replied as she walked to the kitchen door to greet her husband. Papa Chima shook his head and went into the house without saying a word.

“Oya dey go before you put me for wahala dis nite” Mama Chima said to Mama Chibuzor who was amused by the whole occurrence.

“I go com see you leta if I get any other tori give you.” Mama Chibuzor replied.

“Amebo, dey go”

“Na you I take resemble”

Both of them laughed out loud as Mama Chibuzor walked back to her flat.


*This was written as the Spirit directs!!! 😀 



I wonder if you’ve ever felt this way


Sitting next to him not saying a word. The awkward silence apart from the sounds coming from the tv. Just staring at it, mind totally far from what was on the screen. What happened to us? What happened to the spark between us? The fire burning? The uncontrollable feelings? Where did it all go? She thought to herself. “We can’t continue like this, I think we should end this, I’m breaking up with you”. The words playing in her head over and over again. Which should she go with? Which would be subtle enough? Which wouldn’t hurt as much, for the both of them, especially for him though? If only she could just summon up enough confidence and let it out. Damn the consequences and the pain. Oh, the so much pain for both of them.

It used to be so much better. They used to have a lot of fun. The outings, the crazy stuff they did, the flirting, the mind games, the communication, their first kiss and the sex. The sex was freaking awesome, no denying that.

It was like God used a needle and entwined their souls together but now it feels like it had been ripped apart. Now her conscience seems to be playing tug of war with her heart. She has hurt him so bad and yet he had forgiven her. Let go of the hurt and moved on like nothing happened and showed her love like never before. It had only been a few months since then and he was over it but she knew she was slowly going numb to his care. He had sacrificed too much for her, for them to be together, for it to work and she shouldn’t do this to him. She knows that’s not the end of him being hurt but she can’t help it, sooner or later she has to end it all, whenever she has the courage to let it out. Tell him that it wasn’t only that one time she had said it was and that it had continued secretly and even more frequently than before. She hadn’t been totally honest with him and that ate deep into her because he doesn’t deserve it.

If only she hadn’t met his friend. God curse and bless the day he introduced us. The way he stared at her while they were all hanging out. Like his eyes were piercing through her soul. The night he came over to his place and she was the only one at home, the touch, the kiss, the tensed up atmosphere, the passion…… she could still feel it coursing through her body like it was happening at that moment. The late nights, the secret meetings in different car parks and the unquenchable desire. She wanted him so bad. How could something so wrong feel so good? She kept on asking herself. She wants to kill what she feels for his friend and move on with him, try to make it work no matter what but it’s too late. It’s like trying to drown a fish. It’s impossible. The spark slowly burning hotter inside her for his friend isn’t helping the situation at all.

His touch brings her back to reality, she’s obviously shaken.

He smiles and asks “are you okay love?” His voice so calm and concerned. So loving with every sense of the word.

She forces a smile back and says she’s fine. She sees he knows that she’s lying but he lets it slide. He could always tell when something was wrong with her. He pulls her closer to himself, wraps his hand around her and kisses her on her forehead. His touch and the way he cuddles with her always had a way of making her feel safe. She felt the safest in his arms.

Deep down she knows the feeling is slowly dying, its feels empty, like its void. It is the same emptiness that made her long to be in the arms of his friend too. She feels stupid for feeling this way but she can’t help it. She knew the right thing to do for herself was the wrong thing to do to him. Her mom always said to her “your happiness should come first but not at the expense of others own” and if she should go by that, it would leave him totally devastated. She knows he loves her more than life itself and it hurts even more to let go.

As she lies there in his arms, staring absent mindedly at the tv, she’s wondering how long it would take her to finally come to terms with the truth and have the strength to voice it out. When is she going to stop chasing the dead end and turn back?

She’s lost. Lost in this, without an easy way out. 


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