Posted: October 5, 2013 in Short Stories
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“God I can’t spend tonight with this boner again.” he said out loud to no one but himself.

 “It feels like the whole blood in my body is just down there.” He continued as he stared at his hardon. “And it feels like it’s gonna tear the skin around there. Damn!”

John stood up and went to his mirror stand, picked up his lotion and then went to the bathroom to get the roll of tissue. This is going to be the thirtieth night in five months I’m settling for this option, he thought to himself and yes, he has been counting. He’s going celibate slowly and he didn’t like the sound of that at all. The thought of all those bitches turning him down made him even angrier at himself and the forces working against him. He needed a cure and he needed it bad. At this rate he could get admission into the seminary if he kept this up. He lay down back on his bed, pulled down his boxers, closed his eyes and got comfortable…

“Are you gonna go on with that while I’m around” she said standing by his room door.

Her voice startled him and he almost jumped out of his skin. When did she get there? How did she open his door without him knowing or hearing it? That was what was going through his mind as he was staring at her, but what really disturbed him more was the idea that he had been caught pants down literally and his hands in the cookie jar. Usually he wouldn’t give a damn but, she wasn’t just anyone. She was someone he had always had a crush on since childhood. He was sure she knew. The way he stared at her when they were together and always wished he had x-ray eyes to see what was underneath her dress. He wasn’t sure how she would respond if he made a move on her and he wasn’t even ready to break certain boundaries, at least not yet.

“Lin…lin…lin…..Lindsay” he stammered, not sure what to say in he’s present predicament. “I didn’t hear you come in, and I thought you weren’t coming back tonight?”

“My oh my! What do we have here?” She asked sarcastically ignoring his question.

She’s eying my bulge in a sexy manner. Anything goes for sexy as at this present moment, he thought to himself.

She slowly walked towards the bottom edge of his bed without breaking eye contact with him. She had only her over sized spongebob tee shirt on that she loves to sleep in. The shirt looked too sexy on her, he thought. Damn! There I go with the sexy again. Is that the only word I can phantom right now, he thought some more. I need blood in my brain. Some things are better left sacred but not tonight.

She held the edge of the shirt and took it off in one move, she was completely naked in front of him. No! He must be dreaming, this cannot be happening, he thought. There I go with the thinking again. He needed to focus on what was happening and he tried to turn off his thoughts. He observed every curve on her body and how he had imagined her naked wasn’t closed to what he saw. She was too gorgeous naked, with every curve of her body beautifully sculptured.

He stared at her hungrily and unable to move as he felt his dick double in size. He was so horny he could be used as the definition of horniness. She seemed to be taking her time, wanting him to feast his eyes, though he wanted to pick her up, fling her on the bed and ravish her in seconds, he held himself back and savored the moments. She climbed onto the bed, parted his legs and crawled upwards. He saw her staring at his dick as if she just won herself a prize that was the last thing he saw before he tilted his head upwards and closed his eyes. He waited to feel her mouth around his shaft. Without touching, she used her tongue to graze the back part of his cap, licking all the way down to his balls and back up, he was rock solid. She took him in her mouth, cap first and sucked on it like she was trying to suck out something she kept there from the one eye, before taking the whole of him, deep throat style. He gasped and held his breath as he felt her take the whole of him into her mouth. That sexy small mouth of hers with full lips.

He moaned and held his breath for few seconds before letting out a little gasp. She was doing things with her tongue on his dick that touched his central nervous system. She was doing to him what no girl has done before. She held him in her throat for few more seconds before coming up for air. He moaned while he heard her gasped for air. That’s what his thick phallus could do to a woman.

He raised his head just enough to see her lick the tip of his cock first before taking him in again, but going up and down this time. She continued for a few more minutes and when he felt he was going to cum and as if she felt it too, she pulled away. He immediately raised her up and gave her a full kiss on her lips. It was soft, just the way he had imagined it would be. He kissed her deeper. He kissed her ears down to her neck, then to her breasts sucking on her nipples one at a time while she straddled him. He felt her dripping on him from her honey pot, she was really wet and he wanted to feel her warmth inside.

This was wrong, all wrong he thought to himself but it felt really good and he wasn’t willing to stop.

“Take me now” She whispered into his ears as she bit it softly. This excited him to no end. He could feel his rod throbbing between his legs. He gently lifted her up, placed the tip of his dick in her and let her down. She moaned as she felt him stretch her pussy and go deep inside her. She was really tight, he thought, but because she was really wet made it easier for him. He grabbed her bum, lifted her up and he went in again. He pulled her to lie on him, adjusted his hips well and rammed into her. She screamed but suddenly bit on the pillow beside him and grabbing the sheets, not wanting to wake anyone up in the house. He kept on hitting her g spot hard and she loved every bit of it. Her juices were over flowing, her moans were becoming louder with every one she let out, she was about to cum and her cousin was about to make her cum hard.

He watched her as she pushed herself up and away from him, digging her fingers into his chest as she took over the tempo. Her hips rose and fell to match the rhythm of his. He knew he was about to come and from the way she arched and tilted her head backwards, covering her mouth with one hand to reduce her screams and the other one on his chest for support.

They were both at edges of their self induced ecstasy. He felt her tighten around his shaft, with one last thrust upward and deep into her, he blew his load in her and she could have sworn he hit her womb that last time as she let all her juices flow down on him. She kept on cumming for few more seconds and didn’t move until she was sure she was done. She slid off him and lay beside him, kissing him one last time as she closed her eyes…

He sighed as he released on the tissue he had carefully placed beside him, rolled it up and threw it on the floor. He cleaned himself up with more tissue and threw them too on his bedroom floor.

He kept his lotion and roll of tissue on the nightstand, rolled over and closed his eyes as he waited for sleep to come.

  1. lizzybetsy says:

    U l sha spoil sm1 1 day 🙂
    U ehn


  2. yeanqa says:

    Your story just cost me a fraction of my innocence. Nice writing tho’


  3. dude frm mars says:

    An imagination inside an imagination! Jay ur writing is exceptional….I like d way u played the whole scene out.


  4. […] I wrote this with my last post Lindsay and was going to post it the following night but didn’t and again it was due to circumstances […]


  5. Rubeey says:

    Your writing is pure, captivating and well-detailed! Thumbs up Jay… I hope to read your novels in paperback soon. 🙂


  6. dunnee says:

    Hmmmm! *sigh* breathe takin!


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