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So, I have been off for a while, I apologize. Thought by now I would have my website running but it isn’t due to circumstances beyond my control. But in retrospect in a way it’s you guys fault but hey, lets not point fingers here. Okay?

So, I wrote this with my last post Lindsay and was going to post it the following night but didn’t and again it was due to circumstances beyond my control and I apologize again. That just seems like the perfect excuse…no? Okay, moving on…

So this is not a sequel to Lindsay, it just what if Lindsay felt the same way about John and….well, you know the rest. Or rather, you have to read it. Enjoy!



She was restless. She couldn’t sleep. She needed just one thing and it’s been ages since the last time she has had it. She needed it bad. Should she go up to John’s room, she asked herself. She had noticed the way he stares at her when they were together in the same room. The way his eyes undress her with so much lust in them. If she went up to his room now, she was sure he won’t resist her but she wasn’t about to make the first move, not now, not ever. So she settled for the second option she had.

Her panties were soaking wet as she took them off. She pulled out her bedside drawer, lifted the stuff on top and took out her vibrator from underneath. Another night settling for this option, oh well, might as well get it over with she thought to herself…

She slowly climbed up the stairs, one at a time, trying to make as little noise as possible. She got to his door and hesitated for few seconds, contemplating if she should go back or not, but the wetness trickling down her legs didn’t let her. She held the handle of the door and turned it slowly, it made a crackling sound breaking into the silence of the night. She stopped for a second and then turned it fully, went in and closed the door behind her.

She saw him lying down asleep on the bed covered by his duvet. She took the duvet off him carefully trying not to wake him up. He was putting on nothing but a pair of boxers shorts. He had a bulge showing through the shorts even though he wasn’t aroused and this made her nipples hard. She was perplexed on how to take that off now but she knew there was no turning back, even though he woke up at some point. She took off her spongebob tee shirt and stood naked while she watched him sleep. She climbed onto the bed and started stroking his dick through his shorts, he stirred a little and she stopped. When it seemed like he was sound asleep she slipped her hand beneath his short and held his rod firmly. She felt it grow in size in her hand and she stroked it up and down gently.

He suddenly jumped up and stared at her. He first looked like he had to collect his thoughts together and understand what was going on. When it dawned to him, her mouth was already on his dick, licking and sucking on the cap. He did nothing but tilt his head backwards and close his eyes.

She went on and took the whole of him deep into her throat, left him there for a few seconds and came back up. John moaned lowly with still closed eyes. She kept sucking and taking him into her throat. His moans became louder and she knew he loved what she was doing. She massaged his balls as she sucked his dick and then took his balls in her mouth, one after the other.

“Ahhhh…” He moaned “Oh my…ahhh” He held her head.

She felt him stiffen and she stopped. She didn’t want him to cum, at least not yet. She started kissing her way upwards. Kissed and sucked on his navel. She continued kissing as she went up, taking both nipples in her mouth one at a time and he gasped. She kissed his chest up to his neck. He tried to control it but she could tell that he’s very sensitive. She kissed and sucked on his ear before finally kissing him full on the lips. It seemed like he had been waiting for her because he responded with a deep and passionate kiss.

While their tongues battled each, he put his hand around her, picked her up and spun around, laying her back on the bed gently, without breaking their kiss. He kissed and sucked on her right ear just the way she liked it. If he continued sucking on it like that she would be having multiple orgasms in minutes. That was her spot. He slowly went down to her left nipple while leaving traces of wet kisses along her flowery scented skin. She moaned really loud. He was biting on her nipple and then sucked it hard while his other hand massaged her other breast. He kissed from her nipple to her neck, then to her lips again. She wrapped her arms around his neck, John was amazing. She thought and wondered why they hadn’t done this sooner.

He kissed his way down to her navel and started kissing down to my pussy, she waited to feel his tongue on her clit and held her breath but then he skipped it and went to her knees. This only made her even more wet and want him more. He kissed her knees, then her inner thighs softly one after the other, going upwards slowly. She moaned really loudly as she felt the nerves in her body stand on their ends.

She wanted his mouth on her clit and as if he read her mind she felt his tongue flicked her clit suddenly first, then sucked on it as his fingers dived straight into her pussy. He was going to make her come soon if he continued, she felt her orgasm build up. His fingers came out.

“Please…” She begged, not wanting him to stop.

His tongue went into her pussy in place of his fingers and she gasped as he licked up her juices flowing out of her.

“Ah…yes” She moaned, holding his head in place with both hands and urging him to go deeper.

He put his fingers in again with his tongue while his free hand grabbed her clit and rolled it between his thumb and index finger. She was close to tears, she was gone. She was about to cum. If anyone could be so good at giving pleasure of this height, she never could have imagined it would be her own cousin, John. Her legs were shaking, she was vibrating all over and she put her hand over her mouth to stifle her scream and squirted all over his face. Oh my gosh! He is very talented! Who would have known, she thought to herself.

She covered her mouth just in time, unless she would have woken the whole house up with her scream including his parents.

He licked her up, stopped all he was doing turned her around and his dick went into her sex from behind. She laid down flat on the bed while he supported himself with his hands above her. He moved his hips up and down so his dick went in and out of her. With every thrust, she squeezed the sheets more, almost ripping it apart. He increased the tempo and her screams took a higher pitch only stifled by the pillow she buried her face in.

Was she cumming again? Yes she was, even harder this time and she shook all over as she came splashing out again. The pleasures were not of this world.

He got off the bed, flung her around, picked her up and placed her on the edge of the bedside table. Lifted her legs, wrapped them around his waist and slid his dick into her wet awaiting pussy again without warning. He didn’t go slowly this time, he was fast. He kept thrusting into her with so much force. He was hitting every spot, sending pleasures to every nerve in her body over again and again. She took her hands to her clit and rubbed it while he sucked on both nipples as he let his waist, hips and legs do the work. She was about to scream again and she bit into his chest, another orgasm. She begged for more… She needed it faster and he gave her what she asked for. Another vibration came over her, she held him tight, dug her fingers into his back and bit her lip hard as another release washed over me again.

She started to breathe heavy, she looked at his dick and it was still rock solid. He kept on pounding into her not minding she had just cum. She was moaning. He was moaning too, he was getting there. He lifted her up in the air and flung her onto the bed and dived between her spread legs. She wrapped her legs around him again and arms around his neck. She was cumming at she felt it build up again, his breathing and moaning got louder. He picked up the tempo even more and was going faster than he ever went. She screamed and he let out a scream too, they both came at the same time. His dick twitched inside her and she felt him go soft slowly. He just laid on her and she was good with it. This had been the best night of her life, she thought…

She pulled out the vibrator and dropped it on the side table. Her sheet was soaking wet beneath her ass and around that region. She was hot. She didn’t realize the air conditioner had gone off due to power failure. She sighed, took her shirt off and turned to sleep.

So there you have it! 😀 I hope it had the desired effect I wanted it to have. *inserts evil laugh*.

Anyways I want to clear something up, those of you wondering why I haven’t completed “The Radio Assistant” series, I lost the files, so I’m rewriting it just for you guys and want to complete it first before I start posting them again but hopefully we would start from scratch on my new website, to refresh your memories.

Please don’t forget to share. Thanks


  1. Hahahahahaa! You writerly devil. You had to do wayo on my imagination, huh? Men, tнιѕ was hot. *fanning face*


  2. contactify says:

    Awww! Someone pls find me some tissue.


  3. dunnee says:

    In a loud voice *Okay* nd jay needs 2 b fined 4 dis outrageous post* omg! Intriguing! *deep breath* sighs* good wrk


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