The Family Reunion (A Christmas Story)… Episode 2

Posted: December 31, 2013 in Series, Short Stories
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family reunion

Everyone was shocked at the table, even Chibueze. He tried to hide it but his first facial expression showed he hadn’t seen that coming. So much for a so called girlfriend, I guess he barely even knew her.

Mom left her to continue with her prayer, surprisingly. She started praying in English after praying for a while in Arabic and she thanked God for the beautiful family she got to spend Christmas with and prayed that we may see many more years to come.

We were finally eating with little or small talk around the table. No one ready to voice out the obvious, at least not yet. Classic Chibueze had done it again. Why wasn’t I surprised? I’m sure more than half of us weren’t. Where did he find this one again? What had surprised me was how calmly mom was taking it. We were all Igbo, even our spouses. Mom had never wanted us to marry or even date a person from a different tribe, talk less of a different religious background. She had made sure of that.

It wasn’t long before my question was voiced out. Mom suddenly asked the question that was on our minds that wasn’t in connection with the discussion at that moment.

Ebee ka ị ịhụ nke a ọzọ?” (Where did you find this one again?). She asked.

He didn’t look surprised. He smiled like he had been expecting the question.

Nne, ọ bụghị ebe a na ọ bụghị ugbu a” (Mom, not here and not now.). He replied calmly with a little irritation in his voice.

Ị ịgwa nne gị otú ahụ, nwa okorobịa” (Don’t talk to your mother that way, young man.). Dad suddenly interjected sternly.

Mgbe ahụ, o kwesịghị ịjụ m ajụjụ ndị dị otú ahụ nke ọnụnọ onye obula” (Then she shouldn’t ask me such questions in the presence of everybody.). He replied, raising his voice slightly.

“Chibueze” Dad chided.

Mimi raised her hand to place over his own on the table, in an attempt to make him relax but he quickly removed his hand as she touched him.

Ọ dị m nwute” (I’m sorry) He apologized to mom.

Ọ dịghị nsogbu ma anyị agaghị mere ihe a” (There is no problem but we not done with this.). She replied.

“Why am I not surprised?” He asked sarcastically.

Mom turned to his girlfriend and said “You are a muslim.”

More of a statement than a question.

“Yes ma, I am” Mimi replied.

“How is it that your name is Mimi?”

“That’s a long Story, My name is Aminat but I’ve been called Mimi since when I was young.”

“Ooohhhh” Almost all of us chorused like she was talking to us.

“She’s the one, I think she’s a keeper. I definitely want to find out.” Chibueze said forcing himself to smile at her.

“Please, that was what you said to my friend Vanessa, remember?” I said a little bit irritated.

He shot me a ‘not now’ look “Yea, like that would have worked.” He replied with sarcasm.

“You hurt her and my friendship with her got ruined all thanks to you” I continued.

“I thought we’ve moved past this, what I had with your friend would have never worked.”

“Okay, but what about my bestfriend, Adanna?” Chidinma asked.

Ehen, what about her?”

“You broke her heart Chibueze and you know it” She replied sounding annoyed. Raising her voice a little she continued “I had to work hard to get our friendship back to the way things were before you left her heartbroken, I even gave my daughter her name and made her my daughter’s godmother. The only thing I still regret out of all these was me introducing her to you”

I noticed Mimi was shifting in her seat, not so sure she was comfortable with the discussion.

“You didn’t stop there, you also had to go after Dumebi, what do you have to say about that” Chidinma continued.

Mimi had stopped eating. She just used the fork in her hand to play with the food in front of her.

“That stupid whoring bitch”

“But that didn’t stop you from fucking her, did it? She said almost screaming. Nnamdi her husband, held her hand reassuringly trying to calm her down.

“Watch your language, both of you! We have children here” Dad chided.

“You also hurt my friend brother Chibueze, when you visited me in school.” Chibuike said.

His statement made heads turned in his direction with surprised looks on their faces. Mimi was not only surprised, disgust was also written all over her face. I’m sure she was more than embarrassed.

“Can we talk about that later, it wasn’t my intention, I got a little carried away” Chibueze replied.

“You visited your younger brother in school, when was that?” Mom asked.

They continued and ignored mom’s question like they didn’t hear her.

“I had to help her get over it and clean up your mess.” Chibuike said.

“Classic Chibueze. Always leaves you to clean up his mess for him.” Chidinma said, shakimg her head.

“I won’t let you talk to me in that manner, I am not you mate” Chibueze was furious.

“Then act your age and take responsibility for your actions once in your life” Chindinma replied him, matching the tone of his voice.

“That is enough, both of you.” Chigozie finally spoke. “This is the reason why we are here, we are family and we should treat each other as such. I can’t believe you still fight like kids. Can we just eat in peace?”

The air in the room was tensed up, now more than ever. The silence was deafening and it seemed everyone tried so hard not to speak, wanting it not to end up in one huge fight. Chibuike spoke after a few minutes breaking the uneasy silence.

“Sorry but have I met you before?” Chibuike asked Mimi suddenly.

There were confused looks on our faces. What was he talking about? He hasn’t been in the country for long, where would he possibly have met her?

“No, I’m sure you haven’t, I would have remembered” She replied him smiling. There was something about her smile though, as if she was flirting with him, or so I thought.

“I’ve never been good with faces but…” His voice trailed off. “Never mind, maybe I just mistook you for someone else.”

Just then, I wasn’t sure but I think I saw a look pass between Mimi and my father, for just a second, or maybe I was just imagining it.

Chibueze wasn’t eating anymore, I was certain he had lost his appetite. Being ridiculed in front of his family and new girlfriend he was trying to make a good impression on, could have that effect on you. I felt guilty that it was my fault, I shouldn’t have started it in the first place, but in a way, he did deserve it though. His girlfriend too wasn’t at ease, I’m sure she couldn’t wait to leave, maybe take to her heels and never look back.

Chibueze stood up and excused himself. The girlfriend soon followed suit. A few minutes later she returned to the room.

“Thank you sir, thank you ma for having me and for the wonderful meal. I want to take my leave now. It was wonderful meeting you all. Hopefully, we would see again soon.” Mimi said.

“You very much welcome. Goodbye.” Dad replied her and mom just tried to force a smile that came out crooked.

“Bye” Mimi replied and left.

“Oh my gosh! I just remembered where I know her from, she was the girl I brought home from the club, the other night!” Chibuike said almost screaming.

“What?!” Dad, Chidinma and I screamed at the same time surprised.

Mom who held her glass close to her mouth spat out the content in shock.

We all turned to look at him in shock.

“Oh, damn! Did I just say that out loud?” He looked down at his food to avoid looking at any of us.

We all wanted to know what happened but no one asked, not even mom. So the girlfriend was not such a good girlfriend after all. I knew there was something wrong, everything just didn’t seem right. If no one was making a move to know what happened with Chibuike and Mimi, I was going to. Just when I was about ask, dad spoke.

“It’s funny how we try to keep you guys together by having this reunion every year and fail almost every time. Your mother and I have tried to straighten out the issues between you guys but I think it’s time we stop trying. I think you guys set a new record this year. You didn’t even try to put your differences aside and eat as a family” Dad said, stood up and left the room.

Mom left after a few minutes without saying a word. Her silence was unsettling.

Didn’t any of them want to know more about Mimi? Sometimes I just don’t get my parents. Their total silence on the issue was bugging me. I sighed.

So much for Christmas…


*We conclude tomorrow… Cheers!

  1. Luchie says:

    I just love u…… U really bring ur stories home.


  2. I am really enjoying this story 🙂


  3. Gloria A says:

    Your story is just so catchy…*smiles*… Can’t wait for the concluding episode…well done!


  4. Trying to stoke a lil mystery there, ei? No worry, we dey wait kampe.


  5. ozzy says:

    I love reading your write-ups it’s interesting. This one left me laughing. It really showed a lovely picture of how funny families can be. Please finish up the series i’m intrigued! 😀


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