The Family Reunion (A Christmas Story)… Episode 3 (The Finale… Part 1)

Posted: January 2, 2014 in Series, Short Stories
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Hello people, this was meant to come up yesterday but it couldn’t. Trust me, this wasn’t the way I was looking to start the new year. This is the concluding part of The Family Reunion. The post was too long that I had to cut it in two. Hopefully, the second part come up before the end of the day.

May this year bring unspeakable joy for us and may our God shower us with blessings like rain from the skies.


family reunion


There is a knock on the door and I reluctantly get up to check who it was. I was definitely not in the mood to see anyone this early in the morning. As I stood up I felt the aches all over my body and cursed under my breath. Tobechukwu really knows how to get down and dirty if he wanted to but I wasn’t complaining. I absolutely love the man I married. It was a maid at the door, she told me that my parents wanted to see me. I asked if it was my husband and I but she said it was just me, I told her to tell them I’ll be down soon. I went into the bathroom to freshen up…


The kids were done eating and we had sent them to play, immediately after mom had left the table. So, only the adults were left to dine and wine as it would seem.

“What do you mean you brought her home a few nights ago?” That was Chidinma voicing it out before I could.

“I mean I had a one night stand with her and paid her off. At first when I met her today, I knew there was something oddly familiar about her. It was a few nights ago when I went clubbing with a few friend, I met her in the club, brought her home and sneaked her in. We had sex and I paid her off. I was too drunk to bother about her face so I didn’t really see it well and when she left in the morning I was too tired to check either. I’m certain she’s the one, I won’t be forgetting those curves anytime soon” Chibuike said smiling.

He went on to describe how they got down, how they did it everywhere starting from inside and on top of the booth of the car, how she gave good head, how she kept screaming and pulling his hair, how he had to cover her mouth so she wouldn’t wake anyone one up, how she kept begging for more and how they both slept like dead people, exhausted from all the booze and getting down. If you see the way the couples around the table kept staring at him attentively, I’m sure some of them were turned on, I know I felt a little bit of heat down there. He was so detailed about his ordeal.

This boy never jam sha, I thought. Just look at how he said everything in plain and graphic terms not bothered at all, he thinks he’s still in obodo oyibo (abroad) where he had schooled almost all his life and anything goes. Thank God our parents weren’t there to hear him, they would have scolded and preached to him, especially mom. He would always be the baby of the hous, even though he wasn’t a baby anymore. Maybe they wouldn’t have said anything, even them have been acting a little off.

Our lunch had died a natural death. I was so sure no one was interested in eating anymore, not with what we’ve just heard. We all had one thing on our minds and it wasn’t food. So we just cleared up the table.

Chigozie suggested we all go out later in the evening, that he had invites to the launch of a new club. No one opposed or had a better idea, so it was settled, we were going clubbing and everyone disappeared to their various rooms.

I was alone with my husband. I was standing in front of the mirror when he came and stood behind me. Grabbing my waist he pulled me closer to him, he kissed my neck so softly from behind, down to my shoulder and back up to my ear. Tobechukwu does know how to touch the right spots. I moaned, turned around and kissed him. We went over to the bed, tongues still sticking down each other’s throat and hands tugging at our clothes in an attempt to pull them off. I pushed him down on the bed and straddled him. He sat up and pulled me closer to him and pulled my shirt off. I tugged at his belt and opened it with so much force.

“My my, someone is really horny. Does this have anything to do with Chibuike and Mimi?” He asked.

I stopped and asked him with a straight face. “What’s that suppose to mean? Are u implying I got turned on by what he said?”

“You can’t blame me, he really painted us a vivid picture”

“So you now saying I got turned on by my younger brother?” I stood up from his legs and picked my top up.

“Hey, relax. Why you so uptight? I was just kidding and I didn’t mean you got turned on by him, I just meant maybe u got a little excited by what he said.” He said smiling.

“Well, I wasn’t and it’s not funny.” I said, putting my top back on. Before he could say anything more I exited the room. I don’t know why I was suddenly became angry, he was right though but I didn’t like it.

I just went down in time to see dad leave the house. Wondered where he was going to in such a hurry. The house seemed so deserted. Everybody was in their various rooms probably getting down. It was expected. I felt stupid for the way I had reacted but I didn’t make any attempt to go back.

I watched some reality shows till it was time to get ready and go out for the event. I reluctantly climbed the stairs and went back to d room. Tobechukwu was on the bed and he tried having a conversation with me. Sometimes, I would murmur my reply, other times I would just ignore like I didn’t hear him.

We were finally ready and went downstairs to wait for the others. Soon enough, everyone was set and ready to leave except mom, who stayed home with the kids. We were out, heading to relieve and ease the tension, relax and just have a good time.

The place was packed full. Sometimes I wonder if there were certain people that just come out at night just to attend such events. Loud music, girls and booze everywhere, talk about the launch of a new club in Lagos. Then we saw who we least expected, Chibueze. What was he doing here? It wasn’t a surprise though, he did know how to get his way into such events. Where was his so called girlfriend? I thought to myself. His so called girlfriend, if only he knew, maybe she would suddenly not be ‘the one’. He saw us and walked towards where we were seated.

“Hello guys” He screamed over the loud music. “I didn’t expect to see you guys here.” He smiled. “By any chance any of you seen Mimi? We came together but she seemed to have disappeared in the crowd, been looking everywhere for her.” He said, still looking around.

He chatted with us for a while but it was just awkward. He left us after a while to keep searching for Mimi. The air inside the club was cold but it was one thing that disturbed me which was the smoke. It’s only in Nigeria you would see people smoking inside a room full of people and nonsmokers were among. It got up to a point I couldn’t take it anymore so I excused myself and told them I need to get some fresh air outside.

I was in the parking lot leaning on a car and relaxing, enjoying the cold night’s fresh air and trying to place the music with the thumping that was coming through the walls. It wasn’t long when I heard voices screaming at each other like they were in a fight. I turned wondering what was going on and they voices grew louder as they got closer to where I was. They sounded awfully familiar though and when I could clearly see who they were, my eyes confirmed what my ears heard. It was Chibueze and Mimi in a fight. They were standing not too far from me but oblivious to the fact that I was a few feet away.

“What is wrong with you, can’t you have some decency for one” Chibueze screamed at her.

Oh, he’s coming to realize that she doesn’t have any, I thought.

Abeg Abeg, that one no concern me, I’m just trying to make a little extra on the side” Mimi replied trying to match the tone of his voice.

And the she devil finally reveals herself.

“What do you mean by that? So it’s by sticking your tongue down my father’s throat in front of my whole family that you are making a little extra on the side?”

What?! Wait, did I just hear that right? My father’s throat? The whole family? What is going on? The questions kept on running through my mind. What the fuck was going on?

I stood perplexed where I was…


To be concluded finally this time…

  1. Vunderkind says:

    Interesting. Don’t stop now, fam…


  2. Hmmm, omo come and finish this Jay. I am so looking forward to this evening.


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