The Family Reunion (A Christmas Story)… Episode 3 (The Finale… Part 2)

Posted: January 4, 2014 in Series, Short Stories
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family reunion



I was in the parking lot leaning on a car and relaxing, enjoying the cold night’s fresh air and trying to place the music with the thumping that was coming through the walls. It wasn’t long when I heard voices screaming at each other like they were in a fight. I turned wondering what was going on and they voices grew louder as they got closer to where I was. They sounded awfully familiar though and when I could clearly see who they were, my eyes confirmed what my ears heard. It was Chibueze and Mimi in a fight. They were standing not too far from me but oblivious to the fact that I was a few feet away.“What is wrong with you, can’t you have some decency for one” Chibueze screamed at her.

Oh, he’s coming to realize that she doesn’t have any, I thought.

“Abeg Abeg, that one no concern me, I’m just trying to make a little extra on the side” Mimi replied trying to match the tone of his voice.

And the she devil finally reveals herself.

“What do you mean by that? So it’s by sticking your tongue down my father’s throat in front of my whole family that you are making a little extra on the side?”

What?! Wait, did I just hear that right? My father’s throat? The whole family? What is going on? The questions kept on running through my mind. What the fuck was going on?

I stood perplexed where I was…


“I didn’t mean to, it just happened. It not like you own me either!” she replied him nonchalantly.

“I paid for your services and a good sum at that. That implies I own you technically for the meantime. It’s one thing to flirt with a guy and another to stick your tongue down his throat but especially not with my father” He was angry. I could see the vein on his forehead bulging out.

“Oh please, spare me! Na your papa come set p nah, abi hin no tell you say me and am get history?”

The look on Chibueze’s face was epic. He couldn’t believe it and neither could I. I needed to get down to the bottom of this. I started walking towards them, I was almost with them when the rest of the family emerged from inside the building. Voices raised and conversations all over the place, dad was even with them.

“Let’s go home and settle this once and for all” Dad told everyone sternly. “And get rid of her.” He said telling Chibueze while pointing at Mimi.

No questions asked Chibueze dismissed Mimi and everybody left in their various cars home to settle this or fight more, whichever the case may be. It was during the ride back home I got the load down of the gist. Right about when I left them to go outside was when they spotted Mimi and she was with dad. She was all over him like honey with bees and it was obvious that today wasn’t the first time they were meeting. How Chibueze came back and spotted dad with Mimi just at the precise time to see Mimi kiss dad. This was getting interesting, who would have thought dad was cheating on mom. I don’t even know if I should be sad for Chibueze that dad and his younger brother had had something to do with the chick he paid to act as his girlfriend or I should be mad at dad that he was cheating on my mother.

We got home in no time. As we entered the house, everyone was talking at the same time, trying to pass a point across to another person but we suddenly stopped when we spotted mom right in the middle of making out with some young dude. I’m sure he was almost the same age with Chibuike or even younger. We were still in the middle of what they saw in the club and now this?

Chidinma and I were the first to walk in and we screamed almost at the same time.


The boy jumped off mom and tried to act like nothing was going on while mom acted indifferently. She just pulled the boy up and left the room.

Dad on the other hand was quiet, he just came in, didn’t say a word and went upstairs. Chibueze who was as furious didn’t say anything to him. With what he just saw I’m sure he was shocked like everyone else.

What was going on in this house? Or are we in the wrong house? Who are these people I call my parents? First it was dad, now mom. I felt a little light headed. Everything seemed to be spinning, so I just sat down and tried to relax.

After a few minutes, dad came back with mom and we were all seated quietly in the room. Everyone waiting for someone to make the first move to talk.

“I think it’s about time you guys know, your father and I have been swingers for months now.” Mom finally talked.

The look that registered on our faces was priceless. I’m sure not even a single person out of us was expecting anything close to that reply. Everyone was shocked beyond words.

Before anyone could say anything mom continued “So what you saw wasn’t your father cheating on me.” She sighed. “We didn’t want you guys finding out this way” She paused slightly “We didn’t even want you guys to find out at all.”

“Find out at all? What do u mean by that?” Chidinma asked with her rage building up slowly.

“I thought you guys were acting a little strange but I just confirmed it” I said

“Dad and mom? Swingers? Mba nu” (No oh) Chibueze said.

“Your mother and I love each other very much, more than you think but our marriage became suddenly boring, we needed to spice things up a little.” Dad finally spoke.

“Spice things up? By becoming swingers? Is that even right in the sight of God?” Chidinma said, she was shouting now.

“Nne please calm down, biko” (please)” Nnamdi held her trying to get her to relax but she pulled away from him.

“Yo. Dad, mom, you guys are swingers? I think that’s cool if it were some people else but my parents, that ain’t right.” Chibuike said shaking his head.

“Hell yea! It’s not right. Not even close. How can the parents that brought us up in a Christian home suddenly become swingers?” I said, trying to get around the thought. “Chigozie won’t you say something?” I turned to our eldest brother but he just sighed.

“Babes, please calm down, at least here them out first. They might have a good reason for this” Tobechukwu said.

“Tobe, don’t even go there” I said shouting at him. “What good reason? Are you trying to defend them or saying what they are doing is right? Oh, so you mean us too, when we get older and we’ve been married for long, we’ll become swingers too? I’m getting you.”

Confusion was written all over his face. I didn’t mean to get mad at him, I just transferred my aggression. Everything was wrong, just totally wrong. I felt bad but didn’t want to show it, so I just left them.

I was in the room when Tobechukwu came in a while later. I pretended to be asleep so he won’t disturb me. After a few minutes of hearing him move around the room I sudden felt his body against mine, he was behind me, leaning over and breathing on my neck. It felt good.

“Babes, you asleep?” He asked.

“Hhhmmm” I tried pretending, which came out all wrong.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to get you mad” He said and he wrapped his hand around me and kissed the back of my neck.

Gosh, I wanted this man, he makes me so weak, and I can’t even do little shakara for him.

I turned around and apologized “I’m sorry too, I wasn’t mad at you, it’s just that I didn’t expect my parents to…..” I was cut off with a deep kiss from him.

I kissed him back deeply, wanting him more. Everything else happened like we had the same mind. The way he touched me, making every nerve in my body feel it and want it, my moans urging him on, me straddling him and taking it at my own pace, when he lifted me up and put me against the wall, we went at it for hours. Oh, did I mention, he gives good head? First time he did, I knew there was never letting go of this man…


It’s the 26th of December and all that drama happened in just one day, yesterday on Christmas day. Tobechukwu was still sleeping soundly when I got out of the shower. I smile when I looked at his calm face, I really exhausted him and he needed the sleep. The shower helped with my aches and I felt a lot better than last night. I dressed up and went downstairs, to unfinished business.

Everyone else was seated by the time I got there, well, my parents, brothers and sister, just the immediate family. I joined them after the usual greetings.

“We called you guys here this morning so we can settle this once and for all and go back to the way things were, we have to talk and settle this like matured people and be the one big family that we are” Mom said.

She paused for a while to let it sink in.

“Your dad and I have decided to stop what we are doing and work on our marriage as husband and wife. What we were doing was silly, we love each other very much and we want to make this family as it was, that’s why we decided to travel round the world this coming year in order to rekindle our love, not that it ever died though.” She smiled at him and I saw she truly loved him.

Smiles started growing slowly on our faces, one by one.

“And Chibueze, about Mimi…” Dad started

“Dad, don’t worry, I know. I shouldn’t have even tried playing smart.” He said cutting dad off. “I’m not sure I’ve said this but I want to sincerely apologize for all the pain I’ve caused you and your friends, I promise to stay clear of them and the likes of Mimi, of course.”

We all laughed out loud.

“I’m sorry about the way I reacted, I should have been more patient” Chidinma apologized.

“And me too.” I added.

“Awww, isn’t this one big happy and cute family.” Chibuike teased.

We all laughed again, heartily.

This is what family is all about, compromising. It is obvious that we love each other and we are ready to stay together, even with our numerous differences. This was one Christmas I wasn’t going to forget in a hurry, for years to come. Love and understanding was all we needed.

So I say…Merry Christmas to all… and to all a goodnight.

 *The End.
  1. What a lovely end. Me likey. Well done Jay but ehem, the girls parents…dem old now.,SMH


  2. shimmers says:

    Cool read Jay,kudos


  3. Gloria A says:

    Nice one Jay


  4. oluwaknukles says:

    what a family, too much ‘comma’ in their lives, this year’s reunion wont be 4gotten easily lol


  5. Gloria A says:

    *smiles* you’re welcome Jay, can’t wait to read a new series from u…cheers!!


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