Tales of us

Posted: January 6, 2014 in Guests' Couch, Poems
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Morning guys, 

Just like we promised, Jay’s blog is offering more this year. We starting a new category where guest writers are allowed to express themselves. It is called the Guests’ Couch. So if you interested in getting your work(s) featured then Mail Us

I have no doubts you’ll love this one.

tales of us

If his laugh was Foolish
Then so was mine
If his strength was boastful
Then so was my laziness
He was not Mine
I was his
We ploughed down the stream
Down the ripe maize harvest
In the view of all sorts
Yet alone
Passing through times,yet holding hands
He was young
I was stupid and happy.

He was not mine
I was stubbornly his
He grew and got fierce
He knew,I was not his
Our time was done
Heaven knew our course
Yet know I the cause
Our hearts intertwined in another world
A world heaven created.

If he fights
If he strives
If he’s wright
If he fly
If he thrives
As so do I
May we never feel the hollow well
We have both dunk and left.

©Miss Oluwaseun
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  1. Dude from mars says:

    Isee the connection… beautiful piece.


  2. sexiness says:

    awww… it feels like the girl wants the guy more than the guy wants her


  3. oby says:

    this is like a story of two people trying to make it work no matter what, in just few lines.


  4. Miss Oluwaseun, I love that: The Tale of Us! Keep it up.


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