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Posted: January 10, 2014 in Guests' Couch, Series, Short Stories
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Hello people, so Jay’s blog has got another awesome post from a guest writer for you guys. Did I hear someone scream yaaay! 😀 I’m more than certain you’ll love this one. 

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Dear diary blog

January 5th 2014

We were going to spend the day at my parents’ house. They obviously didn’t know that Dean and I lived together but I told them he was picking me up to drive me to their place. My mum is 59 today and she made it clear she wants me to bring a grandchild born by me to her 60th. I just laughed because I had no such plans.

At 25, I am a little far away from having kids; Dean taps me and cuts my thoughts short. This guy is so hot, and it’s not just because he’s my boyfriend, he looks like someone on the cover of a black fitness magazine. Sometimes I hate that he is so attractive, I cannot wait to see my siblings jaws drop when they meet him.

Ibadan is a long way off, we better leave before we miss breakfast. It is just before dawn when we drive out of the house. I am excited and nervous at the same time. This is the first guy I am taking home and I really don’t need my family to embarrass me.

I start thinking of last night and I am sure I broke into a smile because Dean looks amused when he asks “What are you thing about?”

“Nothing” I reply. I think I am still sore from what this man put my body through yesterday.

I must have slept off, I open my eyes as the car parks in front of my parents’ house.

This Google map dey work sha” I say to dean as I open my door and come down.

Dean is looking at me funny, “You are one attractive woman” he says, “you set die”.

I burst into laughter, “See what you are saying in front of my parents’ house. You are a perv”.

My mum comes out to greet us. Dean starts to prostrate when she stops him half way and shows us in.

Breakfast is set when we get in. I greet my dad and introduce Dean to him.

“What kind of name is Dean?” he asks dryly.

Before Dean has a chance to answer I reply “His Yoruba name is Tunde, but you know they gave birth to him in America so they wanted to feel among.”

I knew he’d laugh once I said that and he did. My siblings were there with their spouses. My only sister, Ada was about 7 months pregnant, I laughed as she rolled towards me. My brother was also there with his wife, Beatrice. There was a joy that came with being the baby of the house, everyone pampered you no matter how old you were and my case was no different.

We said the grace and started to eat, I could see that Dean wouldn’t stop looking at me. This man is an animal I thought amused. Everything I did seemed sexual to him. He always said he loved me for my intelligence, Bow legs and sexy body. That may not count as much but it made me happy.  As I passed the milk to my mum, I looked up and there Dean was looking at me intently, like he saw me naked. There at my parents breakfast table, I was sure I understood the look, I could feel him undressing me with his eyes, I went hot then cold, with thoughts from last night . He knew my body too well.  We could read each others mind, I want to assume because just then he mumbled something about taking a phone call and excused himself from the table.

I counted to 15, picked up my plate and went straight to the kitchen. The devil himself was standing at the door of the store when I came in.

“You can’t be serious.” I said.

“I am.” He replied.

He backed into the store and I followed him and locked the door behind us. Before I could gain my composure, he picked me up and balanced me on a bag of rice. He kissed me everywhere, I don’t know how many seconds it had been but I was aching from wanting him so much. I kissed his neck, reached for his nipples and kept touching him everywhere. His lips covered my nipples one after the other, biting on them softly and I covered my mouth before a moan could escape. He dived into my wetness with careless abandon and continued to ride me. Just when I thought it was almost over, he flipped me around. He held me tight as he began his final thrusts. I moaned out loud as we climaxed together. We had both cum before we remembered where we were. We both chuckled in mischief as we put our clothes back on.

After what just happened I am sure I am never eating rice at my parents’ house again.

He held my hand with one hand and used the other to open the door and usher me in to the kitchen. I walked in to kitchen giggling, just to see my entire family waiting in shock. 


PS: IMPORTANT! So, the writer wants to know if she should stop writing, I absolutely believe she shouldn’t because she’s a great writer, but I need you guys to help me convince her too, it is by force to comment unless I’ll send destructive drones 😐  to each and everyone of you. I think should give us more, what do you think?


  1. Elsie says:

    She sure should keep writing. Nice work. Please give me that address so I’ll also not make the mistake of eating rice there ever. Lol


  2. ozzy says:

    That was an amazing write-up. I like the fact it can make me imagine it. Pls I want to see the end ooooo.


  3. Anonymous says:

    Loool..I can just imagine the look on their faces..thumbs up.


  4. Walt Shakes says:

    After what just happened, I am sure too I won’t be eating rice at her parents’ house myself.


  5. TMC says:

    Nice one @duchesskk. She should definitely keep writing to improve. She should really check her tenses though.


  6. Gloria A says:

    Jeezzzzzzz!!!!! Hahahahahahahahahaha…this is one hell of a story, please fill me in on the rest of the gist *smiles*. Thumbs up to the guest writer…


  7. preshZu says:

    Ahn! stop writing ke! She can wen she finishes dis piece, den Sango, Mandela’s ghost and d drones would do the remaining work!!!!!! El Magnifico. Funny thing is I’m eating rice and sorta wondering its source now. LOL.


  8. Akintayo says:

    A priest is needed @ d house immediately to do a wedding cermony… Lollll. About d rice, d rice has jst been given natural sauce.


  9. dunnee says:

    i dnt knw if she sud or sudnt,all i knw is i nid a continuation. *winks* shez gud


  10. Bev says:

    Omg! am soo shocked. Pls dnt stop writing I need to knw wah happened to them


  11. abikoye says:

    I read episode 2 before I came to one. Well, am already certain she can’t stop. Nice one… and RICE just should never be on the menu again.


  12. Oluchi says:

    Do us all a favor duchess by keeping up this good work…..u gbaski!!! #trappedinthekitchen hahahahahhahaha


  13. Bimbo Ajet says:

    This was definitely entertaining. I could picture everything… A little too much. 😉
    The statement about never eating rice at her parents’ house again got me. I genuinely LOL’ed that one.


  14. Anonymous says:

    Oh my!!!! Blushing much. this is something i can do hehehe


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