My Special Valentine…

Posted: January 13, 2014 in Guests' Couch, Short Stories
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Hello guys, how was the weekend? We got this post sent to our mail and the writer requested to stay anonymous. Love is in the air and I think it is never too early to start celebrating it.

This one right here is very intriguing and you are about to see why 😉 I couldn’t even believe it after I read it. Truthfully we’ve got a lot of awesome writers and this right here is pure talent. Please share your views after the read. Thanks.



my special valentine

The room was pitch black when I walked in. What is Jay up to?

“Jay, Jay baby where are you?” I walked to the bathroom and no one was there.

Naija’s light never ceases to amaze you. This is Valentine’s Day and my first valentine with Jay. They don’t even pity you on val’s day. Now Nepa wants to mess up my plan, they shall not succeed. I planned we would have a private dinner, just Jay and I. Jay is the one full of surprises and I expected him to come and pick me from the office but I did not see him. He was not answering my calls and he did not reply to any of my messages. I left him on the bed this morning; he was still asleep when I left for work, although we both slept angry the previous night because I had thought he was cheating on me. You can’t blame a woman for being over protective of her man, especially when he is the kind of bachelor every Nigerian woman is searching for. 

Jay happens to be my dream man, I don’t care if he sleeps around, but I am very sure when I steal his last name I can tame him to be mine. I have what it takes to be the only woman in his life. I have the ‘meat in the right places’ as my fellow Nigerian brothers would put it. I don’t have to be told, but the way Jay looks at me can say it all. Any day I don’t see Jay, I miss his killer eyes like those of Michael Ealy’s, the feel of his soft pink lips, the warmth of his palms and the gush of wind he breathes on my neck whenever he teases me with a kiss. Jay is a man that knows his way around his woman and I plan to be his only woman forever. I know it is hard for a man to keep himself to a woman, but if Jay can’t, I’ll help the women keep their eyes of him. You should know what I mean by that so I would not go into details. 

For the past two months, Jay had been tormenting me and I had no reason why. The best he did was to plant a kiss on my forehead, can you imagine, just a kiss on my forehead. I am sure that was the reason I did not wake him up when I was leaving for work. I had grown tired of the kisses he planted on my head. I had enough kisses to give to everyone in Abuja. 

I sat on the bed in the dark wondering where Jay was. My phone battery was dead and today was too peaceful for me to put on my generator. I could not be bothered with that generator at all and thank God the neighbour’s went out, so the compound was peaceful and quiet. I decided it was time for me to go to bed, since Jay was nowhere to be found. He still deserved a gift I thought, so I decided I was going to wear my red lingerie.

I took off my work clothes and was going for my bra when suddenly I felt a soft hand helping me with the bra. It was one of those bras that the hook was in front. Jay was not awake while I was dressing this morning so how did he know I wore the bra with the front hook.

I let him take of the bra and I said “Jay, where have you been? I have been calling your name”.

Suddenly he kisses me, “Ssshhhh” that was the reply I got.

 I was shocked to my tummy, it wasn’t Jay I kissed, the lips were softer. I couldn’t talk. I was still in shock when the lady planted another kiss, this time parting my lips, kissing me deeply and pushing her tongue deep into my mouth. Honestly, it was a deep passionate kiss. I figured she was a woman because I felt her breasts tugging at mine. She kissed me from my mouth to my neck, I gave a low moan. She pushed me to my bed and I fell flat on the bed. She crawled in bed with me and kissed me again, this time she licked me to my right nipple and sucked on it softly while her fingers played with my left nipple. She paused for a while and then she slowly went down to my pussy leaving trails of kisses on my skin along the way. Every feel of her lips on my skin pushed another nerve to its end. My moans were becoming louder.

She put her finger in me like she was searching for something while she kissed round my clit. She hit the g-spot like a pro and then she slid her tongue into me while her fingers where doing wonders. The pleasures she was giving me were too much to contain and I had no idea when I squirted all over her face. She had taken me to the climax. 
“Hey baby, I hope you are enjoying your gift?” I heard Jay’s voice in the background.

I had no strength to answer Jay. I was still out of breath. Before I could gather strength to answer him, he crawled unto the bed with me. I think the lady left because I felt just two of us in bed. 

He kissed me from my neck and down to my nipples. He bit them softly taking turns on both. He kissed me down to my navel and sucked on it. Then he pushed my legs to a 90degree. He went down for my pussy. I waited to feel his lips there but he only kissed my inner thighs down to my feet. The teasing was driving me crazy. It made my pussy drip with it juice and me want him more. He slowly kissed my legs upwards and finally I felt his tongue on my clit and then he inserted it into my pussy. He knew how to drive me wild. He sucked every juice out of me, it felt different, felt like I had a new juice in me that I had never released. His tongue played with my clit some more and I kept moaning loudly. I didn’t care if there was anyone else in the room, I was just happy my man was satisfying me. He kissed his way back to my mouth and gave me a very deep kiss with his tongue playing in my mouth. This time his dick was standing rock hard, he went inside me half way and stopped, he was teasing me again. He kept himself halfway for what seemed like eternity, he came out of me and went in back to make me release more juice. Jay was seriously driving me crazy. I pushed him away from me and decided it was my turn to punish this naughty naughty boy.

He was on his back and still with a serious boner. I put the whole of him in my mouth, and he grabbed my hair to prevent me from stopping. I gave his balls a gentle squeeze and he let out a moan. I found my way to the fridge in my room and put an ice cube in my mouth. I put his dick in my mouth again, and I was sure I felt him shake but he would deny it, a typical man. I grabbed at his balls and gave it another squeeze with my cold hands. I discovered he was enjoying it and was about to stop when suddenly he grabbed me and threw me on the bed. He knew that I meant business, he used his strong hands to pin me down and went into me smoothly, this time he went in fully, and couldn’t help teasing me. I held the sheets as I felt him deep inside me. He pulled out and went in deep again slowly. His thrusts were slow and deep, hitting my g spot with every thrust. I felt my climax build up. Suddenly, he pulled me off the bed, lifted me up and pinned me to the wall. I wrapped my legs around his waist as he entered me again with so much force. This time the feeling was different and he was entirely in control as I wrap my hands around his neck and let him take charge. He sucked on my nipples and he seemed to be enjoying my moaning as they grew louder. In no time I was screaming as he thrust into me again and again and again picking up the pace each time. I was about to climax very soon as I felt the intensity of pleasure build up in me.

Aunty hope say no problem, I dey hear you dey scream from gate, hope say no problem.” The gate man was at my window screaming into the room.

Jay started laughing and let me down from his grip.

 “No problem Yisa, thank you”.

Only then did he stop pointing his torchlight into my room from the window. So, that was how Yisa got me a first class ticket from cloud 9 to reality.


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Have a great week ahead people. 🙂

  1. TMC says:

    Dope read. U and ur writers won’t cease to amaze me. Kip up d good work.


  2. preshZu says:

    “Can u imagine, jes a kiss on my forehead……… I had enuf kisses to give err1 in abj..” That got me cracking up!
    Blood of Gawd! Father grant me my own special valentine dat wud make me so weak, I wudnt b able to spend money or go out d nxt day being my bdae! And make dat double dose! Amen!!!!!
    Beautiful piece!


  3. ozzy says:

    What a perfect way to spend Valentine. Serious ‘Cloud 9’ Lool!. it’s a lovely work. Weldone 😀


  4. Anonymous says:

    all yea dirty writers,God is watching u as u cause sexual probs 2 pple! wat a nice vals gift *eyesrollin* lukin 4ward 2 vals


  5. Bev says:

    Wow! Lovely piece. I just can’t help laughing.d whole part dt ha gateman got her a 1st class ticket back to reality really made me laugh out !


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