The Grudge…..1

Posted: January 14, 2014 in Guests' Couch, Series
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The Grudge


I can’t for the life of me, understand why Dele is driving so fast. He has been moody all day. We were suppose to enjoy the Asa concert and ten minutes into it he looks at me sternly

“We are leaving.” He says. I tried to whine and stall.

“Now!” He said dryly.

Few minutes later we are almost home and he hasn’t stopped speeding or looking back, it’s like he expects to be followed. 

“Dele what is wrong? Did something happen at work? Are you okay?” I’m asking so many questions but he wouldn’t answer me. 

We get home and he says “Pack your valuables, I’ll get the kids.”

At this point I’m beyond worried. My husband is not a spontaneous person, he has never been, he plans everything. Unlike most men, he was involved in all the little details of our wedding plans. 

Our wedding; oh it seems like just yesterday I walked down the aisle to meet my husband, he looked exceptionally handsome in his grey tux, this was five years ago. We dated for 8months before we tied the knot. 

My husband is a business man, he has always been a doting man, he loves our kids and he provides everything we need as a family. He has never been rude to me and that’s why this evening is leaving me worried. 

“Are you done?” He asks.

I had been lost in thoughts but I think I had packed everything, all my gold, the frame my kids gave me for Mother’s Day, the raw cash I keep in the house in case of an emergency, my cards and clothes for all of us. I don’t even know what else to pack.

“How long would we be gone for baby?” I ask.

“I don’t know madam, pack light but don’t leave anything important, please pick that file that has the properties documents”. He replies.

I do as I am told. I open the drawer and I see a gun in place of the documents.

“Dele, what is this?” He rushes to my side.

“Shit! They have come here already!” He says as I see him clench his teeth to keep calm. I’m beyond confused.

“Who’s been here?” My kids were in this house. “What is going on? Talk to me baby.” I asked, tension building up inside me.

“Let’s go” he said without bothering to answer my questions. 

I’m so weak. I pick up our luggage and walk out of the house. As I drop them in the car, my husband brings the kids to the car and puts them in their car seats at the back. The twins are my life. I can’t imagine anything happening to them.

We drove to all the way to Epe and checked into one of the suites in a fancy hotel. After putting the kids to bed, I come back and see Dele sleeping. I’m confused. I can’t believe that he doesn’t think I deserve an explanation. I try to sleep but I can’t, I am too worried. Dele finally wakes up and taps me.

“Liz, let’s talk.” Without waiting for a reply from me, he continues, “Some bad people are after me and they would hurt anybody I love just to get at me. About 10years ago I was in a gang, we terrorized the entire Owerri, we stole cars, money, jewelry and everything of value. However we never killed anybody. One day, I got a contact of someone we could attack and make over 50 million but my best friend wouldn’t let us go on that mission. He didn’t even give me a reason why, so I went ahead, mobilized the team and we went to the house and robbed this man of his valuables.” He pauses for it to sink in before he continues.

“Everything was going on well till I saw the home owner try to reach for his gun. I didn’t think, I just turned and shot him. I saw his wife and kids run to his body but I was sure he would never make it. Me and my boys rushed to our hideout and laid low for a few days. On the third day I got a phone call from my best friend.”

“Dele, I took you as my brother, shared everything I have with you but you killed my father.” He sounded sincerely hurt. “Leave this town, leave this country, the next time I lay my eyes on you I won’t kill you, I will take everything you love, everything you own, I would let you watch and then I will kill you.” His voice was really cold.

“I was numb. I couldn’t believe it and it didn’t make sense. If Chinedu’s father was that rich chief, why was he with our gang? Why was he a street kid? It didn’t make sense but I knew I had to leave. I wanted to apologize but I was sure he wasn’t going to listen to me and he wasn’t joking when he said he would kill me. Then again, what did he mean anyone I loved? He was my only friend, I am an orphan, in the end all I had to lose was money and my life and back then, it didn’t matter much to me. I came to Lagos and started my life here. No one knew my story, no one cared. I had money, I was accepted and my business flourished.”

“Today, I was at Shoprite, I came back to pick my wallet from the car and I saw a note on my windshield.”

‘It has been ten years since I set my eyes on you, remember my promise? – Chinedu’

“My body went cold, I didn’t know what to do that’s why I was upset when you told me you were already at the show. The kids were home alone with the nanny. I love you, I love the kids, and I can’t let Chinedu hurt my family. I am already making arrangements, you are taking the kids to South Africa in four days time, and I will stay back and clean up this mess before I join you and the kids.”

I sat still looking at my husband, he seemed so distressed, he was a murderer and now I was going to run away from my life because of his past. This calm man, the love of my life is a retired armed robber and I had no idea. Those hands he uses to touch me have brought death on somebody. I suddenly feel cold and nauseous.

I hold myself as I ask, “Dele, so for the next four days, what do we do?




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  1. Walt Shakes says:

    Wow. This ducchessk is one heck of a storyteller. So do we have a series here?


  2. moskeda says:

    Beautiful story. Love it. More. I want more.
    My only criticism is watch the use of tense. You kept on switching from present to past tense
    Apart from that, it was worth reading


  3. elsie says:

    Duchess is just a wonderful writer. I love!


  4. Hello @Moskeda, , thanks for the positive criticism, I will work on my tenses, thanks for reading.


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