Weyrey Girlfriend (Joan)…..Episode 1

Posted: January 15, 2014 in Series
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weyray gf 1


I heard he was cheating on me. Not just from one person but from several close friends over the past week. I swear I’m going to kill him even if there is just a drop of truth in what I’ve been told. No it can’t be, after all what we’ve been through together. I am definitely going to get to the bottom of this. Even if it’s the last thing I do.

My name is Joan and I love my boyfriend very much. I met him at a very low point in my life, he helped me get back up, put the pieces of my life back together and keep the struggle for a better life going. When I thought all hope was gone he gave me a new reason to live for and that was him. He is my all so I live my life all for him. I know I might sound desperate to you but that because you don’t understand.

My boyfriend’s name is Alex. He is the best guy I’ve dated so far and I’m going to make sure he is the last. He’s tall, just the way I like my man to be and so soft spoken, gentle and has a smile that melts my heart every time.

Few weeks before I met Alex, my ex had just broken up with me and I was devastated. He said I was a psycho and I needed help or better, deliverance. His words, not mine. He didn’t just get me, he never did and it was entirely his fault. I tried my best to please him, day and night, round the clock but see where I ended up. He can burn in hell for all eternity and let the devil use his rod to anally rape him for all I care. Okay, I’m not sure I mean that because he still has part of my heart, though I’m sure I love Alex with my whole heart. Understand what I mean?… No?

After the breakup, I just went about daily activities like a zombie. I didn’t do any unnecessary extra activity. Wake up, work and sleep was my daily routine. At work I would get busy with a lot of paper work until I had to leave. Sometimes, I would stay and work overtime. I had resigned to my fate and was tired of trying. I crawled back into my hole and waited to die as a lonely old woman.

On this fateful night, I did yet another overtime at the office and was on my way home. I had to stop at the grocery store to get my dinner and a few things I needed. By the time I got out of the store, I had a flat tyre. I tried calling my mechanic, who would usually come to the rescue but his phone was off. So I stood there perplexed on what to do next. Maybe I should just take a cab home and let the mechanic come get it for me the next day, I thought. Or I should try changing the tyre myself even though I didn’t know zit on how to go about it. I really should pay more attention to these sorts of things. I know there’s this thing that goes under to lift d car up, then you unscrew the tyre and fix the spare. It sounded easy in my head and afterall they say what a man can do, a woman can do better…right?

I was willing to give it a try, so I took off my jacket and rolled my sleeves up. Wait oh, don’t get me wrong, I’m a chick to the word. I had my hair and nails did, makeup on, silk skin and all that but I had all this energy in me that I just wanted to release, I guess it was due to lack of sex, thinking about it now. I took out the spare and all the tools I could find in the trunk and dropped them on the floor beside the flat.

“Hey, can I help you with that?” I heard someone say when I was trying to figure out what to do next.

I looked up and saw this hunk of a god standing right in front of me smiling. I’m sure he noticed how confused I was and he probably found it amusing.

“No, I can handle it, thanks” I lied. I wanted him to leave me alone but he persisted.

“I can’t let you do that while I’m here. Moreover, a woman shouldn’t be doing this especially at this time of the day.” He said. He was so soft spoken even with the heavy irritation my voice carried.

“So because I’m a woman I can’t change my own tyre again?” I stood up raising my voice a little and eyeing him. The truth is I was happy he wanted to help, I don’t just know why my body chose to react that way.

“Hey, relax. I’m only trying to help, no need to get all defensive ma’am.” He replied smiling with his hands up. I thanked God he didn’t get offended by the way I reacted. I just accepted defeat and handed him the crossed like looking tool I was holding

In no time he was done and I was more than grateful just that my body wasn’t showing it. He put the flat in the boot, in with all the tools I brought out and shut it.

“Thank you” I managed to blurt out even though I wanted to jump on him and lay kisses all over him.

“It was nothing.” He smiled. Exposing the most perfect set of white teeth I’ve seen.

Then I started to notice, the height, his eyes, his smile, how fitted his shirt was that showed his build and the toned muscles. I think he noticed the way I was gawking at him. I was flustered and I started blushing. We had a conversation and I giggled like a school girl at every joke he cracked. He offered to take me home but I refused. I knew if he had gotten anywhere near my doorstep that night, there was no way I was letting him go. We exchanged numbers instead and I can say the rest is history.

Alex and I have been dating for some months now and I think this is the real deal. There was no way I was going to let him slip out of my hands, only if hell freezes over. He had been on my case of late, not like I didn’t like it but I had to act like I didn’t, the usual shakara won’t hurt. He kept on saying how he wanted me to meet someone and how he would love it if we got along. I kept on asking who the person was but he didn’t give out any more details. The suspense was killing me, I just had to know.

I kept on hearing how my Alex was cheating, I couldn’t believe it though. He wasn’t that kind of guy, but then again they say all men are cheaters. Even a close friend of mine told me how she saw him with a certain girl and how they were displaying their affection publicly. I confronted him but he denied it. I wasn’t surprised, he’s a man and I was sure going to get to the bottom of everything.

On this fateful day, Alex called me up while I was at work and told me to meet him for lunch somewhere close to my office that he had a surprise for me. I got there a few minutes after the time we scheduled. I was still at the entrance trying to locate where he was and then I saw him hugging some whore. I really didn’t like the way he was hugging her, he has never hugged me like that. With so much love that I could feel it from where I stood. Who was she? Why was she there with him? Is this the surprise he said he had for me? Wait! Just wait a minute! If he’s about to tell me that he is leaving me for that bitch, then he has another thing coming. I stood there for a while watching them talk and laugh. I’m definitely going to surprise him first. I pull out my pocket knife from my hand bag, opened it and held it discreetly in my right hand.

I walked over to them, He saw me approaching and stood up to hug me. He held me close after he gave me a bear hug and when he gave me a kiss on my forehead, I drove the knife into him, pulled it out and drove it in again.

I look into his wide eyes and I could see confusion, pain and a lot of questions. He gasped and fell to the floor, that was when the bitch screamed and stood up, looking at me surprisingly. We had started attracting the attention of the people around. I pointed the blood stained knife towards her and she moved back a few feet.

“What did you just do?” She screamed.

“You are next bitch! You thieving whore, trying to steal my man” I was enraged.

“He’s my brother” She replied, rushing to his side as she screamed for help. She was shaking and screaming his name.

Her words kept on ringing in my head over and over again. I stood transfixed at that spot. 

“Alex…” I said and it sounded more like a whisper. I couldn’t live without him. What had I done, I thought.

I suddenly felt at peace. I looked down and saw my blood gush out of my body.


  1. elsie says:

    Your ex was right afterall. You truly needed deliverance. Nice one


  2. iDiGGz • #MikellzBluez says:

    wow! I love this … super sick romantic tragedy … encore!


  3. Isaacola AA says:

    Good story, waiting for the subsequent ones.

    Observation, weyrey was the topic but the picture carries a different spelling of weyray


  4. Gloria A says:

    Hmmmmmmmmm…. I reserve my comments, let’s see where this is heading, Nice one Jay.


  5. abikoye says:

    Holy crap!!!!!!!P

    This is a case of “to be kept restrained at the pleasure of the Governor” that is even further than condemned criminals.

    Damn good……like murder in the cathedral


  6. preshZu says:

    JJ!!!!! Na u oh!!!!!
    This is a luvly piece.. I like Joan…


  7. Anonymous says:

    Fack! that girl is really sick


  8. Bev says:

    Gosh! she is crazy. She needs psychiatrist urgently


  9. stefikal says:


    I’m wowed!

    Werey girlfriend true true…nice one Jay


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