Dear Diary…2

Posted: January 17, 2014 in Guests' Couch, Series
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Dear diary blog

Jan 5th – Jan 6th, 2014.

Dear Diary,

I was embarrassed to see my family; I wondered how much they had heard, from the look on my mum’s face I could tell that they had heard more than enough. I held Dean’s hand and walked him to the table; I was more than ready for the backlash.

Within 30 seconds everyone was seated at the table. I wondered who would speak first, was it going to be my dad, taking his role as head of this perfect God-centered family, or my mum, who had more than once told us about her sneaky past. Was it going to be Chucks, who I am sure was secretly hailing my in his heart or our self righteous sister, Ada, who could almost disown me for fornicating. We had head one time to many how she kept her virginity till her wedding night.

To my surprise it was Dean who broke the silence.

“I am sorry for the Erm, erm the incident; I know it was disrespectful of us to do that especially in the presence of the entire family. Despite our unruly behavior, I really hope this would not stand against me as I want to be a part of your family. I want to ask your permission to marry Nnenna’ Dean said.

“What?!” we all shouted. I seemed like I was the most shocked. I should be considering the fact that I was hearing this for the first time. A few seconds had passed and no one had said anything, then it occurred to me that I was the one who had to reply since I had just received a proposal.

“Dean, you don’t have to, no one said you must marry me because of what just happened,  my parents are not forcing you to marry me, It’s not like I lost my virginity to you, I …”

Chucks shouted, “Abeg Neni, TMI, we don’t need the details.” Then he chuckled.

I was so embarrassed, I walked outside, I was tempted to light a cigarette, but then that was another thing my parents didn’t know about.  Dean spent a few more minutes inside before coming out to meet me. I went back inside to say goodbye to my family and happy birthday to mum again, they said they were not happy to see me leave but I had work the next day anyway. It was amazing how Dean’s proposal had saved me from all the shouting.

Dean was already seated in the driver’s seat and I got in as we set out on our almost wordless trip. Dean is such an idiot, how could that have been the next thing that came to his mind? What if I was one of those marriage hungry girls that would jump on any proposal? He would have been in a mess by now.

We got home to our empty apartment and I was already making my way to bed when Dean pulled me back into the sitting room, without a word he carried me and put me on his lap. He kissed me everywhere while giving me a massage, my muscles were so tensed, I felt relieved with every touch. How could one single man work up my sexual appetite this much? He massaged my boobs then sucked them like his life depended on it. This man was about to paralyze me with excitement. I couldn’t even remember why I had been mad at him. I couldn’t even remember his name by the time his fingers were between my legs. Not one man deserved to have this ability. I wasn’t sure if it was just because he knew my body or if he just knew how to please a woman. I tried to give him a thousand kisses back, I reached for his d*** but before I could get there he had gone down on me, I moaned or yelled, not sure how loud but I was dying from the pleasure. I wanted this man so bad. Just as I thought he was going to put himself inside me, he got up and carried me to bed. He fucked me senseless. I didn’t stand a chance against this man. Couldn’t he just be my boyfriend forever? I slept off with that thought.

I woke up late and saw a note on the bedside table.Picture1

I laughed, Dean is such an idiot but I was grateful that my idiot was so thoughtful. I checked the time, it was 10 am, I rushed in to have my bath, dressed and went to work. Dean had still not talked about yesterday. I was attracted to Dean because we shared the same ideologies; we both believed anarchism was the remedy for Nigeria and many countries of the world. We both felt marriage was totally unnecessary, that was one of the reasons his escape proposal pissed me so much.

I got to the restaurant to find that Dean had reserved a secluded area for us to eat, He smiled as I walked in. I was so sure he was reminiscing about the gibberish I kept uttering last night. I walked towards him and before I could say Jack Robinson, baba had gone on one knee, what is he doing? I thought. Has an evil spirit come over this man? As he brought out the ring I turned and ran out of the restaurant.

Dean would not understand why I couldn’t get married. I had never even thought of marrying anyone. I started crying as soon as I got into my car, I didn’t need all this rubbish. I called my best friend ‘Loty ’to tell her I was on my way to her place, she kept asking why I was crying but I told her to wait for me to get there first .

I wasn’t concentrating but I saw a little boy run into the front of my car, I tried to avoid him by maneuvering, next thing I saw was a trailer driving towards me on high speed.



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  1. preshZu says:

    No darkness, dnt go to the light…


  2. elsie says:

    Wow. Can’t wait for the next. You are turning to my role model o.


  3. Anonymous says:

    nice piece


  4. abikoye says:

    Oh my!!!!!


  5. Oluchi says:

    On the edge of my seat….ts becoming an addiction reading this blog!!Awesome stories I tell u


  6. TMC says:

    Beautiful read sire. Kip up d good work


  7. Isaacola AA says:

    Umm short of words. Not given to erotica though.


  8. Bev says:

    Ouch! I guess I knw how she feels. But hope this has not ended ooo waiting for the concluding part *fingers crossed


  9. ozzy says:

    Ohh My God! Didn’t expect that end!! Pls I hope ders more. Love the erotic part though 😉 :D. Weldone


  10. @ozzy you are the winner of today ! Please mention me on twitter for your gift


  11. jshimmer says:

    So interesting!!! I hope this ends happy.


  12. Anonymous says:

    Ha!!!! No darkness o. But i thought girls liked proposals… This is some weird geh


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