The Grudge…..2

Posted: January 18, 2014 in Guests' Couch, Series
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The Grudge



I wake up to an amazing warm weather. I move closer to my husband and suddenly I remember what had transpired the day before and I move away. I quickly get up and run to the kids’ wing of our suite, they are still asleep. The life of a child is so easy; the twins have slept through the entire ordeal. I wish they can sleep till we get to SA so I do not have to deal with the insistent questions my 4year olds like to grill me with, especially with the impending situation. I start setting out their clothes for the day as I feel small hands hugging me from behind.

“Good morning mummy” that’s Daniella, my bubbly four year old.

I pick her up and sit on the floor, “why are you crying mummy?” she asks. I laugh.

The questions have begun, as I start explaining how ‘something’ got into my eyes, I hear her brother calling out for his daddy.

“Daddy, what are we doing in this fine place?” I laugh and call him to sit with his sister and me.

I start telling them about our ‘vacation’ in South Africa and they sound excited. They ask if we are already in South Africa and I tell them that we would leave soon. I put on the television and put the channel on Cartoon network, this should keep them busy, till I organize my thoughts.

Daniel calls out to me, “Mummy, what about school?” That’s my little whiz kid. Apparently, he would rather go to school than travel for a vacation. Dele saves me by explaining that his school is so on vacation; I doubt he believes but he gets carried away by Dexter’s Lab.

My husband tries to hug me; I move away, he must be mad if he thinks I am going to act like all is well. I am so confused.

Dele spends the whole day on the computer, making transfers, calling his offices and making arrangements. He is back to being the planner that I know. The kids are playing on the balcony and I sit and watch them. I am not sure if it’s even safe but I don’t know what is safe or unsafe anymore. I mean, I married a murderer, that is as unsafe as it gets, right? The fact that Dele was so rich at 27 when I met him should have made me think twice, but I didn’t. He told me his story, that his father died in an accident, his mother followed 3 years after suffering a stroke. He was 14 when she died and his only uncle threw him out. He had traded spare parts, served a master for four years and eventually got his freedom. He told me how he started his own spare parts business at 18 and moved to Lagos after his business grew. Before we got married I met his uncle and his uncle did not dispute the story. In fact, he was apologetic for throwing Dele out. My family loves Dele; my mum cannot get over his smile, his ‘sincerity’ and his doting attitude.

My mum! I should call my mum as I recalled she was supposed to visit today. I need to find an excuse so she doesn’t bother coming. I will call her when we go inside.

My phone rings, It is my mum, I smile and answer, “Hello Mum” I hear her crying.

She tells me that there were men in front of my gate when she got there and that they took her away, something about dealing with Dele. She is saying many things at the same time; I don’t know what dropped first, my phone or my body, as I faint. I wake up to my husband and kids sitting around me anxiously waiting and worry written over their faces. I am not sure I want to wake up, my head hurts. Dele is holding my hand.

I smile at them as Daniella chimes, “She is awake.” I smile and kiss both of them.

I don’t know what time it is but I tell Dele to put them to bed. He takes them out of the room quietly.

When he comes back, I look at him and ask “Is Chinedu punishing me or you? Why does he have my mother? What is going on? What are you doing?” Finally I inform him, “I am calling the police.”

He tells me to shut up, that he has everything under control. I should worry about myself and the kids. I don’t know this man, he speaks like a calculated criminal. I cry myself to sleep, there is no point talking to this man.



I can hear Ann’s voice, “Are you sure you are not marrying him for his money? Is it because of the gifts he has been buying for you? Do you really love him?”

She kept asking foolish questions, she was jealous of me and she was a bad friend, I thought to myself. At that moment I knew she wasn’t going to be on my bridal train.  I asked her to leave my room, we didn’t need to talk about it, and our friendship was over, just like that. I didn’t bother telling Dele what she said. She came to my wedding as a regular guest, she tried to smile but it was obvious she was not happy for me. Thinking about it now, I guess she just had my best interest at heart.

When she was getting married, I attended her wedding. It was a low-key wedding. She was pregnant, her husband was poor, I gave her a cheque as her wedding present, she never cashed it and I really didn’t care.

I wonder why I am thinking of Ann this morning, I haven’t thought of her for such a long time. I should talk to her or someone. I am scared, my mother is in an unknown location and I don’t know what to do.

I need to get up and attend to the kids. Dele is nowhere to be seen. I call room service for breakfast and proceed to wake the kids up.

I don’t bother calling Dele to ask where he is, I am sure he is somewhere planning and trying to get my mother back. I have to stay put and do nothing. The idea of just being useless upsets me. I didn’t call my shop attendants yesterday and they didn’t call me either. However, they are used to me not showing up sometimes. I put a call through to make sure everything is okay. I tell the girl in charge to pay every dime they have made in the last few days into my account. She doesn’t hesitate, she promises to do as she is told.

I am relieved that we leave this country in 2 days. I never imagined that I would become displaced. The kids are fighting about something, they are giving me a headache. Dele calls to ensure we are fine, I answer him dryly and tell him not to worry. He tells me that he left the car for me. I am to pack our stuff and move to another hotel. He has sent me the address and we are expected there in 2 hours. I think he is deliberately breaking this news over the phone because he knows I would have hit him if he was here.

I hang up and start packing. This wasn’t what I bargained for.



I hate this new place. It is small, the kids and I slept on the only bed. Dele didn’t come back to us last night and I am too angry to care.

I dial my mother’s number, I hear a male voice, “Elizabeth, I will not kill your mother, but I want those kids in exchange for her.”

Before I could say a word he hangs up. I call Dele immediately and recount what had just happened. He starts shouting and reminding me that he had it under control and how he regrets giving me all that information. I break down and start crying. He hates when I cry, he apologizes and tells me that he loves me and he misses the days when things were normal. He tells me it is going to be fine. He insists that we stay put as we are set to leave the country tomorrow.

The kids are calm today. I think they sense something is wrong. I cannot wait to be out of here. I cannot wait for my mother’s release. I am confused, does this Chinedu guy want me to hand him my kids to collect my mother? I love my mother but I cannot give up my kids for anyone. I am tempted to call back and negotiate with him but Dele’s voice is still ringing in my head.

The kids are asleep and I find myself drifting, my phone rings and I reach for it with speed.

It is Dele, “Open the door baby.” He says and I almost smile.

I miss my husband. I am too distressed to show it. He comes and lies with us on the bed. He tells me that he has spent about 20 million naira and my mum would be out by morning, she may even be at the airport to see us off. I want to ask why we were still traveling since he had paid Chinedu off, but my mind tells me that peace was far from us. He tells me he would join us in SA in a few weeks, that all my accounts were funded and all the property we have are now in my name. It sounds like my husband is talking to me for the last time. It sounds like a goodbye speech. I cry through it and he holds me tight. I needed to know something.

“Dele, are you the same man that murdered Chinedu’s father? Am I married to a criminal?” I ask.

He holds me and say, “I didn’t choose the streets, the streets chose me. As soon as I could break out, I did. You and the kids are all I have, I don’t care about money, I just want to spend my life being loved and respected by my family.”

I hold him close, I care about the money but I have grown to love this man. Look at the kids he gave me, look at the life we have. We make love and I can’t help but feel like it’s going to be our last time. I love him.



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  1. moskeda says:

    Oh, this is getting better. Beautiful work


  2. preshZu says:

    *sad much*


  3. elsie says:

    Aaaaah. They made love on same bed with the children? Kpakam!


  4. sarah says:

    Wow… I really enjoyed this,can’t wait to read the nxt part! I pray they don’t kill d guy oh *crossing ma fingers* jay thank u for killing us wiv suspense oh *rme* kpokporo. @duchesskk keep up the good work *thumbs up*


  5. Walt Shakes says:

    This is all so eerie.


  6. abikoye says:



  7. Gloria A says:

    Wow! This is really getting interesting, lovely piece, well done!


  8. Oluchi says:

    Plz I need to see the end of this!!!


  9. onyx says:

    *wipes tears* Please dont make Dele or the children die


  10. Isaacola AA says:

    Getting more interesting


  11. Bev says:

    Gosh dis is soo sad please don’t let the wife or children die or d wife *sobbing*


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