Posted: January 21, 2014 in Guests' Couch, Poems, Short Stories
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Arrogant,boastful and stupid
Due in years and Grey
Lacking wisdom of the drain
Unforgiving,Proud and a Failed Man
Words of acclaim importance not far fetched
Emptiness of asset and clamorous Talks
Peace in Argument,unending profiety

Your world is empty
So are your words
Your future is indeed Far
Not as others
You Mockness is near
Not again as others
I fear not for you
My Favour is gone with Me

Desist Not, Hell needs you
Fight Hard, you might win and Fail
Remember me to learn from your fears and Fall
I shall not go with you, I am not Wise to
When all this is over, find your worth
Your words of Pain and Hopelessness
May your Life not be so
Well, I might wish, Not sow.

©Miss Oluwaseun
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