A Lot Like Love…..I

Posted: February 6, 2014 in Series, Valentine 2014
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Hello guys, been a minute here… I’ve got a great package for you this season of love. Jays blog, from now till the 14th, will feature awesomely talented unique and outstanding writers, some of which you are familiar with. These are the guys that sometimes inspire me to write, I have stories for you, from them and now, you get to have a taste of their awesomeness. 

Who knows, I might even extend it further than the 14th, fingers crossed.

Our first writer, is one person 1 wish I could keep her stories all to myself, yes! I’m greedy like that. 😈

Enjoy!  😀

A lot like love

The breeze was totally fierce today. Samantha had just come from the bookshop carrying a number of books on her hands. She intended to spend the weekend with the books. They were the only comfort she had since her husband left her. The breeze blew at her as if it was angry with her, she tried to stop a taxi but all to no avail. Tears welled up in her eyes. She brushed the tears that the wind had caused aside. Gathering her books once again for comfort, she hurried down the road. It was a busy a road, taxi drivers were in a hurry to get to their homes or so it seemed. She couldn’t get a hold of any one of them. Samantha was confused and frustrated. The wind kept on bringing meaningless tears to her ocean blue eyes. She was a beautiful woman. The wind was caressing her slender legs and although Samantha would have loved it on her flowing dress if she wasn’t carrying so much luggage on her arms. She gathered the helm of her gown and hurried down to the streets again hoping to get a cab this time but it all proved abortive. Confused and totally washed, she sat on the edge of the road hoping the wind would calm down and take pity on her at least till she got home.

Bernard stood on one end of Simpson’s street watching a beautiful brunette. She looked very funny to him. The way she struggled with her books and clinged to the end of her dress like her life depended on it. He felt pity for her and wanted to help her. He had seen her a couple of times at the library but he never really noticed her. Watching her now was so fascinating for him. The curls at the back of her head tickled her neck and she kept brushing it aside. He decided to go help her.

“Hi… I see you are having a difficult time trying to pin down a taxi”.

Samantha blushed at the huge figure overpowering her feminine aura and looked up at him with all the courage she could muster. She was a very shy but terribly beautiful woman, Ben could see that now.

“Yes I am. Not a very good day for me I guess.” Samantha mumbled at him wishing he would help her with her truck of books.

Her prayers were answered when Bernard took the books from her. They got along pretty well for about twenty minutes and then Ben managed to get a cab for her. She waved him goodbye and went her way. Bernard smiled back and walked in to his apartment just across the road.

Samantha dropped the pile of books on her kitchen table. The weekend had started already and though everyone loved the weekend, Sam couldn’t wait for it to be over. Her ex-husband got full custody of their only son and she only got to see him at his cricket games and a few weekends. Thomas was eight now, his birthday had just passed a few weeks back and Sam had missed it. She felt terrible. The relationship between her son Thomas and her had gone sour since the divorce and she felt sad that she could do next to nothing about it. She brushed her thoughts aside and started to make dinner. Dinner for one and one alone she thought to herself. She missed Thomas and her ex-husband and she knew she’d give anything for company right now.

Bernard lay on his sofa on the other end of town thinking of the brunette he helped into a taxi the day before. He knew he had seen her a number of times at the library but he wondered why he never really took notice of her. He laughed as he remembered how she struggled with her books. It was a funny sight to him. His phone rang out loud and he picked it up from the table. The phone’s screen lit up and a caller id Bernard had saved with “NUISANCE” beamed up in his face. He frowned instantly. It was his neighbour, she derived joy in frustrating him. Bernard picked up the phone but didn’t receive the call. He just stared at it as if trying to fathom what it was, she wanted this time. He stared at the phone for a while and then it stopped ringing. Bernard sighed a huge sigh of relief. He had chores to do and he was visiting his brother in the afternoon. He had moved to the city when he heard about his brother’s divorce and how his wife had left him with their only son. Nobody ever met the little boy’s mother. His brother didn’t send any pictures of her all he knew about her was her name – Samantha Brynes…


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