Dear Diary…4

Posted: February 8, 2014 in Series
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Dear diary blog

I went to hand in my resignation letter the day after I left the hospital. My dad thought it was a good idea for me to rest throughout the pregnancy, while my mum was there being a feminist and complaining about me depending on Dean, a man who wasn’t even my husband yet for money. In my head I was just excited to do absolutely nothing for the remaining 7 months +. We already decided that we wouldn’t have the wedding till I gave birth to the little one.

My friends were being supportive and a few other people were busy worrying about how I was the newest, shameless ‘baby mama’ in town. Every time my mum’s sister, Aunty Ngozi brought the issue of me living in sin; I just flashed my huge diamond ring in her face. “A’int nobody got time for that.”


I had to go to the doctor every week for check up and since I destroyed my car in the accident, my brother lent me his car and driver once a week. Dean was such a darling; he didn’t let me lift a finger in the house.

My only problem was my hormones; they wouldn’t let me be great. I wasn’t constantly angry like my fellow baby mamas to be, I just had the libido of a bitch. Dean was more than excited about this. We did it everywhere; I kid you not, everywhere.

Nothing had really changed about my body, just fuller boobs and this turned my Dean on so bad.

Yesterday, Dean took me out to dinner; the restaurant was on the penthouse of a hotel on the island. Throughout dinner Dean looked at me like he was undressing me with his eyes, he is such a pervert. After dinner we stood waiting for the elevator with little chitchat, it came and we got in. I was wearing this tight bodycon dress that was short. It hugged my body and brought out my curves beautifully, my fuller boobs too. As we stepped into the elevator I mistakenly dropped my purse but I not so mistakenly picked it up. I made sure I gave Dean a nice view as I bent over.

He suddenly pulled me towards him as I stood up, he took my mouth so hard in his I felt like I was slowly going out of breath. I held his head in place and didn’t want to let go. He pulled away reluctantly while still kissing me, moved towards the elevator button control panel and pushed the emergency stop button. I gasped as I opened my eyes in surprise. That action turned me on to the max, I wanted him more than ever and the way he pushed me back to the corner of the elevator and kissed me hard showed he wanted me just as much.

He felt my boobs through my dress and looked at me awkwardly. I giggled. His expression showed how he wanted to feel them bearskin. I pouted too because I wanted it too and to feel his tongue on my nipples. He slowly pulled up my gown to my waist level while his tongue was stuck in my mouth. He was surprised that I had no panties on as if I had seen this coming and I smiled mischievously at his reaction. I kissed him ferociously again and I just couldn’t wait for him to drive into me. He pulled me closer to him with so much intensity, which I didn’t think was even possible. He zipped down his trousers and his rock hard manhood came flying out. He lifted me up suddenly and I wrapped my legs around his waist while my hands fell carelessly on his shoulders and my back on the wall of the elevator. I giggled again. He looked perplexed.

“I want to see you try this when I am seven or eight months gone with my pregnancy” I said with light sarcasm, answering his unasked question. He laughed.

This was going to be a quickie but it was going to be one hell of an intense quickie. He held me tight wrapping one arm around me while he used his dick to feel on my pussy and the tip rubbed on my clit, teasing me. I let out a low moan.

“Please…” I begged. I wanted to feel him inside me. My hormones were raging and I was dripping from my honey pot.

“You are really wet, why are you begging?” he said, his dick still rubbing on my sex. I could do little or nothing as he held my body in midair or so I thought.

I bent my head down and kissed his earlobe slowly down to his neck and up back. I bit on his earlobes lightly and he moaned. If he was going to tease me then so was I, two can play.

He placed his hands under my butt, lining his rod with my entry point and lowered me gently. As I felt him split my inside I held his shoulders tightly digging my fingers into his skin. He held me still for a few seconds and pushed himself all the way in. I cried out in pleasure. My blood was rushing and my nerves were at their ends. He pulled out letting only the head of his dick stay in and droves into me again. I was in an unexplainable world of my own, total bliss. The feeling was too damn good. I balanced my back on the wall and he moved in and out of me with so much ease. I wasn’t dripping no more from down there I was pouring. He picked up pace with every thrust and I was enjoying the rise in tempo as with every thrust he sent me an inch closer to 7th heaven. I was moaning loudly now and from the expression on Dean’s face he loved my ringtone. We were both getting closer to climax and all we needed were a few more thrusts.

“Let it go babe!” Dean knew I was close to cum. When he said that, it was like a trigger button that sent a direct signal to my brain and I did, I let it all go. I was shaking on his arms beneath me. I closed my eyes and tilted my head backwards as I let go and had cum so hard, I screamed from ecstatic pleasure.

He pushed deep in me with one final thrust, sending my ass backwards into the wall and he blew his load inside as he moaned loudly. He held me up and emptied his balls deep inside of me.

He pushed the emergency stop button again after we had both caught our breath and got dressed. The elevator roared back to life, slowly taking us down to the lobby of the hotel. We got out of the elevator and a few maintenance staff were on the ground floor. They just stood there and stared at us. They finally asked if we were both fine after wondering what had happened.  I couldn’t help myself as I giggled. What was with me and this giggling sef. Dean replied them that we were ok and pulled me after him before they could ask any more questions.

My Dean is so bad and I love him so. 


  1. abikoye says:

    Well what will I call this exemplary piece? Totally not for under 18 or is it 16?


    Can’t still believe I read this


  2. Bev says:

    Now am really loving duchess yaaaay. Wow…… I want a dean tooo *sad face


  3. Walt Shakes says:

    *fanning face* Lordie! Is it hot in here or is it just me?


  4. Eddy says:

    Oh wow .. I don’t know how I feel after reading this … Nice work


  5. Thomie says:

    Intriguing piece


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