val's14I watched the brand new blackberry Z10 fall from his hands, he had flung it deliberately. Oh my God! I gasped. How could he, oh why! The tears stung my eyeballs. I almost burst into tears but I was in front of my hostel, Jake was there too. So I couldn’t cry but stood transfixed as I watched him grind d phone with his feet.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

5 pairs of shoes, a makeup set, 3 dresses, a brand new blackberry Z10… I kept counting the items I got as valentine gifts. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I was super elated. Suddenly I felt someone nudging my sides, the nudging continued and I woke up to reality. Mtcheeeeeew it was my friend Buchi, how dare she wake me up from this wonderful dream of mine.

Abeg abeg standup, you just dey turn for bed since” Buchi was looking at me mischievously, she handed me my phone and I eyed her suspiciously.

15 missed calls! Ah! Jake wouldn’t kill me. I was still contemplating if I should call him back when my phone rang again, Buchi smiled as I picked the call, she seemed to be on Jake’s side.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

My name is Ada, the events I am narrating occurred February last year (2013), it was the season of love, and valentine was around the corner. I sat on my bed after I had finished talking to Jake.

Babe nor dull o, I nor know wetin dey do u.” He had said during the conversation and I sighed.

Jake’s proposal was juicy and risky too. I am a lover of mischief so I decided to agree to Jake’s proposal, besides I had nothing to lose or so I thought.

I sluggishly put on my jeans as I scanned my wardrobe for a top to wear. I was determined to make Jake wait. After all na im want am. I powdered my face a little and wore a pair of sandals. I was satisfied with my looks, I smiled at the mirror again, thanking God and my parents for my looks. What more could I have wanted? Height, complexion, beauty, intelligence… I laughed mischievously still admiring myself.

“Madam!” Buchi’s voice snapped me out of my reverie “na pesin pikin dey wait for you outside o” I laughed and went out to see Jake.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

I came back to my hostel with a package, my roommates looked at me with eyes seeming to say ‘as usually, every outing 1 gift’. I opened it and there it was, a dress and a pair of shoes with accessories to match. The channel designer purse caught my eye, Jake was really serious with his plan. I would make my hair with the fifty thousand he just gave me. I hope it would be enough; the cost of Brazilian hair was fast increasing like the cost of fuel. My phone rang again, this time it was my boyfriend…

 “Babbbbyyyy” The ever familiar voice of my boyfriend could b heard from my phone speaker.

We spoke at length and he informed me about his trip to Lagos and he wouldn’t be around for Valentine, I was hurt but then, fate seemed to be on my side. I would have time to execute my plan with Jake. My boyfriend whom I fondly call ‘my baby’ cheered me up and I was happy again, little did he know the reason why I was happy.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

It was the D-Day, Thursday February14th 2013. My phone rang. It was Abraham, my new catch. I had never seen him but he seemed really rich. He said he got my number from a friend, who cares? He’s rich, that’s all. He said he had seen me before, so he was getting me valentine gifts and I went out to meet him. LO and BEHOLD, I saw a very short, ugly guy coming towards me. I walked past him going towards the parking lot.

“It’s me Abraham.” I heard him say from behind me. I stood transfixed! “What the fuck?!”

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

I was boiling with rage, I had already told my roomies of the gifts I’ll bring back. I decided to ignore them as I walked into my room. I got dressed and I waited for Jake!

Abraham! Abraham! Ahhhh! I have been scammed! Yekpa! I thought to myself. Abraham was the dirty, poor, ugly man my mum bought red oil and cooking gas from. Abraham had told me on phone he was dealing on oil and gas. I had thought I had caught a big oil money fish! The tears stung my eyes. Never would I do phone runs again. I’ve been beaten to my own game. I waited for Jake, we would have a nice night together, I’ll try and forget Abraham, after all Ameen had just gotten back from Dubai, and Mukhy (my side niggur) would get me gifts too. I consoled myself.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Jake had paid for a VVIP table for two at the valentine splash in school. I was looking angelic in the dress he bought for me. I was the cynosure of all eyes, Jake’s was feeling proud, and I was too. The feeling of being wanted by all eyes seemed to quell the frustration I felt about my disappointment number ONE from Abraham and I looked forward to collecting gifts from Mukhy and Ameen. Jake wanted to get back at his ex girlfriend for breaking up with him, so I was to act all romantic with him. Of course, she was at the event and she looked on jealously, taking note of all I wore from head to toe, knowing full well that Jake got them for me. She was dying with anger, turning deep green with envy. Jake noticed, he was happy, his plan had worked. He kissed me again for the umpteenth time!

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

My phone vibrated! An sms from my side niggur, Mukhy

‘Babe I’m really down at the moment, been having stomach trouble, I’m so sorry forgive me, today was meant for us, but I can’t leave home, would make it up.’

My heart sunk. Was this going to be disappointment number TWO? Of all days Mukhy? Oh my God! I looked at the time 8.30pm. Hmmm, Mukhy has been a good boy so far, I dismissed all doubts, the stomach trouble must really be serious.

“Sweetie? Any problem?” Jake patted me, I smiled. Jake is really handsome, tall and dark. Part of the reasons we got along though.

Another sms came in. Ameen. I quickly thought of what to do.

“Errrm sweetie, I guess my pad is soaked, got to go to the hostel to change”

“Aii sweets” Jake replied. I hurried to the hostel, my intelligence is paying off!

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

I met Ameen at the front of my hostel. I recognized the face of the guy he came with, I had to do something fast. I called Ameen.

“Sweetie, come to love garden, I can see you, come alone.” I hung up.

My heart kept beating fast. I was angry, confused, scared, felt cheated, tonight was becoming something else. I wondered what would happen next, I saw Ameen approaching, I called him softly, almost in whispers. I looked straight to his hands, I was satisfied, he was holding a package. Alas! One reward for tonight. I hugged Ameen, he gave me my packag and I hugged him again.

“Ameen, who came with you?” I asked.

“That is my friend, he came to see a girl he met yesterday, he is heartbroken. He just found out that he has been a side niggur to his supposed girlfriend, so he brought the gifts he had bought for her and he would give it to the girl that told him the truth.” He paused and stared at me, “Are you ok Ada?” He asked.

I wanted the ground to open up and swallow me. Mukhy had found out, Ella had told Mukhy. Only Ella knew Mukhy was my side niggur. I swore to kill the bitch! So Mukhy and Ameen are friends? Such a close shave, I sighed. I prayed Ameen and Mukhy won’t find out that they both had something to do with me. Meanwhile I was grieving, Mukhy lied to me, not his fault though, any guy would do same. I know Mukhy, he would have bought lots of gifts and he has given it to Ella. I was horrified. I had lost my side niggur. Not like I really loved him, I enjoyed the gifts I got from him, Mukhy had loved me. I prayed he didn’t buy the latest blackberry Z10 because Ella would be the owner. Ella! That slut! Bitch! Betrayer!

“Ameen, I’m in my period, I have cramps. I have to go and sleep now.” I hugged Ameen and saw him off to his car.

I ran to my hostel, dropped the package on my bed, and ran back to meet Jake at the valentine show. As I walked back to meet Jake, I wondered how bad could today be, of all days? Disappointment number TWO!

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Jake felt happy and relieved to see me. I casted a glance at his estranged ex girlfriend, Jake was enjoying it all. I had hardly settled down when I got another sms. I unlocked my phone, fearing the worst but was relieved when I saw ‘His royal highness’ that was my baby. I opened the sms, the contents got me sweating…

‘I’m in front of your hostel baby, surprise surprise.’

At this point I was almost urinating. Jake could sense my discomfort. I quickly replied…

“u kidding ryt?”

My baby replied “baby I came back for u! ILY”

Fortunately or unfortunately, the show ended. I hurried to my hostel wit Jake, he couldn’t understand why I was rushing, I couldn’t explain. I had told Jake I was single. 

I got to the front of my hostel, fearing the worst. Only for Jake to pull me and kiss me. It felt so good, an antidote for all d poison I had gotten today and I got carried away. I was awakened by a hand violently pulling me. For a split second, I thought I had died, right there! Looking at me with eyes red with anger, was my baby.

“Enoch!” I gasped.

“What is going on here?” Jake asked.

“Who dafuq is this nigga” my baby shouted.

Jake looked at me intently. I swallowed hard.

“That…is my bbboooyy…fri…end” I stammered.

“But you told me you were single.” Jake said.

At this point, I was between the devil and the deep blue sea. My baby’s eyes were now red. His face was straight and scary. I could sense the ANGER!! I could taste it. I stood transfixed. I watched as tears dropped from my baby’s eyes…

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Blackberry Z10 was just launched. It was fast becoming every girl’s dream as of early 2013. Became a rave towards valentine, my baby had travelled to Lagos to get it for me. What I have been dreaming of. He held it in his hands. He tore at the pack in anger. It was a white Z10! I prayed in my heart of hearts. Enoch shouldn’t do what I was thinking. I watched d brand-new blackberry Z10 fall from his hands, he had flung it deliberately. Oh my God! I gasped. How could he, oh why?! The tears stung my eyeballs. I almost burst into tears but I was in front of my hostel, Jake was there too. So I couldn’t cry but stood transfixed as I watched him grind the phone with his feet. Enoch walked away from me and so did Jake. I ran to my room, crying all the way. The height of all disappointments. At this point all I wanted was my baby. I had hurt him. Nothing else mattered, not Jake, not Mukhy, not the Z10, not Ameen, not even Ella but my BABY! ENOCH! I cried. I entered my room to find my roomies eating chocolate, they had gotten it from the package Ameen gave me. Ameen had brought only chocolates all the way from Dubai! I was heart wrenched. I sunk into my bed. Not even Buchi could console me. I cried and cried and cried.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

It is February again. 2014. My baby is not in town again and God knows I ain’t going nowhere on Val’s day. No more games. I have learnt my lessons. I went through hell to get my baby back. Enoch and I love each other so much. He forgave me and never spoke about it. Unless he is in town for Val, no Val dates with anyone not even my bestie. I’ll be indoors and be a good girl.

As the saying goes, “once ‘BEATEN’, twice shy.” I was beaten to my own game last year. This year, I’m going to be a good wife to my baby, Enoch. Enoch and I plan on getting married after graduating. I have learnt my lessons and so should every girl who reads this. It ain’t all about the dates or the gifts. It’s LOVE!

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  1. 2nero says:

    I love it!!!chop knockle


  2. elsie says:

    Nice writeup. I am glad enoch was wise enough to forgive you. It takes a very matured heart to forgive such and I’m sure you begged your head out to show you are truly sorry. I love this. Keep itup.


    • Judith(the author) says:

      Thanx a lot! Lol! Ill kip it up! Yeah enoch is a gud guy! Its love,he had to frgive ada, she begged her life out sha! Thnx fr ur encouragements 2nero nd elsie


  3. Gloria A says:

    It’s truly not about the dates and gifts….very lovely piece, well done!


  4. Walt Shakes says:

    Wow! Busy girl. February 14th 2013 could have been a successful day of business. But I guess Fate had other ideas.


  5. Onyx says:

    LOOOOL! this is the reason i sit my flat behind at home every valentine, tryna avoid this. I love the write up. thumbs up 😉


  6. Onyx says:

    And Uncle Jay, biko change these emoticons na…scary faces


  7. Judith(the author) says:

    Loool! Enjoying d comments! Tnx


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