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A lot like love


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“Sam do you have any wine left? I can’t seem to find any.” Maggie was shouting to Sam who was upstairs scattering her entire wardrobe in search of a perfect summer dress to wear for the lunch they were having.

Maggie’s model friends were coming but most importantly, Bernard was coming and he was bringing his brother and his nephew. Sam felt an unusual urge to impress them. It was as if she needed them to approve of her which made no sense to her at all. She didn’t even know what Bernard wanted from her let alone how to impress his brother and his 8-year old nephew. She however couldn’t wait to meet Ben’s nephew. She had forgotten to ask for his name but it didn’t even matter. She could ask the little boy himself and Ben introduces them later that evening. Ben’s nephew is exactly the same age as Thomas and Sam felt it would be good to be in the company of a different kid. Maybe Ben’s nephew would give her insight on how to win Thomas’s heart again, she felt hopeful and smiled settling for a white linen sundress with orange flowers. Sam glanced at the wall clock hanging in the guest bedroom that she had been sleeping in since her divorce. Ben would be here in less than two hours and her sister was grumbling downstairs like a kid over a bottle of wine.

“Check the cellar Maggie!!! There is one bottle left there. Ice it! I need to shower.” She shouted at Maggie and without waiting for a reply, she jumped into the shower.

It was a beautiful afternoon, Maggie and Sam had prepared an excellent lunch of barbeque sauce and macaroni, ordered cookies for desert and iced the bottle of wine Maggie had pulled out from the cellar. Maggie’s friends were around and they were almost done setting the table for lunch. They had chosen to eat outside the yard. The whole compound lit up with life and Sam couldn’t remember the last time she felt so alive. She was positive it would be a beautiful afternoon. Ben chose that moment to stroll into the house Sam had shared with her family,

“Hey everyone” he was looking at Sam. She blushed instantly and Ben shook hands with Maggie and her friends.

He didn’t walk over to where Sam was, he didn’t trust himself enough to stop himself from scooping her into his arms and kissing her full lips. She looked so much more beautiful in her sundress than he could ever remember. He waved to her from afar and winked in the sexiest way Sam had ever seen. She blushed again. Ben helped them set the table and they settled down to eat. After small chit chat and a few laughs, Sam decided to ask Ben about his brother and his nephew. She had thought they would come in together and when she didn’t see them come in with him, she had thought again that maybe they would meet them soon but, lunch was almost over and they weren’t here yet. When Sam asked Ben, he told her his nephew had thrown a tantrum that afternoon and his father (Ben’s brother) said he wasn’t in the mood to eat amidst people so Ben decided to come alone. Sam’s heart sank. She was really looking forward to meeting a part of Ben. He noticed the change in her mood and assured her that he’d make sure she met them. Sam smiled and they continued with lunch. It was a beautiful afternoon and Sam really didn’t want it to end but Maggie had to leave with her friends. All three of Maggie’s friends, Bella, Regina and Emma helped Sam and Maggie pack up and do the dishes while Bernard decided to clear the yard.

Just as Maggie’s friends were leaving, one of them, Emma noticed Ben’s pager had fallen out of his pocket. She picked it up and was giving it to him when the pager lit up in bright green. Emma had never seen anything like it. She didn’t even know that pagers could light up so brightly. Even Ben was surprised.

“What is it?” She asked him and he had no answer. He just took the device from her and pushed it into his pocket. Emma was the most playful of the girls. She was chatty, friendly and fun to hang around with.

Bernard looked at her she wasn’t a very beautiful woman but she had a smile to die for and he could tell from the little time he spent eating lunch with her that she wasn’t like the other models. Emma was intelligent and well behaved, she appeared to be a classy, sophisticated but yet humble woman. He smiled at her and walked her to the car. Emma was saying a lot of things but Ben wasn’t listening. He was thinking about Carl’s device and its strange reaction to women lately. It had made a loud noise when Sam touched it and now with Emma, it shown like a green lantern. He decided that he would try putting in another woman’s hands and see what would happen.

After Maggie’s friends had left and all the dishes done, Maggie said she was meeting a friend for a late movie and asked Sam if she wanted to tag along with Ben but they refused so she left them in the house and went her way. Sam brought the rest of the wine and asked Ben if he was interested, he nodded. They sat down together on the porch with their glasses and talked for a long time. They didn’t even keep track of the time; they were so into each other talking about games, politics, life……..

“I have never been married” Ben said after they had a laugh over a joke Sam had told.

His statement made the atmosphere between them a little tense. He was looking Sam straight in the eyes as he spoke to her divulging all the things in his heart he hadn’t been able to say to anyone.

“My brother was married to some woman who bore a son and ran away afterwards. She decided she couldn’t go on with my brother and then she left him.”

Sam didn’t know what to say. It seemed to her that his brother’s wife really broke his brother’s heart and it affected Ben in ways she couldn’t explain. She held his right hand in both of her hands and caressed it, her touch sent a tingling feeling down his spine. He was totally vulnerable. Unable to restrain himself, Ben grabbed her by the waist and pulled her in for a kiss. Mesmerized by his pull, Sam gave in and allowed Ben’s lips cover hers in a passionate and almost endless kiss. The vibe between them was heightened. Sam was sure that she was in a different world, she pulled him closer and he deepened the kiss. Thrusting his tongue and her mouth, he started murmuring. Sam didn’t know what he was saying, she wanted to pause so she could hear him but he wouldn’t let her. His strong arms lifted her off her feet and placed her on the balcony around the porch. She put her arms around him and they kissed some more. It felt like heaven, and then they stopped to catch their breath.

“I have no idea what it is with you that keeps pulling me towards you but it is strong.” Ben said under his breath.

He kissed Sam on the nose and the then kissed her on the mouth again then he pulled away. “I gotta go” he said. “I don’t wanna do something we’ll regret in the morning.”

Sam couldn’t find her voice so she just nodded and walked with him to his car as if in a trance.


*To be continued…



A lot like love

Read Episode I here

Bernard had just returned from Tyler’s house. He had an awesome time with his brother and his nephew, Thomas, and he was totally beat up. Bernard knew he needed his rest now. It was very almost 7pm. He looked at his mini library and it occurred to him that he had to return the books he had borrowed the day before. Bernard had promised the librarian that he wouldn’t pay the late charges this time and he scratched his head.

“Urggh!!!” He mumbled, then picked up himself and the books and headed for the library.

Bernard made it to the library in due time and returned the books, chatted with the librarian for a few seconds and left for home. But just as he was leaving, he decided to stop over at a coffee shop and just kill some time before he had to go to bed. He had work the next day and there was a presentation coming up that week that he was yet finish. Bernard loved his job and he couldn’t wish for a better one. He let himself into the shop, ordered for coffee and settled down in the comfortable chair. He was yet to take the first sip of his coffee when a man appeared from nowhere seated in front of him. The man seemed to be about the same age with him probably mid thirties. Bernard looked up startled and almost spilled his coffee.

“HEY, where the hell did you come from?” He blurted out almost immediately and regretted it instantly.

The man had an air of coolness around him and he just smiled at Bernard and stretched his arm for a handshake “My name is Carl, at least that’s what I’m known for around here, and you’re my next project.” He beamed at Bernard.

Bernard didn’t know if he should’ve been confused, irritated, annoyed or relieved. He just stared at man without taking his hand. Carl patted him on the shoulder instead and urged him to finish his coffee so they could take a walk and he’d explain everything to Ben. He was done with his coffee in less than a minute, he signaled the waitress, paid for his coffee and strolled out awkwardly with his latest friend.

Carl looked at Bernard and smiled. “I bet you’re wondering what I meant by you’re my next project aren’t you?” He asked him and Benard nodded.

He smiled again. “Well for starters, this isn’t really what I look like. I had to look like this to be taken seriously.”

Bernard looked at him without saying a word waiting for him to finish whatever he had to say. He wasn’t really interested in it but he still want to hear it.

“Like I said you’re my next project and I couldn’t be interested in any other thing asides your love life.”

Bernard looked at him with surprise “I don’t have one.” He blurted out.

 “Yes, I know.” He replied. “But you’re about to have one and you’re about to make a mistake too.”

“Am I?” Bernard asked him sarcastically.

“Yes you are.” Carl put his hand in his pocket and brought out a pager, handing it over to Bernard, he said “This device isn’t what you think it is, when you’re with the one, it turns green and when you’re about to make a mistake, it beeps.”

Bernard collected the pager and looked at it. “How is this supposed to help my imaginary love life?” He asked.

But before he looked up, Carl was gone. He looked around him but couldn’t find Carl. He looked at the pager again and around him. Trying to figure out exactly how it works, he walked back to his apartment.


 Samantha was on her way from the store when she bumped into him. She was entertaining her sister from New York and she needed to be prepared. Her sister, Maggie always wanted all the things she didn’t have and Samantha didn’t want Maggie to have yet another thing to complain about. She was already behind schedule as her sister would be landing in Boston any minute.

“Oh my God, I’m so sorry, I didn’t see you. I was in such a hurry.” She picked up the man’s pager and handed it over to him.

“It’s okay; I wasn’t watching the road either.” Bernard replied collecting Carl’s device from Sam as he was used to calling it now.

The device had been more or less useless since Carl had given it to him about two weeks before and Bernard was tired of carrying around but he had no choice. Each time he tried to leave it behind, he would find a giant arrow in front of his doorstep preventing him from leaving the house. He hadn’t seen Carl but he got text messages from him almost every day reminding him that he was being watched. Bernard had no idea what kind of game Carl was playing but it seemed to him he had no choice in the matter and had to play along. He still wasn’t sure what planet Carl came from but he had since concluded after his incident with the door blocking arrow that Carl was definitely not from earth. Bernard looked at the device in Sam’s hand now and was shocked. It totally came to life and started making a fuss. It beeped repeatedly. Bernard was smiling but Sam was totally lost, she didn’t understand why Bernard was smiling at his pager. She shook the pager in his face and Bernard looked at her with the smile still lurking on his face.

“Oh! Thank you.” He said collecting the device from her without knowing how to make it stop, he slipped it into his pocket.

Sam picked up her shopping bag that had fallen to the ground when she collided with Bernard and started to walk away but Ben stopped her.

“Hey, I remember you. You owe me lunch.” He said.

Samantha looked back at him puzzled, wondering what was going on. “Owe you lunch? I don’t even know who you are.”

“Yes you do” Bernard replied.

Then he began to explain how they met on a windy afternoon and how he had helped her get a taxi. Sam nodded now remembering him totally.

“You visit the town library right?” He asked her and she nodded again still smiling.

She remembered him now vividly. She had started seeing him in the library about a month after her divorce. He had a charm that he threw all over the staff in the library but Sam had paid no attention to him. She was in no mood for a man at that time.

Sam smiled at him again “I don’t remember making lunch arrangements with you though.” she said.

“You didn’t but you should have.” Bernard replied. “When someone helps you on a windy day, the least you could do is have lunch with them.”

They chatted and laughed for a while totally forgetting that they were standing on the road. Sam finally invited Ben over for lunch in her house with her sister the next afternoon. After chatting for a while, Sam remembered her sister, they exchanged phone numbers and she hurried home thinking about Bernard and whistling aloud.

*To be continued…



Dear diary blog

I went to hand in my resignation letter the day after I left the hospital. My dad thought it was a good idea for me to rest throughout the pregnancy, while my mum was there being a feminist and complaining about me depending on Dean, a man who wasn’t even my husband yet for money. In my head I was just excited to do absolutely nothing for the remaining 7 months +. We already decided that we wouldn’t have the wedding till I gave birth to the little one.

My friends were being supportive and a few other people were busy worrying about how I was the newest, shameless ‘baby mama’ in town. Every time my mum’s sister, Aunty Ngozi brought the issue of me living in sin; I just flashed my huge diamond ring in her face. “A’int nobody got time for that.”


I had to go to the doctor every week for check up and since I destroyed my car in the accident, my brother lent me his car and driver once a week. Dean was such a darling; he didn’t let me lift a finger in the house.

My only problem was my hormones; they wouldn’t let me be great. I wasn’t constantly angry like my fellow baby mamas to be, I just had the libido of a bitch. Dean was more than excited about this. We did it everywhere; I kid you not, everywhere.

Nothing had really changed about my body, just fuller boobs and this turned my Dean on so bad.

Yesterday, Dean took me out to dinner; the restaurant was on the penthouse of a hotel on the island. Throughout dinner Dean looked at me like he was undressing me with his eyes, he is such a pervert. After dinner we stood waiting for the elevator with little chitchat, it came and we got in. I was wearing this tight bodycon dress that was short. It hugged my body and brought out my curves beautifully, my fuller boobs too. As we stepped into the elevator I mistakenly dropped my purse but I not so mistakenly picked it up. I made sure I gave Dean a nice view as I bent over.

He suddenly pulled me towards him as I stood up, he took my mouth so hard in his I felt like I was slowly going out of breath. I held his head in place and didn’t want to let go. He pulled away reluctantly while still kissing me, moved towards the elevator button control panel and pushed the emergency stop button. I gasped as I opened my eyes in surprise. That action turned me on to the max, I wanted him more than ever and the way he pushed me back to the corner of the elevator and kissed me hard showed he wanted me just as much.

He felt my boobs through my dress and looked at me awkwardly. I giggled. His expression showed how he wanted to feel them bearskin. I pouted too because I wanted it too and to feel his tongue on my nipples. He slowly pulled up my gown to my waist level while his tongue was stuck in my mouth. He was surprised that I had no panties on as if I had seen this coming and I smiled mischievously at his reaction. I kissed him ferociously again and I just couldn’t wait for him to drive into me. He pulled me closer to him with so much intensity, which I didn’t think was even possible. He zipped down his trousers and his rock hard manhood came flying out. He lifted me up suddenly and I wrapped my legs around his waist while my hands fell carelessly on his shoulders and my back on the wall of the elevator. I giggled again. He looked perplexed.

“I want to see you try this when I am seven or eight months gone with my pregnancy” I said with light sarcasm, answering his unasked question. He laughed.

This was going to be a quickie but it was going to be one hell of an intense quickie. He held me tight wrapping one arm around me while he used his dick to feel on my pussy and the tip rubbed on my clit, teasing me. I let out a low moan.

“Please…” I begged. I wanted to feel him inside me. My hormones were raging and I was dripping from my honey pot.

“You are really wet, why are you begging?” he said, his dick still rubbing on my sex. I could do little or nothing as he held my body in midair or so I thought.

I bent my head down and kissed his earlobe slowly down to his neck and up back. I bit on his earlobes lightly and he moaned. If he was going to tease me then so was I, two can play.

He placed his hands under my butt, lining his rod with my entry point and lowered me gently. As I felt him split my inside I held his shoulders tightly digging my fingers into his skin. He held me still for a few seconds and pushed himself all the way in. I cried out in pleasure. My blood was rushing and my nerves were at their ends. He pulled out letting only the head of his dick stay in and droves into me again. I was in an unexplainable world of my own, total bliss. The feeling was too damn good. I balanced my back on the wall and he moved in and out of me with so much ease. I wasn’t dripping no more from down there I was pouring. He picked up pace with every thrust and I was enjoying the rise in tempo as with every thrust he sent me an inch closer to 7th heaven. I was moaning loudly now and from the expression on Dean’s face he loved my ringtone. We were both getting closer to climax and all we needed were a few more thrusts.

“Let it go babe!” Dean knew I was close to cum. When he said that, it was like a trigger button that sent a direct signal to my brain and I did, I let it all go. I was shaking on his arms beneath me. I closed my eyes and tilted my head backwards as I let go and had cum so hard, I screamed from ecstatic pleasure.

He pushed deep in me with one final thrust, sending my ass backwards into the wall and he blew his load inside as he moaned loudly. He held me up and emptied his balls deep inside of me.

He pushed the emergency stop button again after we had both caught our breath and got dressed. The elevator roared back to life, slowly taking us down to the lobby of the hotel. We got out of the elevator and a few maintenance staff were on the ground floor. They just stood there and stared at us. They finally asked if we were both fine after wondering what had happened.  I couldn’t help myself as I giggled. What was with me and this giggling sef. Dean replied them that we were ok and pulled me after him before they could ask any more questions.

My Dean is so bad and I love him so. 



Hello guys, been a minute here… I’ve got a great package for you this season of love. Jays blog, from now till the 14th, will feature awesomely talented unique and outstanding writers, some of which you are familiar with. These are the guys that sometimes inspire me to write, I have stories for you, from them and now, you get to have a taste of their awesomeness. 

Who knows, I might even extend it further than the 14th, fingers crossed.

Our first writer, is one person 1 wish I could keep her stories all to myself, yes! I’m greedy like that. 😈

Enjoy!  😀

A lot like love

The breeze was totally fierce today. Samantha had just come from the bookshop carrying a number of books on her hands. She intended to spend the weekend with the books. They were the only comfort she had since her husband left her. The breeze blew at her as if it was angry with her, she tried to stop a taxi but all to no avail. Tears welled up in her eyes. She brushed the tears that the wind had caused aside. Gathering her books once again for comfort, she hurried down the road. It was a busy a road, taxi drivers were in a hurry to get to their homes or so it seemed. She couldn’t get a hold of any one of them. Samantha was confused and frustrated. The wind kept on bringing meaningless tears to her ocean blue eyes. She was a beautiful woman. The wind was caressing her slender legs and although Samantha would have loved it on her flowing dress if she wasn’t carrying so much luggage on her arms. She gathered the helm of her gown and hurried down to the streets again hoping to get a cab this time but it all proved abortive. Confused and totally washed, she sat on the edge of the road hoping the wind would calm down and take pity on her at least till she got home.

Bernard stood on one end of Simpson’s street watching a beautiful brunette. She looked very funny to him. The way she struggled with her books and clinged to the end of her dress like her life depended on it. He felt pity for her and wanted to help her. He had seen her a couple of times at the library but he never really noticed her. Watching her now was so fascinating for him. The curls at the back of her head tickled her neck and she kept brushing it aside. He decided to go help her.

“Hi… I see you are having a difficult time trying to pin down a taxi”.

Samantha blushed at the huge figure overpowering her feminine aura and looked up at him with all the courage she could muster. She was a very shy but terribly beautiful woman, Ben could see that now.

“Yes I am. Not a very good day for me I guess.” Samantha mumbled at him wishing he would help her with her truck of books.

Her prayers were answered when Bernard took the books from her. They got along pretty well for about twenty minutes and then Ben managed to get a cab for her. She waved him goodbye and went her way. Bernard smiled back and walked in to his apartment just across the road.

Samantha dropped the pile of books on her kitchen table. The weekend had started already and though everyone loved the weekend, Sam couldn’t wait for it to be over. Her ex-husband got full custody of their only son and she only got to see him at his cricket games and a few weekends. Thomas was eight now, his birthday had just passed a few weeks back and Sam had missed it. She felt terrible. The relationship between her son Thomas and her had gone sour since the divorce and she felt sad that she could do next to nothing about it. She brushed her thoughts aside and started to make dinner. Dinner for one and one alone she thought to herself. She missed Thomas and her ex-husband and she knew she’d give anything for company right now.

Bernard lay on his sofa on the other end of town thinking of the brunette he helped into a taxi the day before. He knew he had seen her a number of times at the library but he wondered why he never really took notice of her. He laughed as he remembered how she struggled with her books. It was a funny sight to him. His phone rang out loud and he picked it up from the table. The phone’s screen lit up and a caller id Bernard had saved with “NUISANCE” beamed up in his face. He frowned instantly. It was his neighbour, she derived joy in frustrating him. Bernard picked up the phone but didn’t receive the call. He just stared at it as if trying to fathom what it was, she wanted this time. He stared at the phone for a while and then it stopped ringing. Bernard sighed a huge sigh of relief. He had chores to do and he was visiting his brother in the afternoon. He had moved to the city when he heard about his brother’s divorce and how his wife had left him with their only son. Nobody ever met the little boy’s mother. His brother didn’t send any pictures of her all he knew about her was her name – Samantha Brynes…



The Grudge


I wake up feeling weak, I run to the bathroom and vomit, I feel so terrible. I start putting our things together. My stomach rumbles, I realize this feeling is familiar. I call the reception, a lady picks up the phone, I ask her if she can help me get a Pregnancy Test Strip and she says she can’t. I would buy one as soon as I get to the airport, I better not be pregnant.

Dele drives us to the airport; he is quiet the whole time. He has still not mentioned my mother. I am equally lost in thoughts. The kids are chatty in the back seat, they seem extremely happy today.

As soon as we get to the airport I enter one of the shops and buy the strip, leave my family and head straight for the restrooms. My hands are shaking as I take a pee, I don’t think I am ready to be pregnant again, not with all this drama. I wait for five minutes. I know even before I look at it, I am pregnant.

I should tell Dele. I rush out and see my husband sitting dejectedly on a seat with his head down. He is crying, he is inconsolable.

“They are gone.” He says.

Without asking, I know he is referring to my kids, for the second time in four days, I faint.

My mum is beside me when I wake up; she’s holding me with one hand, her rosary in the other. I don’t want to know what is going on, I look around and I am at home, in my own bed. I smile, I bet Dele isn’t worrying anymore. Chinedu has done his worst. We can as well go back home and plan from there. My mum tries to recount her experience with the kidnappers to me, can’t she tell that I am not interested. My babies are gone.

I cut her off midsentence, “Where is my husband?” I ask her. She leaves to get him.

As soon as Dele comes in I look at him, he looks ten years older than he did 4 days ago.

“What are we going to do Dele?” I ask.

He says he is talking to some people and that he has it under control. At this point I know he is a joker. I tell him that I need to eat and I leave for the kitchen. Half way there, I realize what I have to do, I pick up my car keys and head for the police station.

I recount my ordeal to the DPO and he can almost not believe my story. He explains that he has to wait for 24 hours before he can begin to treat my children’s case as a missing persons’ case. I am not fazed. I ask him if he also has to wait 24 hours to arrest a murderer. He says no. He can hardly believe what I am implying, neither can I but I want my babies and I will throw anyone under the bus to get them. I drop the address with a threat that I would personally call the Commissioner of police if nothing is done within the hour.

By the time I get back to the car I see 7 missed calls from my husband, I don’t bother calling back. I go straight home. Dele looks so relieved to see me. I tell him I needed some air and I had to take a drive. I can’t think straight, I feel dizzy! I should eat. My mother is busy cooking when I enter the house. I remember she cooks as a form of therapy. I suddenly feel sorry for her. She has been through a lot this week. She was kidnapped, she has no idea why and now her beloved grand children were missing. I realized she would understand more because she had been in the company of these men.

“What were they like mum?” I ask.

“Ehn?” She replied.

I tell her to explain what her time was like with the kidnappers. She tells me that they were nice to her, they said their business was with her son-in-law, she ate thrice a day and had a room to herself. I feel some relief hearing all this.

I was still smiling when I hear a knock on the door, it is the police. They arrest my husband, as he leaves with them, he tells me to call his lawyer. I don’t know what to do so I drive behind them to the station, my mum sitting beside me as I tell her Dele’s story.

Dele has been drilled for hours by the police and I am not sure what he has told them but I know that the police had begun to search for Chinedu.

It’s been two days since my kids disappeared, I am home with my mum, Dele is still in police custody. People have been coming to commiserate with me, bad news travels fast. I even hear that newspapers are carrying my story claiming that they interviewed me, I have not given any interviews, I have cried my eyes out and I am waiting for news about my babies.

I am sleeping when my mum comes into my room; the police commissioner is here to see me. I immediately know something is wrong. I rush to the sitting room and he asks me to sit. He came with two officers, one of them has tribal marks and my mind drifts as I try to decipher what part of the country he is from. The commissioner calls out to me and he tells me they had found Chinedu. What is my business? I almost blurt out, I want my kids. And then I hear him say the worst thing I have ever heard in my life.

“When we got there, we were too late, he had raped and killed the kids.” He said.

“Whose kids?” I shout. I was wailing and crying. I don’t understand, people are holding me, the room is spinning, and my soul and body have separated. I am finished.


5 months later

I am seven months along, my tummy is so large, and it’s the only thing that makes me smile. I walk to the car and head for the court. Today, Chinedu and Dele would face the court and we shall finally hear their sides of the story.

My husband is almost unrecognizable when he is brought out and forced into the dock. He has long forgiven me for turning him in. He recounts the events of the night when he killed Chinedu’s dad. He mentions a lot of details that he never mentioned to me. He tells the court how he and his four gang members took turns and raped Chinedu’s mother and sister. He tells the court how he fled and he tries to convince everyone that he is a changed man. I am overwhelm with emotions, I think I am having contractions.

Eventually Chinedu comes out and tells his story of pain and betrayal. He is convinced that Dele knew that it was his family he was attacking, he says he feels no remorse for killing my kids, he tells the court that he enjoyed raping my kids because he could finally cause immeasurable pain to Dele. I cannot bear to listen to him; I get up to leave the court. As I try to walk, my water broke.

“I am having a baby.” I scream. I am rushed to the hospital. An emergency evacuation is scheduled, the baby is still premature. I have not shopped for this child, I am not even sure if I want him/her. I don’t want new responsibilities, I want to kill myself. I am now a laughing stock of all our former friends. It’s with these thoughts I finally drift off as I am rolled in for surgery.

I don’t know how long I was asleep, I wake up startled. The nurse runs to my side.

“How do you feel ma?” she asks.

“I am fine, my body hurts but I am fine.”

She asks if I am ready to see my baby, I say yes. She gets another nurse to help her and they put me on a wheel chair. They roll me to another room. There are two incubators so I ask which one my baby is in, they say both. I could not believe it. Twins. Two boys. My babies.

We have finally come back home. The boys are healthy. They won’t stop eating. Dele has gotten his sentence, 25 years in prison. I don’t know how I feel about that. Chinedu got a life sentence, it won’t bring my babies back but I pray he lives long enough to suffer every pain he put me through.

I am writing Dele a letter, I am thanking him for being a great husband, an amazing liar, a good father and a big pretender. I am not sure if I can forgive him.

I have made my mistakes, I don’t know what I could have done differently. I know I lost my kids and my husband in one week. That’s enough reason to die. But I have chosen to live for my boys.

For these ones I would kill.

***The END***


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