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Posted: February 19, 2014 in Poems
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His heart is his hands
His Dares in his Mouth
His pains deep amidst

Wild and Young,Not Free
His demons he holds on to
His beliefs he drags along

Oh fortuned soul,oh lucky one
Your course,run it
Your stiff hat,drop it

I met you,I saw you
My vision was clear;but
I wasn’t willing to see

Oh pain,drop it
Oh Gain,grab it
Your Healness starts within

Your Grey are not due
Wish not for more
Your pains are done,stretch your treshfold

And when the life you’ve Tried
Is done and Gone,I Hope
You share your victories

Not of people but of Goals
And wealth in people
For that my friend,you need to see.

I dedicate this poem to my so Good Friend PETER. I wish you the Best in Life Man.


©Miss Oluwaseun
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